Always be with you.

The wind howls and roars in my ears.
My eyes sting with the spray of the sea.
Yet beside me you stand, hand in hand.

Pure destruction is now wrought.
The choice has been made.
A coldness seeps deep, though not from the storm.
A numbness that almost makes me succumb.
You pull me close, into your embrace.
Your warmth keeps the darkness away.
As all before us is swept into oblivion.

I close my eyes and breathe deep your smell.
The faces of those I have sacrificed, flash in my mind.
As hot tears flood my eyes.
I look up to your face, my blue haired angel.
I could have turned back the clock to seal your fate.
To appease the maelstrom that dances before us.

You told me to do it.
That it was your time.
But now, can you see?
That you are all that really matters to me.
And so here we stand, hand in hand.
As time twists around us,
Know that I will always be with you.
Together, forever.

As the world shatters like glass before us.

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