Brave Little Soldier

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“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light” -Ocean Man

The rain was singing on the windows
It was dark, Kate’s room was lighten up by the beams of the moon

Alone…, alone she sat in her room, her thoughts were to the last moment her nightmare started.
Her first ever Vortex Club Party…

Kate Marsh yelled to herself with a crying voice : Stop! I know I committed sins, I… I just want it all to stop! I can’t live like this. *she collapses on the floor crying out loud*

It was very clear that Kate wanted to end her never ending nightmare

“One day without sleep passes and the bells of Blackwell academy rang the next morning…”

Kate Marsh woke up from the floor where she cried all night long, hoping that her nightmare would off ended.
But no… once she left her room with her toothbrush ready she walked right in to Victoria Chase. the devil herself.

Victoria Chase: Oh hi there Katie how does it feel to be the viral slut of Blackwell Academy? Ugh.. Don’t worry you will be famous all over the world soon *she laughs with an evil tone*
Kate Marsh walks away in anger from Victoria Chase saying: Why are you doing this to me? *she starts to cry*

She enters the bathroom and goes to the sink, she filled the sink and washed her face, her face in the mirror, mirroring the Kate that no one knew about, depressed, without the smile that cheered up everyone at Blackwell. All gone by one mistake…

But then Max Caulfield enters the bathroom seeing Kate standing at the sink brushing her teeth.
She walks towards her and touches her shoulder and hugs her from behind saying:  Hey Kate are you okay? (she knew that she was ruined but she wanted to cheer her up).

*Kate starts to cry*and answered do I really look like I’m okay Max? I haven’t slept in days and I hear the name “viral slut” more than my real name. I’m not okay Max. If you excuse me i prefer to be left alone.

Kate turns her back and starts to continue brushing her teeth.
Max entered the shower.

After Max entered the shower, Victoria Chase and Taylor Christensen entered the bathroom and walked straight to poor little Kate Marsh.

Taylor Christensen looks at Kate and says “Oh look it’s the viral slut” *laughs*

Kate starts to cry and walks away leaving the words “You will regret this one day” Taylor

Victoria says to Taylor “I have an idea let’s just leave the link to her video so everyone can see her in action.”
*evil laugh*

*After Victoria and Taylor left the bathroom, Max was done with lurking and left the shower*

She saw the link to the video and she got frustrated and said to herself: Why would someone do this? It’s just sick! *she erases the link and went back to her room*

Kate was crying at her desk when she suddenly heard someone knocking on her door.

It was Max, I know you feel sad Kate but you have to be strong.
Remember what Ocean Man told you Kate.

” When the morning calls, but it’s still dark for you.
You just have to pray that the soldier of light will come and make your inner light bright again…”

I want to help you, but you have to tell me everything.

can you please explain me what happened at that party?

Yes is remember what Ocean Man told me but praying to cure a sin is just not possible anymore, what did you think i tried to do?

And you tell me you haven’t seen the video yet? Because it’s everywhere.

Max: no I haven’t Kate and I haven’t because you are my friend and I care about you and your privacy.
*Max walks towards Kate and kisses her on her forehead*

Kate blushes: Wow.. that’s nice of you Max this is the first time someone really cared about me in a long time.
Hearing that actually makes me feel a little better now.

It all happened when I went to my first real vortex party, I had no fun there because it wasn’t really my kind of music and i had no one to hang with, so I wanted to leave after one more drink. It was water but when I went to the exit I suddenly felt really dizzy and i collapsed on the floor, when i opened my eyes i saw Nathan Prescot helping me.

Max breaks through: What?! Nathan?! Oh no this can’t be good.

Kate continues: I still didn’t trusted him but I couldn’t move an inch. After that I passed out and woke up in a very bright room i was thinking he brought me to the hospital but not much later I felt a sting in my neck and passed out again only to find myself laying next to my door to room. So I crawled inside of my room and went to bed I couldn’t remember what happened but i felt unclean and I didn’t know why, i closed my eyes and went to sleep, and the next morning I woke up with everyone calling me a viral slut. I was shocked and didn’t know what they were all talking about so I opened up my laptop to see a video of me having fun with some guys I don’t even know. I fell through my knees and cried all day long!
My life is over Max!

Max answered: it’s not Kate I will help you I don’t care how but I want to see the old happy Kate again.

Kate smiled a little: I’m happy that you are here Max. But one more question, should I go to the police?

Max: It’s best to wait until we have enough proof to bust Nathan if we go now the police will just laugh at us and it will make everything even worse than it already is.

Kate answers angry: I know he did it Max I can bust him now and you just want me to stay in this nightmare for even longer, why did I even ask you, leave me alone!

*Max left the room and heard the sound of Kate crying from behind her back*

Max was walking to her classroom when she saw Kate talking to Mr. Jefferson.

Kate yelled: So you can’t help me either?! *she ran away crying*
Max tried to stop her but Kate commanded Max to leave her alone!

*It was time for class, everyone was there except one person poor little Kate Marsh*

Max was looking at Kate’s chair which was empty, she looked out of the window and saw Kate walking in the rain on her way to the girls dorm room.

Not much later Zachary rushed in to the classroom saying that some fucked up shit was going on at the girls dorm room. Everyone ran to the girls dorm room.

But when they arrived they saw poor Kate Beverly Marsh on the roof attempting to commit suicide.

“It was storming outside it felt like a waterfall fell from the skies”

Max looked up and yelled: don’t do it Kate!

“So Max started to run towards the front door reversing time over and over to save this one brave little soldier”
“When she suddenly froze time…there was no time to figure out how she did that, the only thing that mattered the most was Kate!”

When she finally arrived, time became normal again but Max’s powers were gone!

” the rain was dripping off Kate’shair, everything combined was framed as a real depression…

Kate turned around and asked: What are you doing here Max?

Max answered: I’m here to save my friend, you don’t have to do this Kate!

Kate says It’s nice to hear that someone cares about me but that won’t end my nightmare Max! *cries*
I can only end this by putting myself to sleep so I can end this never ending nightmare!

Kate! Please we can talk this out think about your family when they hear you are gone!

Kate  My family doesn’t care anymore I committed a sin which can’t be undone Max, if only I could reverse time!

Max: that’s not true Kate I care because you are my friend, I can’t live without you, I need you in my life!

Kate says It’s nice to hear that Max I’m happy that you care about me,… but that won’t change the fact that you want me to stay in my nightmare I have my own proof to bust Nathan but you want to wait?!

Kate starts to cry”

Max: I told you to wait because I know it will make things worse, I’m so close to have enough proof so we can bust Nathan together.

Kate says: sorry Max I can’t take this anymore, it’s too much for me to handle!

Max: Kate, you are my Brave Little Soldier, I know only one person who is this strong and that’s you, Don’t leave us Kate we need you, I promise that it will be all over soon.
I will help you fight the darkness but i need you to fight on my side!

Max remember what OceanMan told us that the soldier of light would help me out?!
Well he didn’t exactly helped me out didn’t he?!
i prayed every day for him to rescue me but it’s too late now!

Max walks toward Kate and tells her: Kate what if im your soldier of light? Because i do care about you! And i…i love you Kate!
I promise you that it will be all over soon! You just have to hold on! please!

Kate *cries* It’s okay Max it will be over soon, I’m happy that I met you in my life Max, and i love you too. You are my superMax…
“She turns to Max and kisses her.”

Kate whipsers in Max’s ear It will be all over soon… I love you SuperMax *she turns her back*

*After she turned her back to Max she jumped… right into the gates of heaven*

Max yelled Kate! Noooooo!

*Max Hangs with her hand just missing the hand of Kate and slowly, she saw Kate falling to the ground….*



*Your nightmare has ended my Brave Little Soldier, your kindness won’t be forgotten, we all love you…*



“after the terrible loss Max turned as pale as the snow and collapsed on the floor, she cried out loud.”

David arrived at the rooftop and saw Max crying on the floor. He ran to her and took her back to the medical bay.

One day full of grief passed, it was silent at Blackwell Academy

Finally Max woke up hoping that she was having a nightmare all along, but the nightmare was real…
When she woke up with a polaroid in her hands with a friendly face on it…

thank you


The End…?

Thanks to Eduard Frolov EFG with his gorgeous song “Faithfull melody”

First picture: i drew a cosplayer over with help from Photoshop and i made up the polaroid.
last picture: Found a picture of happy Kate and made a polaroid up for her.

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