Being a Member, One year later.

So Life is Strange has changed me in so many ways, helped me overcome obstacles, gain needed confidence and has helped me meet the most inspirational people who I have the honor to call friends.

I found Life is Strange after playing TWD, and my friend Spork saw it on the arcade, so he recommended it to me. This was when it first hit the marketplace, so I’ve been riding this emotional train from the get go. The game itself is just a masterpiece, dealing with the social situations so maturely, tackling with different film techniques and performances to make it something original, and noteworthy. Dontnod, Square Enix and everyone else involved did an outstanding job.

Ever since then, I’ve been involved with so many amazing opportunities involving the Blackwell Podcast, all wouldn’t have been possible without Joey. There was a time after the pilot of the show aired which I thought I wouldn’t continue, but he helped me get through it, and I have a lot to owe him for that. He’s like my brother at this point.

With the podcast, we also partnered up with the site, and I feel so humble for Chris, Mai and everyone on the site welcoming me like a family, that I get the opportunity to be involved with contests that the site hold. I’m at a loss for words on how much you have all been so amazing to me.

I know I’m not the best with words, but you’re the best.

Thank you


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