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Happy Anniversary! Celebrating 1 Year of Life Is Strange Fans

We’re a whole year old! And what a year it’s been. Please check out the video we’ve made to celebrate, featuring some of the amazing fan content uploaded to this site over the past year:

We’ve created a special Anniversary page where you can download HD versions of the mosaic featured in the video, as well as post messages telling us about your experience on Life Is Strange Fans. Click the button below to head there now.

Presenting ‘Timeless’, the new song by Koethe, featuring our Music Contest Winner Dakota Crespo!

We’re delighted to present ‘Timeless’, the new song by Koethe, featuring our very own Life is Strange Music Contest Winner, Dakota Crespo:

Thanks to Koethe for taking part in the Contest. Thanks and congratulations to Dakota for her stunning contribution. And thank you to all those who entered our Music Contest in July.

Announcing the WINNER of the Ultimate Life is Strange Prize in the Christmas Multimedia Contest!

The WINNER of the Ultimate Prize in the Life Is Strange Christmas Multimedia Contest is Nisse! Congratulations!

Their 3D Fan Art piece featuring a young Max and Chloe relaxing by the fireside while a lone blue butterfly watches on. It’s an amazing piece and a well deserved winner.

Nisse was randomly picked in a Prize Draw with the other 3 Category Winners. Those Runners Up also got great prizes: Kaoruu got a Life is Strange Soundtrack on Vinyl. LeEcchiAfterL and Eltoma7 got a Tri-Bullet Chloe Necklace each. Congratulations to all the Winners and thank you to all the entrants.

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