A Staged Killing Chapter 2

They were driving for what seemed like days. 

“CHLOE!!” “Max shh you don’t want to disturb him he has already threatened me before you woke up.  “Were are we what is happening I fucked up again Chloe I can.. can’t do this I need to go back but I am to weak.” “Shh just relax god knows were he is taking us but we need to hold on be quiet and not set him of we don’t need me to die… again.” “Chloe.. I need you…” Max passes out Mr. Jefferson gave her a little bit of an overdose. “MAX HOLD ON DON’T LEAVE ME MR. JEFFERSON YOU FUCKING PSYCHO!” “Aw poor Chloe is losing her life line. Aw that’s to bad.” “Ugh just stop it what to get out of torchering eighteen year old girls! Seriously you are such a pervert!” “No I don’t see it like that because it honestly is just so breath taking to see you poor little bitches suffering. But you you are just so hard to break no wonder you were expelled from Blackwell only MY “subjects” are true Blackwell girls.”  “OH when this car stops I will kick your ass for Max and for Rachel!” “Oh you donj’t have to do that Rachel wouldn’t like that very much.” “What do you mean…” Chloe \”s head falls to her hands. “I can’t do this anymore!, you better not have killed Max!!” “Oh don’t worry I didn’t give her that much.

  They finally stop.

“Get out!” Chloe gets out Max stumbles behind. “Were are we is this your new prison.” “I prefer it to be ca;led a Dark Room.” “Whatever Max lets run when we have the chance!” “I am so weak.” “Yes I agree with Max your not going anywhere.” He takes them inside were they find two chairs one for Max and one for Chloe. It is almost like he planned this. He pushes Max into one chair and Chloe into the other. “Laddies your in luck just got a new shipment of my oh so very special drugs.”  “Oh fun” Chloe says a little to loudly.  “Sit stay a while there are some people that you are going to be thrilled to see.” “What the fuck dose that mean.” Max says feeling a little better.

“Come out honey bring the girls there here.” Okay hon.” Rachel comes out wearing something a little revealing. And she is holding hands with two little girls. “Who are they.. OH GOD NO RACHEL WHAT ARE YOU DOING I THOUGHT YOU WERE.. DEAD AND..” “UGH Chloe there is a lot of explaining to DO!” “Honey care to explain.” “Honey?” “Yes Rachel is the only girl for me and seance she was pregnant with our two little bundles of joy we needed a distraction so Rachel could follow her dreams and sneak off to California and raise our little girls. Meet Chloe and Max.” “Are you fucking kidding me you are sick.” “Oh max this would have been you if you cooperated.” “I’m happy I do not even need to see what is under there.” “come on let’s just depose of Max already! God I just want Chloe to my self she will get along with my litte Chloe. She looks up to you, you are her Idol.” “Well I’m flatterd” Chloe says sarcastically. And if you think you will kill Max.. FIGHT ME BITCH! KNOW ONE TAKES MAX AWAY FROM ME!”

To Be Continued…

Previous Chapter: https://lifeisstrangefans.com/chapter-1-a-staged-killing/

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