Burying Secrets

“Shit….Shit!! Look what you did, Nathan!!”

Nathan watched in horror as Jefferson kneeled over Rachel Amber’s body and confirmed that she wasn’t breathing.

“I…I just did what you told me! I-I didn’t mean to!” Nathan shouted back at him in a panic. 

Nathan and Jefferson were in the dark room, as Jefferson liked to call it. Rachel is their current project.

Was their current project.

Nathan had just administered Jefferson’s little drug and then not too long after, Nathan noticed something was wrong. He leaned over Rachel to check her when Jefferson knocked him out of the way to the ground. Now he sat there in disbelief.

“This can’t be happening…,” Nathan rushed back over to Rachel and started shaking her. “No, please….not Rachel….”

Jefferson got up shaking his head. And started pacing back and forth, clearly pissed off.

“You just had to screw up everything, didn’t you?!” Jefferson shouted at him between his pacing.

Nathan wasn’t even paying attention. Tears fell down his cheek onto Rachel.

“God damnit!!” Jefferson hit his whiskey cup off a table in anger, which made Nathan jump back to reality as it shattered. “Get off the floor and find a tarp! We have to fix YOUR mess now!”

Nathan had been numb the whole time they were digging the hole. He just couldn’t believe it. Just this morning he had been so excited that he was going to hang with Rachel. And then Jefferson called. He wanted Rachel.

Now everything is so messed up.

Jefferson motioned for Nathan to grab Rachel with him. Jefferson grabbed her upper body and Nathan went to grab her legs, but then jumped back as he felt how cold she was. Nathan clutched his head as the reality of everything washed over him.

“Why….Rachel….why Rachel in the dark room…She…she shouldn’t have been in there….” Tears started falling again as things started to spin and suddenly Nathan was looking up at the sky. 

“Are you fricking kidding me, Nathan?! Are you seriously doing this right now?!” Jefferson shouted at Nathan on the ground. 

“Mr. Jefferson….why her….why did you need her?” Nathan whispered to himself. Jefferson couldn’t hear a word. “I didn’t want her in there….why did she have to….I…don’t want Rachel in the dark room…”

Everything was such a blur. He heard noises, but couldn’t distinguish them. He felt something hit his belly. He looked down.

Blonde hair….? Who’s head is on me…? …..Rachel….?

Suddenly everything lit up around him as he heard a camera click.

“I am NOT going down for your mistakes, Nathan!” Jefferson’s voice seemed muffled in the distance.

Nathan looked down at Rachel leaning against him.

…..I wanted her alive like this….why….why did the dark room have to kill her…..

“….Rachel….rachel in the dark room…she’s in the dark room…”

Suddenly a pair of hands came forward and grabbed his jacket. Nathan felt himself getting launched forward as Jefferson’s face became clear.

“Snap out of it, Nathan!” Jefferson yelled. His face was flushed in anger. Nathan could feel the spit land on his face. Jefferson’s face was only a few inches from him. “Now listen here….you need the snap the hell out of whatever is going on in that idiotic brain of yours and we are gonna bury that damn body! And then we are going to NEVER talk about this again! To ANYONE! Got that?!”

Nathan could barely get any words out.



Jefferson released his grip a little bit.

“Okay….good.” Jefferson sighed. “Now get up and let’s finish this.”

Nathan silently helped Jefferson bury Rachel and then Nathan drove them back to the barn. Jefferson handed him a bottle of sleeping pills.

“Take these. ” Jefferson sternly told him. “I need you to sleep this off. When you wake up tomorrow, it’ll be like this never happened and life will go on like normal, okay?”

Nathan gave a silent nod and took the bottle. Jefferson got out the car and left.

Nathan’s eyes opened up. The sun was up. His head was pounding. He groaned as he looked around.

He was in his room. He felt so groggy and sore.

What kind of party did I have last night?

He sat up and seen his dirty clothes on the ground. He tensed up.

….No….No, I just did something stupid…and…and they got dirty at the party….right?

He was shaking as he got dressed and left the dorm. He dropped the keys as he got to his truck. He was shaking so bad. He picked them up and got in his car and started it up. He just sat there at the wheel. He felt panic washing over him.

Everything is alright, Nathan….she’s fine. You just had another bad nightmare. You have those every night.

He started driving. He had to prove to himself it was all a dream. Rachel was alive. She had to be.

He drove to the junkyard and slowly walked to the spot. He wanted to close his eyes so when he got there, he’d open them and see everything was fine. He turned around the corner and his stomach dropped. There was the loose soil from last night. He dropped to his knees.

Shit….why couldn’t it have been a dream….why is she still gone?

Nathan didn’t hear Jefferson approach him from behind.

“Damnit, I knew you were gonna show up here,” Jefferson said with a sign.

“Mr. Jefferson…how can I pretend everything’s normal…..she’s dead. We killed her.” Nathan said tearing up.

Jefferson squatted by Nathan and put a hand on his shoulder. Nathan just kept looking at the ground.

“Let’s think about this differently, Nathan. You’re a Prescott. No one in this town can mess with you. You own them.”

“….I own them….” Nathan repeated still looking down.

“That’s right. YOU own them.” Jefferson said giving Nathan a poke. “And what is anyone even gonna do about Rachel Amber?”

“…Nothing?” Nathan said unsure.

“That’s right! She’s a nobody and you’re an untouchable Prescott, Nathan.”


“It’s true.” Jefferson interrupted. “Come on, who runs this town?”

“I run this town.” Nathan said looking up at Jefferson finally.

“Yes, you do, Mr. Prescott.” Jefferson said with a smile and gave a him a pat on the back.

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