Are you afraid of the dark?

“Are you afraid of the dark Jefferson…?”

“No but i’m afraid of you…”


It’s been one dark week after the dramatic incident with Kate Marsh.

There was still no sign of who did this horrible thing to her.
But one thing was certainly clear…Max Caulfield would find the answer to save her beloved one.

But for one person who went to everyone to help her out, was that one specific person a clue to her never ending nightmare Mr. Jefferson…

Why can’t you help me Mr. Jefferson?!
It’s not that simple to delete a “viral video” Miss. March.
Ill remember that Mr. Jefferson, I thought i could ask for help at anytime!

*Kate walks off in the distance and Mr. Jefferson says:*

You can always come for help but i can’t magically let a viral video dissapear! You have to understand that!

*Mr. Jefferson looks at Max and says: Go to your desk Max, i’m starting with my lessons*


“Max walks inside into Mr. Jefferson’s classroom and goes to her desk”

*Hours went by and the bell of Blackwell Academy went off, everyone went to their dorms to get sleep…. except for one specific person*

It was midnight and it was raining hard outside, but for Kate it didn’t matter, the only thing that mattered was revenge on those who made her life into one big nightmare…

She was walking alone in the middle of the night, alone…But why asked Mr. Jefferson to himself when he looked out of the window and saw Kate.


Mr. Jefferson took he’s umbrella and ran to Kate asking why she was walking all alone in the middle of a stormy night…

Kate looks at him with watery eyes and a smile: Are you afraid of the dark Mr. Jefferson?

He looks at her with a shocked face and starts to stutter: Wh..what are you talking about?

Kate turns to him and says: oh nothing personal I was just wondering…. She again turns around and walks back to the girls dorms.

*Now Mr. Jefferson is standing alone in the rain thinking about Kate’s question*

The next morning, every pupil arrived at Jefferson’s class, but one person was not and that was Mark himself!
Everyone was wondering where he was, he wasn’t answering he’s phone and people started to worry…

*One silent day passes and everyone went to their rooms to get some sleep, but Mr. Jefferson was still missing*

At some point in the night Max heard a door opening from the other side of her room.

She saw Kate walking out of her room towards the front door, She turned around and looked at Max. But she quickly turned her back and walked out the frond door…

*The next morning everyone attended class except TWO people…Kate and Jefferson.*

Now the alarms bells started to ring, everyone started to get real worried about what was happening at Blackwell Academy…

Max looked outside the window and saw Kate slowly walking away from Blackwell Academy with a smile on her face…
But she had no good feeling about that smile…

A dark day went by and Max wanted to investigate and hid herself underneath Jefferson’s desk.
she came underneath he’s desk and started to investigate every object in that room to find a clue.
She kept doing that all night long until she got tired and placed herself at her desk.
she started to think about any possible clues and finally she saw something in Jefferson’s trashcan it had the shape of a Polaroid.
she walked towards the trashcan and picked the strange object out of it. *It indeed was a Polaroid*


Max stood still in fear and was completely shocked, her skin turned as pale as the snow.
She thought in herself: No! this can’t be real Kate is nothing like that!

She takes the Polaroid and starts to search the streets in hope to find Kate before she will do anything stupid.

One night passes with no evidence of Kate but that doesn’t stop Max from searching the right answer.

But for Kate the story was different, she was up to something and it was no good…
She walked all the way from Blackwell Academy to an old barn no one knew about…

the abrn

The barn looked abandoned and scary, but Kate didn’t care.
She found a gap on the side of the barn and entered through the gap.

*You hear the sound of a car arriving at the barn*

Kate turned her head to the sound and smiled, she quickly hid herself in a chest that was laying there.

*footsteps could be heard in the barn and a moment later she heard a door opening from the floor*

The sounds were gone and Kate came out of the chest and saw a giant trapdoor on the floor.
She slowly entered the room and saw Jefferson behind he’s computer, he was sweating and didn’t looked relaxed at all.

Without Mark knowing it Kate has been taking a lot of creepy pictures from her teacher as “revenge” on what he did to her…She kept believing that it was him and not someone else…


Mark stood up and walked towards he’s photo shoot screen to adjust some things, this was the moment that Kate entered the room and walked right to Jefferson’s
4 -hydroxybutanoic acid or in other words the drug he used on her and on all he’s other victims which made a lot of nightmares for many people…

She saw a syringe laying and took it the chance to fill it with the drug…
she sneaked up behind Jefferson and whispered in he’s ear…. Are you afraid of the dark….Mr Jefferson?

She stung him in he’s neck, and so he fell on the ground seeing Kate smiling with an empty syringe in her hands.

It’s okay Mark she whispered, Every action has a reaction isn’t it? well i’m your reaction.

Now if you keep struggling this will hurt even more…

I saw what you did with Victoria *she laughs* i could ruin her life and yours at any moment i have seen what you did with her to make her win the “everyday heroes” contest.
That doesn’t seem very… fair if i say so.

Mr. Jefferson replies to her: What do you want from me?
I can’t help you with taking down that viral video!
You have to understand that!

Ooh but i do understand that Mark i hope you don’t mind if i say your first name, because we will be here for a loooooong time.
But the you are… the source of my viral video and thus the source of my never ending nightmare.

I could say let’s forget about this because indeed you are worthless and can’t help me but, we are not finished yet.

That’s a nice camera you have here, must have been expensive.
“The prescots” helped you am i right?

He replies: how did you know? How long have you been….stalking me??

I know enough to send you to internal torment…

But before that, ill have some…i won’t call it fun for you but it sure will be fun for me…


*She grabs he’s camera and snaps a picture of him* 

Ill keep this one as a friendly remember that you ruined my life and i ruined yours.
Isn’t that fun?
Now don’t move and ill make you feel special *she snaps a picture with he’s camera*

*After a lot of taken pictures Kate had other plans*

It seems like your dose is worn off…
This last sting will end your torment which makes me more happy and get’s me closer to the end of my internal torture…


*sigh* you are a real pain in the ass Mark but it’s okay I forgive you, by ending your miserable life.

NOOOOOOOooooooo….. He became very silent

Let me ask you this one more time Mark…

Are you….afraid of the dark Jefferson?

*He slowly turns he’s head towards Kate*

No…But i’m afraid of you…

After he ended he’s sentence he’s eyes rolled back and he slowly left the endless torment.


The end…?

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