A Hella Strange Day

She sat there in the rain, holding a black and white piece of paper, which was unclear to read from the water soaking into it, like a sponge. Listening to the rain as it hit the metal panel acting as a roof on top of an old concrete building structure just barely blocking the rain. In the old junkyard that is known as American Rust, Chloe in her soaking and wrinkled clothes, crying from remembering a memory that was haunting her , trying to understand happened that had led to this. Chloe was remembering back at her sixteen year old self, realising a huge part of her life has completely changed leading up to this moment, at that exact day started it all. “Everything to me ended with her, that god damn change my life. For the worst… It was one hella strange day.”

Slam! The second set of doors to the Blackwell Academy was forced shut, located in the heart of Arcadia Bay, from the anger of sixteen year old Chloe Price (herself). She had Strawberry blonde hair with a part of her fringe dyed with a bright neon blue strand. Chloe always wore a punk aesthetic iconic clothing, a black short jacket over her bright red graphic t-shirt, pale blue jeans and black leather boots. As she walked fast to escape from the school at last, she tried very hard to hold in her anger, whilst on her way to the parking lot, even though mainly all the students and teacher were zombified inside in their classes. She reached the parking lot to be gratefully surprised by her closest friend leaning against Chloe’s truck, ‘Rachel Amber’. “So you got kicked out finally?”, Rachel rhetorically asked. “Of course, out of the hands of principal ass, but your out early!” Chloe who still answered, even though she knew it was rhetorical. They both looked at each other as they got into Chloe’s car and Rachel answered, “well I have actual privileges which allow me to have a free period.” Chloe replied again, “Yeah. Hey, check the glove compartment for me will ya?” As Chloe starts the truck and slowly drives off to the road, Rachel suspiciously opens the glove compartment and found in excitement; a small red coloured wrapped box with her name on the label and quickly grabs it, desperate to open it. Rachel softens her voice and says, “Chloe what did you take this time?”. “Oh just some fine jewels from the bank in Arcadia. Come open it already!” Even with permission, Rachel slowly opens it to savour the moment. It was a Blue coloured feather ear-ring with bright orange and black strips on it. “Are you kidding me Chlo? This is hella awesome, Thank you!” As Chloe reaches the junction she sarcastically says “I’m such a bad influence.” “Yes you are.” Rachel said, as Chloe Drove off to the road.

Chloe and Rachel arrived at American Rust Junkyard, both showing positive grins on their faces from all the talking in a constant pattern, showing their strong friendship for each other they thought it would last a lifetime. Chloe quickly walks in a fast paced motion to reach their hide out that was an old building structure, near the train tracks. With Rachel following a bit slower than Chloe, as she was trying to take in the details of the structure that they called their second home. The two of them found it was a place to escape from the world and do whatever they wanted, with the absence of Max and her Dad in Chloe’s life she felt abandon in the world, but Rachel was there for her instead.
As they both settled on an torn apart couch inside the old structure, Chloe unexpectedly says “Hey Rach?”.

“Yeah?”, said Rachel.

Chloe sat up right from her comfortable lying position and faced Rachel. She asks, “You’ll never bail on me, right?” Rachel’s face all of a sudden became serious exactly the same as Chloe’s expression. “No way, Chloe, if I leave, I’m taking you with me, promise.” With sheer relief, Chloe reassures by saying, “L.A or bust, right?”. “Damn Right! And when we’re there, everything’s finally gonna go our way.” Finally with that clear in both their minds, Chloe returns to her usual comfortable position, whilst Rachel pulls out her phone hiding regularly in her side pocket of her jeans. (Chloe would notice).

An hour passed Rachel looks up from her phone with her eyes wide open trying to adjust and suddenly stunned in one position, as though she came up with an idea that she found, whilst she was messaging someone else. For a split second she quickly reacts looking over to Chloe, who was slowly drifting to sleep with her beanie covering her face, as well as her head. Rachel places her phone back in her back pocket, before Chloe could see it and asks her, “Y’know u said u had a guy?”. Chloe gradually wakes up and sits into a crossed arm pose, as if she was about to be told some news to make herself highly interested, “Uhh you know I don’t work well with them”, Chloe replied. “NO! I mean the guy you know with the stuff. I’m buying.” She stood there as they both giggled, waving her purse in the air, as girls would do to flirt to a lover and Chloe jumps out of the couch, like a lion hunting their food, in great excitement. “Shall we go, me lady?” Chloe Said Poshly. Rachel said nothing but lead the way to the Chloe’s truck, and Chloe followed her, by almost taking over ahead of her and eventually got in the truck before Rachel.

Later that afternoon, at dusk Chloe and Rachel hadn’t stopped talking about their escape plan to California since they’ve been in the truck, however they come to a set of traffic lights that were lit red, making them suddenly bring their enjoyable conversation come to a halt. Chloe speaks with a glance over her shoulder towards Rachel; “Do you think this junk of scrap can go full speed?” Rachel widen her eyes as if surprised, although she knew that Chloe would come up with a ‘silly’ idea like that, however her trust in her took over and she said “just be careful, I don’t want to see us relaxing in wheel-chairs when we get to L.A.” Chloe pulled off the clutch and slammed her foot against the accelerator pedal as the light went green, causing the car to quickly speed down the road. The both of them were in a thrill of excitement with the sound of the engine roaring, the sound of the air increasingly brushing against the car. Not only was all that happening all at once, but as cluelessly minded as Chloe was, she didn’t realise how old the car was and it’s limitations to drive at a certain speed from the age of the tyres, the front left tyre bursted from hitting a fairly large crack quickly impacting it, this lead the car to be off balance and leaning to the left off the road. This led the girls panicking to figure out what to do altering from their excitement. With the truck slightly curving in the same direction of the tyre that exploded, Chloe and Rachel were now screaming for their dear life as they have no control over it, although Chloe forced down the brakes there wasn’t enough time before the truck crashed the far left headlight of the truck crashing it against a tree, where they crashed was near the edge of town, heading towards the forest directing close to the foot path to the beach.

“Well it could always be worse, y’kno—” Rachel implied, thinking after the tragedy that happened so quickly, that nothing in her mind could come up with anything worse. As soon as she mentioned it, Chloe instantly replied whilst trying to inhale her anger but before she could finish, “Don’t bother I gotta find a way to fix the car, without any money the L.A plan is a FUCKING BUST!” Rachel returned her head from looking at Chloe to the ground, as though they both were slowly losing hope as they copied each other by their posture in pose, slightly hunched but facing to the ground in disappointment. If nothing could get worse, before anything could interfere, Rachel looked over her shoulder and found her solution to their problem. She stood up from the fence that they both were sat on top of and moved quick as lighting in front of Chloe and held out her hand and said with her usual soft voice: “The evening is still young, Frank’s isn’t is just over the parking lot at the beach. Shall we settle an easy score? Like I said I’m buying.”
As to prove her point, Chloe just nodded and agreed with her plan, “Wicked sick, we’ll come back for the car later and I’ll handle it with step-douche to bring it back to the house. Even though I’m pretty much screwed already.” Rachel and Chloe teamed up again, as nothing had happened, however they had still a slight concern taunting in the back of their heads, almost like an echoing voice in their conscious.
Frank Bowers, a rough looking guy that you wouldn’t want to mess with… well so he appears. Frank wore a black leather jacket with a single white stripe across the chest, a graphic t-shirt, pale white baggy jeans and black stylish shoes (For businessman dealing in drugs). He had untouched rough blonde hair and a van dyke styled beard. Frank was outside of his old running RV that clearly was something he call his home, he was throwing a tennis for his Brown-haired dog called Pompidou, who caught the ball and ran around in the open space in the parking lot near the shore line to the ocean. As Chloe and Rachel approach Frank’s back he already had the instinct as to who was there as he heard them talking, even quietly in the distance as they walked over to him. He turned and said in a sarcastic voice, “Well ain’t it the twinkle duo knew she be back, but Rach kinda surprised your asking for more.” “Look my truck is a pile of crap right now, we just came over for a quick deal.” Chloe said as if she easily felt uninvited and wanted to leave. “Ok I’ll only do this once, since you both showed up without me knowing.” Frank walked into his RV to retrieve the small package for them, in the meantime Pompidou chases over to Rachel asking to be petted, as if he knew her very well. Without any counter reaction she starts rubbing him with loving care like they’ve done it before. “Amaze-balls, your oddly good with dogs. Since when?”, Chloe asked in a very shocking expression and Rachel turned her head facing towards Chloe over her shoulder trying to keep cool and says “Oh… uh yeah, I had one when I was little, remember?” “No, yet wasn’t your dad highly allergic?”. Frank (carrying the small package) exited the RV before she could reply and saw Rachel and Pompidou together and Rachel in great relief, quickly asked Frank if he could do a small favour. “Frankie, could we lend some money to pay for repairs on Chloe’s truck?” Frank just stood their looking with a straight face deciding on whether to laugh or be morally angry at their request, Chloe was hardly paying attention, Rachel looked at him and hinting with her eyes towards Chloe as a way to persuade that Chloe will go away. As soon as Frank realises he says, “On one condition I get the money back soon.” Without any fuss between the situation that they were trying to hide, Frank pulls out a large amount a money hidden in an envelope from his pocket and passes it to Chloe. Chloe snatches the money from his hands and says, “Thanks a lot I guess we’re even then?” “Not in the slightest!” Frank replied Holding back his anger trying not to lose himself in front of Rachel. Clearly there was a hidden bond between Rachel and Frank, maybe a relationship? “I’ll meet you at the car then Rach. Thanks again!” In relief, Chloe hardly noticed. As Chloe quickly turned around Rachel turned to Frank and kissed him on the cheek as her way of saying thank you and says “I’ll repay you tonight.”
That night, Chloe was in her room lying on her bed with her small package used and her envelope with three thousand dollars inside it, sat on the side table, she couldn’t find anything better to go better. However Rachel left from her house after they got back from Frank and she hadn’t heard a word from her, which started to make Chloe worried because she knew they always talked together before they went to sleep every night. In relief Rachel replied the next day, but it became an ever growing habit, going from a day, to a week and then a month till 6 months to present day, that she didn’t receive a reply at all after leaving school.
Without any last sightings of Rachel, this lead to believe she had gone missing. The following morning after Chloe was crying at her secret hideout, Chloe was out of Blackwell Academy putting up posters completely identical to the piece of paper she was holding the night before, pinned against a noticeboard outside of the entrance to the school reading: MISSING, Rachel Amber, Age 19 and with following details said last seen April 22nd 2013. With six months without Rachel, Chloe was slowly losing hope even with multiple posters hung up in Arcadia, in hope someone would come forwards with information. Their was a vibrate coming from Chloe’s back jean pockets revealing her phone with a text message from Nathan Prescott, a rich child of a father who basically owns Arcadia, who was replying to the following conversation:

Chloe: Y’know I can tell everyone how messed you are, for lets say drugging me way back when!

Nathan: Look You want to settle this, let just talk in person?

As Chloe read it she knew her plan was no longer flexible and replied back saying, “Girl’s bathroom in 5 minutes after first period, don’t be late.” Chloe then believed her plan would be to end it and end it her way, as if she finally had power over Nathan Prescott, But only ‘Time’ can tell.

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