Life is Strange: All Wounds is a fandom story project managed by Destiny-Smasher exploring PriceField post-canon possibilities as a fic and as a visual novel.

You need time, huh? That’s hilarious, coming from you. Time doesn’t heal all wounds, Maxine. You dipshit. Where the hell do you think scars come from?


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I’m inspired to explore the dynamics of a relationship through dual-perspectives, bouncing back and forth to highlight the complexities of two people who’ve grown to care for each other through some rough shit.

So this story will be about expressing themes of guilt, angst, survivor’s guilt, self-hatred, tricky things like that – and how characters might find ways to deal with, heal from, and move on from them, through each other. While there’s a valid argument that LiS’s other ending is the “better” ending (mainly because it was developed more), this ending inspires me so much more to create, especially since I really liked the nightmare sequence in Episode 5 and how it gave us a unique take on a character study.


  1. | dA | AO3 | Inkitt
  2. | dA | AO3
  3. Rest | dA | AO3
  4. | dA | AO3
  5. Smoke Signals – | dA | AO3
  6. | dA | AO3
  7. | dA | AO3
  8. | dA | AO3
  9. | dA | AO3
  10. | dA | AO3
  11. Masks | dA | AO3
  12. Memorial – | dA | AO3
  13. What If – | dA | AO3


All Wounds (title screen)  [-X-]

Trail  [-X-]
Fritter [-X-]
Dusting Cheek [-X-]
BRB [-X-]
Rest [-X-]
In the End
Nowhere to Run by @chekoff-s[-X-]
Alright For Now by bluesman [-X-]
The Next Morning by denetii [-X-]
I Choose You! by @cottaterra [-X-]
Sail On by @qtori [-X-]
Better by @bashfulbadass [-X-]
Bullets n’ Booze by @maiqueti [-X-]
Fanatics by @maiqueti [-X-]
Memorial by @cottaterra[-X-]
Justice by @qtori[-X-]
Dark Room 2 by @qtori[-X-]
Dark Room 3 by @nerdylazorz [-X-]
Through the Blizzard by @mollifiable[-X-]

Chapter 7 fan art by @teakayblog
Concrete Heart by @sakura-rose12
Concept art for Chapter 1: [-X-] [-X-]

Temporal Beings by @sakura-rose12​  [-X-]

Happy Helladays (2015) by @sakura-rose12 [-X-]

Cafe lunch & Max/Other Max by @nerdylazorz

Chapter 7 Audio Excerpt


Original OST tracks are being made, and many of the song’s music will be borrowed from fandom works on YouTube as well as the extensive library on OverClockedRemix. When a new version of the VN is released, any music used should be credited and linked in the ReadMe.txt. A lot of the music used in the VN is from Koethe’s amazing YouTube channel! Not to mention other artists like Cristina Birkel and Eduard Frovlov/Robyn Ardery

OVEREXPOSED by Riley Hawke (ft. Dakota Crespo)
An original song w/AMV based on All Wounds


I’ve released an updated version of the visual novel that includes progress through Chapter 2.

You can follow updates on this project at the dedicated blog, @lis-allwounds.

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