Best Friends Forever, right?

  • 9-????? ?? 2008-

“Now you girls’ be careful out there, make sure you start headin’ back before it gets dark.” Max and Chloe turn around to see Joyce standing in the door frame of a house with an unfinished paint job. “You worry too much, if anyone should be careful it’s the foolish scaliwags that dare get in the way of Captain Chloe and her faithful swashbuckler Max.” Chloe exclaimed as she trust her plastic sword towards the sky. “Who made you Captain? I’d argue that I’d be better fit for that role.” The two girls’ started chuckling and headed off towards the forest they frequented when they would search for treasure. “Oh William, if only you could have stuck around for a little while longer.”

Max pulls out a map from her pants pocket as they maneuver their way across rocks and various other obstacles. “So what are we looking for this time Captain Chloe?” “Well we’ve already found the Long Lost Treasure of Arcadia Bay and Blackbeard’s notorious beard. What’s left to find?” Chloe cuts at the trees with an annoyed expression on her face. “Beats me, you’re the one with the map.” Max suddenly comes to a halt, “Chloe, I’ve never been this close to the lighthouse before. I never knew about this path.” “Well what are you standing around for, let’s get a better look at it!” Chloe reaches out and pulls Max’s arm and starts running towards the lighthouse. “Wait Chloe, I don’t know if this is a good idea. It’s already getting kind of late and I don’t want Joyce to worry too much.” “Don’t tell me you’re cowering out?” Chloe continues further up the cliff leaving Max in the distance. “I am not!” Max pouts as she chases after Chloe. “Max Caulfield is a giant chicken, no wonder I was unanimously voted Captain.” Suddenly the dirt beneath Chloe begins to break off causing her to slip down the side of the cliff. “Chloe?!” Max sprints to Chloe’s location tripping over various branches and rocks in the process. “Max oh god hurry! I’m losing my grip, I don’t know how stable this ledge is!” Max flops onto the ground and reaches out to Chloe, “Here, take my hand!” With all of her strength, Max pulls Chloe back up onto solid ground. “Let’s not tell my mom about this, deal?” Chloe mutters as she tries to catch her breath. “Deal. Chloe… there’s something I need to tell you.” The two walk over to a bench sitting in front of the lighthouse. “My parents and I have been talking and we’re thinking about moving to Seattle. Like soon.” Chloe’s expression drastically shifts, almost as if the past few minutes didn’t happen. “Are you serious?!” “I’m completely cereal.” She turns her head to the side, struggling to maintain eye contact. “Do you think this is a joke?! You know what just happened to me, William was everything to me. And you Max, my best friend, is just gonna leave me here alone?!” Chloe breaks down into tears as Max tries her best to console her. “No not at all Chloe! I can’t even begin to know what you and Joyce are going through right now but I’ll always be here for you. Maybe you can come with us, we’ve done everything we could possibly do here in Arcadia Bay. There are so many opportunities out there for us in Seattle.” “You mean for you Max, I know how much photography and all that shit means to you, but this is my home. It’s all I have.” “Don’t say it like that, I’m just doing what I think is best for myself. I promise to call and text you every week, I’ll even send you postcards and letters.” “That’s great and all, but none of that can replace having you here with me.” Chloe stands up and almost instantaneously it begins to pour all over them. “I think that’s enough adventuring for today don’t you think?” Max pulls off her pirate vest and uses it as a makeshift umbrella. “Yeah I guess. Just head home Max, you can spend the night some other time.” Chloe walks off leaving Max dumbfounded as she puts her her vest back on and heads home.

-September 1st 2013-

Max stuffs a handmade cushion into her suitcase before zipping it up and bringing it down to the garage. “Now you’re absolutely POSITIVE that you packed everything right?” A fairly brawny looking man pats Max on the back. “Yes Dad, it’s not like I’ve spent the past few days preparing for this or anything.” “We’re going to miss that sass of yours believe it or not.” “I’m going to miss you too, Mom” Max lunges out and hugs her mother tightly before turning around to do the same to her father. “I’ll keep you posted on the Thunderbirds.” He hands Max a pendant with the teams’ name plastered on it. “Hopefully they don’t start losing without you and I there to support them.” The two laugh as they put the suitcases in the car and head off to the airport.

“This is your Captain speaking, our flight is currently on schedule and we’ll be ready to depart momentarily.” Max pulls out her phone and sends her Mom and Dad a message stating the plane is about to leave and she’ll contact them as soon as it lands. She scrolls down her contacts and stops when she lands on ‘Chloe’. “I can’t believe I never called her, or even texted her once. She’s my best friend and I completely cut her off, I wonder if she even wants to see me again. Max thinks to herself as her hands tremble over the keyboard before she quickly swipes down the settings menu and switches on airplane mode. “I doubt she’ll even respond back if I sent her a message. Maybe after I get used to Blackwell I can stop by her house and check on her.” The plane suddenly jolts forward as it traverses the runway, Max takes a quick glance through the window as the plane slowly begins its ascent. She slips in her headphones and closes her eyes while images of Chloe and Arcadia Bay appear in her head. “Goodbye Seattle, hello again Arcadia Bay.”


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