Thank you for everything

Hey everyone MaxCaulfieldlifeisstrange here.
I saw Ross’s blog of thanks life is strange,so i will do the same..

This is my first blog where i telling about my personal stuff and feelings..
So here we go 🙂 and i am sorry about my english.

Little bit of myself :
I am normal a shy person and not so talkative person in my younger days,i use to be the person no one don’t really talk with. The first part of my school life i was person full of life and smiled everyday but then i came to 4 grade everything goes smile turn down to be a sad smile and all my energi was lost.I been bullied and i was there main target everyday…a nightmare i not could ecape from and it was a living hell everyday..
Everyday i was afraid to go the school and i became more quiet and lonely.. i had no friends to be with so i was most of the time in my school life alone..
When i came to 5 grade i moved to another shcool and i was happy for that. my sad self turn out to be the happy smiling person again and i got some new amazing friends and i found my passion to make art and drawing again and found a secound passion wtich is reading about animals and where they came from but deep inside in me i was still marked by bullying.
When i ending my school time and got my fav spot to study my animal assistent edication,i was so happy that i could get a chance to do what i most love and i end it in 2011 and got the title as animal assistent and i was happy. And later my life turn out to be a big mess again i lost my grand mother and i was very sad… but the times goes by i turn back to my normal happy self and i found a passion of make food and took the edication to be kitchin assistent in 2015 i got my first boyfriend and he was amazing until he did something bad to me that make me feel unhappy and scared…but it’s turn out that i found out in the middle of my exsame that he has betrayed me with another’s breaking my heart so deeply and everything from that moment goes bad and in the end i was already giving up on my life and one day i tried to end my life by selfhurting myself,but i am happy i did’t do my mom send me to the doctor and he told me that i got stress and depression.. so my life has been a hug mess with lot of bad things…

How i found out of Life is strange game:
Well it was in 2015 i saw my dad play this amazing strange game,i have not seeing it before so i watching it while my dad play it.. and i was very suprised about it ( I saw only most of episode 5 of the game.) but i forgot to buy it until found it again in the local game shop store some weeks ago. When i play it i was so hooked on it and i love all the art in the game and the music and of caurse the characters. I was pretty scared that Nathan killed Chloe and when Max could rewind the time and from that day it change my life forever.

The life is strange game.
When i played the game i was not ready for all the emotions the game gave to me and it was amazing trip from episode 1 to episode 5, it gave me smile on my face and i loved every single moment in the game from moment then Chloe dare Max to kiss and how to see the girls travle in the game and the moment when Nathan and Victoria bullying Kate that’s make me mad. But also then i found out the true nature of the art teacher Mark Jefferson and yes he was my fav one beside Max and Chloe and he is still that.

The game gave me something to think about and change my life so much.

Thank you from buttom of my heart .
Last week i found this amazing site on twitter since i was going to join the life is strange christmas competion and from the moment i join this site,my life change it….i found so many amazing people here and special that i found my amazing and lovely boyfriend here,i am so grateful and happy to join this site everyday and thanks to you all for give me amazing welcome here and thank you to you all from buttom of my heart that i found my passion
for drawing again after so many years break..
So Big Thank you for bring me some love and joy here..

Your truely and loving MaxCaulfieldlifeisstrange

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Beautiful post, you been through a lot my sweetie _<…

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