Congratulations to Episode 17’s Winners!

'Shattered Nathan' by Fantazjel (DeviantArt)

We got ourselves up to standards on dress code, and somehow weaseled our way onto the VIP list to the End of the World Party with this week’s episode about the Vortex Club! We may have written our names down very late at night, but we’ll never tell. When we got to back, after hearing about Hayden vaping some dank OG bud, we found our first work by Fantazjel on deviantArt.

Shattered Nathan by Fantazjel_DeviantArt

'Finale Nathan' by Zhemke

Secondly, showing Nathan to be ever haunted by his fate, we have Finale Nathan by Zhemke on deviantArt.

Finale Nathan by Zhemke_DeviantArt

'Victoria Chase' by PopvaJr (DeviantArt)

Lastly, we’re totally stuck in the retro zone with Queen Bee Victoria by Popovajr on deviantArt.

Victoria Chase by PopovaJr_DeviantArt

Congratulations to Episode 15’s Winners!

'See No Evil' by chapterdooof (Tumblr)

We had the honor of interviewing lead writer for Life is Strange, Christian Divine! Hear what he had to say about this week’s winners! First up we have See No Evil by chapterdooof (make sure to check out the rest of the set, too!)

See No Evil by ChapterDooof_Tumblr

'Max Is Strange' by zomby138 (DeviantArt)

Secondly, we have a submission by zomby138 on deviantArt of Max. This one is called ‘Max is Strange’.

Max Is Strange by zomby138_DeviantArt

'Max Cosplay' by EmiKnightly (Twitter)

Our last winner for the week is a cosplay of Max by @emiknightly on Twitter. Give her a follow if you have Twitter!

Max Cosplay by EmiKnightly_Twitter

Congratulations to Episode 14’s Winners!

'He Will Regret It In The Morning' by Hima-Art (Tumblr)

This week we discussed Warren Graham. Without a doubt the Fan Art we went ape over featured our white knight! Our first work we present is by Hima-Art on tumblr, entitled, “He Will Regret It In The Morning”.

Warren Graham by Hima-Art_Tumblr

'Warren Clay Figure' by GiruGiggleFairy (Tumblr)

Next up, we have a clay Warren figure done by GirugGiggleFairy on Tumblr!

Clay Warren and Kate by GiruGiggleFairy_Tumblr

'Friend-Shaped' by ChiraScarlet (DeviantArt)

Lastly, we have ‘Friend-Shaped’ by ChiraScarlet on DeviantArt!

Friend Shaped by ChriaScarlet_DeviantArt

Congratulations to Episode 13’s Winners!

'Max' by Grobi-Grafik (DeviantArt)

In this episode, we interviewed the awesome Alejandro Arque, game designer working at Square Enix, who worked on Life is Strange! To hear what he had to say about each of the pieces, make sure to check out the episode! First up we have a gorgeous piece entitled ‘Max’ by Grobi-Grafik on DeviantArt.

Max by Grobi-Grafik_DeviantArt

'The Butterfly Effect' by GLPing (DeviantArt)

Next up, we have a very cool Chloe, entitled The Butterfly Effect by GLPing on DeviantArt.

The Butterfly Effect by GLPing

'Chloe Price Fan Art' by danicast83 (DeviantArt)

Next up, we have a very cool Chloe, entitled The Butterfly Effect by GLPing on DeviantArt.

Chloe Price Fan Art by danicast83_DeviantArt

Congratulations to Episode 12’s Winners!

'Chaos Theory' by GlowsyDoodles (DeviantArt)

In this instalment, we wish Life is Strange a Happy Birthday. We recorded this Episode on the 1 Year Anniversary, and of course talked about Episode 1! Our first winner is a haunting yet striking image of Chloe entitled ‘Chaos Theory’ by GlowsyDoodles on DeviantArt!

Chaos Theory by Glowsydoodles_DeviantArt

'Life Is Strange - Hope?' by Magntaa (DeviantArt)

This beautiful piece is titled ‘Life Is Strange – Hope?’ by Magntaa on DeviantArt. We love the expressive faces of Max, Chloe and Kate in particular and Nathan looking through his fingers is a neat touch.

Life Is Strange - Hope by Magntaa_DeviantArt

'Maxine Caulfield' by TheYikes (DeviantArt)

The anime styling of TheYike’s piece simply entitled ‘Life Is Strange – Maxine Caulfield’ really sets it apart from some other Fan Art. The nosebleed helps to sell the desperate look on Max’s face and we really love the addition of the rewind icon in the corner aligned with the pupil of her eye.

Maxine Caulfield by The Yikes_DeviantArt

Congratulations to Episode 11’s Winners!

'Chaos Theory' by GlowsyDoodles (DeviantArt)

This episode focused on the nasty piece of work that is Mark Jefferson. But whatever your opinion on him, it’s clear that there are fans out there who like to Cosplay and produce art in his name. Our first piece by Callyste evokes the ominous side of Jefferson with the dark room just out of focus in the background. His stare is eerily reminiscent of the look he gives Max at the shocking conclusion to Episode 4. It is suitably titled ‘ The Evil Within’ and you can find it on DeviantArt by clicking the image below.

The Evil Within by Callyste_DeviantArt

'Mr Jefferson Cosplay' by Klim Kazahov Photography

Next up we have an amazing piece of Cosplay by Klim Kazahov. The accuracy here is astounding, right down to the glasses and hairstyle. Find more of their Life Is Strange work by clicking on the image.

Mr Jefferson Cosplay by Klim Kazahov

'Jefferson, Destroyer of Ships' by Devoidd (DeviantArt)

Lastly, we have something a little different, with a bit of humour to lighten the mood. We love the 1930’s cartoon style of this piece by Dovoidd on DeviantArt.

Jefferson, Destroyer of Ships by Devoidd_DeviantArt

Episode 10: Zeitgeist Gallery

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Congratulations to Episode 9’s Winners!

'Kate Marsh' by Serena-Artworks (Tumblr)

This episode focused on the adorable Kate Marsh. Our first piece is this wonderful rendition of Kate in a cosmic setting with fitting iconography such as her violin, the books she sits on and of course a selection of rabbits!

Kate Marsh by Serena-Artworks_Tumblr

'Kate Marsh' by Miyusuzuki (DeviantArt)

Next up, we have this striking pop art style canvas by Miyusuzuki from DeviantArt.

Kate Marsh by Miyusuzuki_DeviantArt

'Destiny From A Strange Life' by Cloudnixus (DeviantArt)

And finally this great work by Cloudnixus from DeviantArt. The polaroids creating a cross shape is a great touch and the way they’re laid out and coloured almost gives it a stained-glass look, again matching the religious associations with the character of Kate Marsh.

Destiny From A Strange Life by Cloudnixus-DeviantArt

Congratulations to Episode 8’s Winners!

'Maxine Caulfield' by HelianaJamai

For this Episode we had the privilege of interviewing Hannah Telle, so of course our choices were all based around Max Caulfield. Our first piece is this great sketch by HelianaJamai from Deviant Art.

Life Is Strange - Maxine Caulfield by HelianaJamai_DeviantArt

'Max Caulfield Cosplay' by Mousiechan (Instagram)

Next up, some great Max Cosplay from Instagram user Mousiechan

Max Caulfield Cosplay by mousiechan_Instagram

'Max Caulfield Cosplay' by Nimblewit (Tumblr)

Finally, another excellent Max Cosplay from Nimblewit on Tumblr. We really love the lighting, the accuracy of the clothes and accessories and the very Max-like pose.

Max Caulfield Cosplay by nimblewit_Tumblr

Congratulations to Episode 7’s Winners!

'Chloe' by BlackAssassin999 (DeviantArt)

This Episode covered everyone’s favourite blue-haired punk Chloe Price. There’s some great fan-created Chloe content out there. Here are some of our choices, starting with this piece by BlackAssassin999 on DeviantArt.

Chloe by BlackAssassin999_DeviantArt

'Chloe' by BlackAssassin999 (DeviantArt)

Next up, a great Chloe Price Cosplay from Instagram User Chloe__Price

Chloe Price Cosplay by _Chloe__Price_Instagram

'Chloe' by BlackAssassin999 (DeviantArt)

Finally, we have ‘Life Is Strange – Polarized’ by DeviantArt user Maarika

Life Is Strange - Polarized by Maarika_DeviantArt

Congratulations to Episode 6’s Winners!

'Max Caulfield Cosplay' by TheAwakened (Facebook)

For this Episode we focused on the star of the game, Max Caulfield. Firstly, we have a very cool Cosplay by TheAwakened. Find her on Facebook.

Max Caulfield Cosplay by Theawakened_Instagram

'Here With Me' by Callyste (DeviantArt)

Here we have a really atmospheric piece by Callyste on DeviantArt

Here With Me by Callyste_DeviantArt

'Life Is Strange - Max Caulfield' by Atutcha (DeviantArt)

Also from DeviantArt a beautiful rendition of Max by Atutcha

Life Is Strange-Max Caulfield by Atutcha_DeviantArt

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