A Temporal Paradox – The Luke Parker Chronicles

A Temporal Paradox – The Luke Parker Chronicles

This is a Prequel

A massive tornado has swallowed a small town nearby. Debris of houses and cars are spun uncontrollably around it. It seems like a mysterious character in his teens has just made it out of the town.


Narrative(Luke): My name is Luke. There’s one thing you need to know about me


One of the cars carried by the tornado is hurled towards Luke. He held his hand up in the air.


Narrative(Luke): Oh yeah… I’M A TIMELORD!!!


He stops the car in mid-air just before it hit him and everything seems to have frozen in time slowly moving. He looks at the wheel of the car which stopped right on top of his head. He spins the wheel with a finger, finding the fun side of the horrifying event that just happened.


Luke: I’ll never get tired of this!

Narrative(Luke): As well as making time slow down, I can also rewind time, and send myself, someone else or something through time and space


An older woman approached him. She looks like she’s about 50 to late 60s.


Woman: You should really be more careful next time!

Luke: I’m sorry mom, I’ll be more careful next time

Mom: You’re all I have in this world and I… don’t want to lose you too!


They headed east as they continue to run from the storm.


Narrative(Luke): Ever since I can remember, Me and my mom have been running from this storm. Wherever we go, it follows

Narrative(Luke): My dad died before I was born, so I’ve never met him.  Didn’t know much about him. Just that his name was Joshua. Don’t know what his surname is.

Narrative(Luke): It’s always just been me and my mom.

Narrative(Luke): I’m not complaining. I love her to bits… it’s just…

Narrative(Luke): Sometimes, I wish I could experience a normal life

Narrative(Luke): You know, like… have some friends, stay in the same place for quite some time, do some normal kid stuff and no storm

Narrative(Luke): My mom has always blamed herself for how bad our lives are. She says she started the storm… but never told me how


As they head deeper to the east, a cave appears from a distance.


Mom: It should be safe to stay there for the night


Inside the cave lies a very old, very fragile and very strange woman. She spoke in riddles and rhymes and sounded as lifeless as she looked as if her soul has been sucked out of her. Aged above 80.


Old Woman: I have been waiting for the three of us to meet

                  It’s been nearly 20 years that I have waited

                 I have knowledge of the storm you need to beat


Luke: What a MEGA stalker

Mom: Luke! Don’t be rude

Luke: Sorry

Mom: The Storm? It can’t be beaten. I’ve tried. I went back in time to prevent it from appearing but that only postponed it to come back years later.

Luke: Mom? Wait, you have time powers too?

Mom: No, I lost it when I prevented the storm from happening back when I was young. Or at least I thought I prevented it.


Old Woman: Reality is only a perception of an individual’s reality,

                It cannot be changed back if you know you have changed it,

                If once, you have altered reality by changing reality,

               And now you have to change it back to the same reality it was before,

              Does it mean you haven’t change it?


Luke: Can we stop with all the rhyming, my head’s starting to hurt

Mom: So you are saying that no matter how much I have tried to change reality. Like me going back in time to revert the changes I have done and not using my powers after that doesn’t get rid of the storm

Mom: Because I messed with reality in the first place and in my memories, I know that I have changed reality so it cannot be undone.

Luke: Mind… Blown…


Old Woman: Listen well to what I have to say to thee

                The only way to stop this storm is for,

               The person who played with time originally,

              To go back in time to the storm which is first created,

              And to give thy soul to the storm,

             That’s the only way the world will be free


Mom: So I have to go back in time to die in the storm?

Luke: What?!


Old Woman: Even if you don’t believe the truth,

              It shall and always be the truth


Mom: So if I die in the storm? Doesn’t that mean Luke won’t be born? I just can’t do that


Old Woman: No, you can’t send your consciousness back,

             You must go as you are right now,

            Sacrifice this body, not the young,

            And your boy will be safe, I vow


Mom: Luke, you’ll have to send me back

Luke: No mom, I can’t let you do that! There must be another way?

Mom: Luke it’s fine. I’ve been running for what it seems like a thousand years.

Mom: I’m tired my son; I think it’s time I face the storm

Luke: But mom… I can’t…

Mom: You’ll do as I say, Luke, I’m too old for this. All I care about now is for you to be safe

Mom: So we need to do this for the storm go away

Luke: …


Old Woman: One more thing,

            Going back will create a paradox,

            Your young self and old,

            Will coexist together,

            In the same time and world,

            Though this will clean the mind,

            Of the one that doesn’t belong


Mom: So going back will wipe my memories?


Old Woman: Yes. That’s correct


Luke eventually agrees to send his mom back to the past. And with that, they said their goodbyes. Luke lifts his right hand and sends his mom back in time.


Luke: Goodbye mom…

Luke: What now?

Old Woman: You my boy has the most important job of all,

                                Apologies I didn’t say, I didn’t want your mom to hear,

                                You are the one, that is needed to be sacrificed,

                                Born from the storm, you must die from the storm


Luke: I don’t get it. If it was me then why send her back?


Old Woman: For the cycle to begin,

                              There must be two of the same soul,

                              She had to be sent back for the storm start formation


Luke: Ok? So I’m supposed to go back in time now? Back when my mom was in school?


Old Woman: Yes. You must go back in time,

                      Find your mom,

                     Send her back here,

                    20 years before now


Luke: So she will be saved huh?


Old Woman: Yes, if you hurry,

                 Before the storm consumes her


Luke: So before I make the final sacrifice, can I travel back further in time so I can live like a normal guy?


Old Woman: Do as you wish,

                 Just remember your duty,

                And not mention any of this,

               To anyone you meet


The old Woman hands Luke a journal. 


Old Woman: before you go, there is one more thing,

                Send this journal to the same time, the same place,

               That your mom will be,

               So she can know what to do when she,

               Arrives back with no memory


Luke: Done

Luke: Wait! SO DOES THAT MEAN! You are…

Old Woman: Yes, it does…


As Luke left the timeline he’s in, the old woman walks out the cave and continues to walk in the direction of the tornado.


Old Woman: Take my soul and perish

                     You have been here long enough,

                     It’s time for you to leave


The Old woman bravely walks into the tornado as she disappears inside it.


Back to the Past


So Luke finally arrives a few months before his mom was supposed to arrive in her young self’s timeline. He quickly adjusted to living a normal life. He has always wanted to have friends and be part of the community so he decides to enroll into a school.


Luke: Black-well Academy. Sounds like a nice school


A light brown-haired young guy just barged into Luke.


light brown-haired young guy: Move out the way jerk, can’t you see I’m walking here!

Luke: Sorry


Two young girls saw the incident and decide to intervene.


Girl with feather earring: Leave him alone Nathan!

Blue-haired girl: You are such an ass

Nathan: Whatever, I haven’t got time for you


Nathan Prescott walks away backwards looking at Luke whilst doing the cutthroat sign.


Luke: U…um thanks for that

Girl with feather earring: It’s cool. Don’t worry about Nathan, he’s just a rich bully with nothing better to do than to pick on other people.

Girl with feather earring: Hey, I’m Rachel Amber. What’s your name? are you new here at Blackwell?

Luke: I’m Luke… Erm… Parker, Luke Parker, yeah I just enrolled

Rachel: Nice to meet you, Luke!

Blue-haired girl: I’m Chloe Price

Chloe: See ya around Luke

Luke: See ya


Narrative(Luke): Why are kids sooo mean? Is this how they normally are? I’m beginning to wish that I shouldn’t have come here at all

Narrative(Luke): I suppose there are also nice ones like those two girls. but still, I’m not sure I can handle this. Maybe I’m not cut out for a normal life

Narrative(Luke): Sigh… I miss mom


A few months passed, Luke found his mom just about before the storm formed.


Luke: Hey mom! It’s me… It’s Luke

Mom: Who are you?! I don’t have a son, you CREEP!

Luke: Yeah… worth a try

Luke: Mom, you might not remember or know who I am but, I just want you to know that I love you and I will never forget you

Luke: And I hope we get to see each other again. If there is an afterlife.

Luke: Well, until then… goodbye mom


Luke lifts his right hand up as his tears ran down his cheeks. He smiled at her one last time and sends her back into their timeline nearly 20 years before they meet the old woman.


Back to the Present Time


Luke’s mom arrives in their timeline 20 years before meeting the old Woman. The look of distraught grows on her face as she tries to remember who she is and what is going on. Looking around the cave, she found a journal with an etching of a deer on the cover. She opens the book and inside it reads:


“I am you from the future and you are me in the past, you must be confused as you remember nothing. This is going to sound crazy but it is the truth.

See, I, you or we messed up reality a long time ago, our life is stuck on a loop requiring us to repeat the same cycle all over again. Let me start from the beginning.

Back when I was at school, aged 18, I gained this power to rewind time. I used it to save someone I loved and in consequence, a huge storm was created and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Long story short, you cannot change the outcome of fate. She was supposed to die, or so I thought.

So I went back in time before I used my powers and let her death play along.

I believed that that was supposed to happen until years later. The storm came again and it has been following me since.

I met the father of my child whilst running from the storm Joshua was his name. He was a sweet and kind man as was our child. We named him Luke. I was close to giving birth when the most unthinkable have happened. The storm took Joshua from me, from us.

Five years later and still running, I discovered that Luke has similar powers like what I use to have. it’s good for him, so he can protect himself but I worry he’s becoming more careless and just relying on his powers.

Way into the future you and Luke will encounter a strange old woman. And yes I am and you are the old woman. She will convince you to time travel into the past to kill yourself but actually, she’s sending you there to create the storm in the first place.

Having two of the same person on a timeline causes a paradox which creates a storm that will follow and destroy everything in its path until both of them are dead. Also, if you got sent to a timeline when a version of yourself already resides, time traveling there will wipe your memory which explains what must have just happened to you if you are reading this for the first time.

Your next steps now are to patiently wait about 20 years and your past self and Luke will walk right in.

You must convince your past self that she can save Luke and the world if she sacrifices herself. After Luke sent her to the past, you must tell Luke the truth. It’s not his mom, but it’s him who has to die in that storm as he is born by the storm so he needs to die by the storm. You must also tell him to send this journal to the cave 20 years before the meeting.

In order for the storm to be truly prevented, Luke and we must die. But we must die in the right time. Luke wasn’t meant to be born because I and you were supposed to die due to messing with time and reality so he must die in the past.

He also needs to go back in the past so that he can send you back here so you can read this journal and progress with the rest of the steps to end the storm.

That leaves us with you and me. As soon as Luke leaves, I rush to face the storm, and yes you will have to do this too when it’s your time.

But before that, you will grow old, becoming me, having to wait in the cave for nearly 20 years for them to come and so on. That concludes our mission and purpose.

I am sorry but it has to be this way.”

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