A tale of two wolves


This is a short story about how to handle negative situations
and how to solve them by thinking positively .
I’m writing this because i use this method every time and it works for me.
I learned this method from my father and maybe it will help others as well.

If you are on the point of giving up
remember that only positive thoughts can help you make it trough
that one dark moment…

It was a rainy day when she woke up from a horrible noise coming from her living room…

It were her parents making a heavy quarrel downstairs.
Kate covered herself underneath her sheets hoping it would mute the noise for her, but that wasn’t working at all.
So she stood up and sat at the side of her bed thinking about the positive memories she had with her parents together.
She opened up her eyes and walked to her window, when she looked out the window she saw 2 wolves sitting in front of her window looking at her.
She rubbed in her eyes because she thought she was still in some kind of nightmare, but the wolves were real…

She put on her clothes and walked slowly down the stairs, she tried to sneak past her fighting parents but they noticed her very quickly .
“Where do you think you are going miss?”
She answered with a terrified voice: “I’m just going for a long walk father”
You are not going anywhere without my permission!
But father i just can’t handle your fights with mother anymore!
And I’m tired of you sneaking outside without asking every time!

*Her mother interrupts the fight to say*
Let her go she only needs some space!

*Her father turns around and slaps her mother in the face*
I’m her father so i can decide what she will do not only you!

Without him noticing it, she already ran outside past the 2 wolves off into the distance.

The wolves turned around at the same time and ran side to side with the girl.
She ran for such a long time that she finally stopped at a hill with a lonely tree at the top.
She sat down and started to cry, when she suddenly felt a soft nose touching her right arm.
It was a white wolf, it’s fur was as bright as the moon and as soft as grass.
She asked the wolf: who are you and why are you following me?
The wolf looked at her and without him opening it’s jaws it says: i’m you positive thought, Kate.
How comes that i can see you?
Only you can see me and hear me Kate.

She leans a little to the left and sees the Black wolf sitting with his back towards her…

Who is that she asks the White wolf?
That…that’s your negative thought, he will never listen to you the same as i do, but ill fully explain who we both are.
Together we are your way of thinking, if you ever have the feeling of giving up, you just make the Black wolf stronger and me weaker.
His name is Negative and my name is Positive.
Its okay to feed Negative, but he is the disobeying one which will only harm you and makes everything harder for you.
I’m the loyal one and i will do anything to protect you from harm and ill try to comfort you when you really need it my child.

She looks confused at the White wolf and asks: but why are you shaped as wolves?
That’s a choice you made even if you didn’t know it.
A wolf is the sign of a true leader and is always loyal to it’s pact, and together with Negative and you we are a pact so i’m loyal to you.

Kate stands up and walks slowly towards Negative, she sat on the ground next to the wolf and asked the wolf if he could talk too.
The wolf looks for a short time at her and turns its head to the other direction.
Yes it says with a terrifying voice, i can speak but i wish to be left alone.

Positive walked towards Kate, why did you ran away from home child?
She looks at the wolf and says: It’s hard to say, my parents they are on the side of divorcing and i can’t stand it anymore! It’s… It’s just too much to handle for me *She falls on the ground and start crying*

In the distance you can see Negative become stronger because they way Kate is thinking about the situation.
Positive pokes her with it’s nose and tells her, rise my child you have to find a way to make you feel better, think about all the good times you had together and maybe that will keep them together.
But how? I ran away and my father is raging at me and my mother.
I’m too scared to see him again.

After she said that Negative became stronger and stronger, but once she saw how the condition of Positive was going down she started to worry and ran towards the White wolf

What’s happening to you Positive?
You are just not thinking the way you are supposed to be thinking…
You see every time that you say that you will give up or that you can’t do it, you make Negative stronger and my powers will be gone.
If i die that means that you started a depression and that’s why i’m here to rescue you from it, but you have to think positive my child.
Think about the good memories you had with your family.
I have an idea she says, she quickly starts to search in her purse and take’s a Polaroid out of it.

You see my child, that’s happiness and that’s what i want to see, your whole family looks so happy there.
You are kind of right Positive we are pretty happy on this picture
*Kate starts to smile and looses a tear of joy*
The white wolf could finally stand up again, but the Negative wolf started to become angry…
“Stand back” said the white wolf, you are no good for her Negative
The Black wolf looks at Kate and says, you can’t stop them now, you ran away without his permission do you really think he will be “happy” to see you?

You know what Negative, yes they will be happy to see me again because I will be the one who will bring them back together!
And you can’t stop me!

She ran of back to home and left the 2 wolves behind
The wolves slowly started to fade away…

final piece


She arrived at home and she saw her dad standing in the door opening…
Without thinking she ran to him and give him a hug saying, I’m sorry for what i did father but i just don’t want to lose you or mother.

I forgive you Kate, your mom and I have talked it out and we believe in forgiveness so we won’t divorce.
We just want our kids to be happy and i hope you will be Kate.

She looks up to her father and starts to cry, yes..yes father i’m happy now, happy that we are still together in this world.

They both went in the house where it was warm but the 2 wolves were still lurking at her house.
they both looked at each other and faded away in to the night.

The end.


Like is said before this is a story my dad told me the day i lost my best friend, it doesn’t matter how bad the situation because thinking negative will only make things worse, but by thinking positively you can make your day better.
Most of the times i may look or sound happy but then I’m just wearing my happy mask, which means that I’m still feeding my White Wolf.
They can have any shape: cats, rabbits, rocks even persons but that’s up to you to make that decision.

It is possible that you may not like this story but i think that there will be someone that will like it 🙂

Thanks for reading this

~ Ocean Man  -2016

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