A Staged Killing Chapter 1

“I can’t believe she’s gone.” “It’s okay Chloe it’s not her fault it’s that dumb ass Mr. Jefferson’s fault.” “I knew that we would come together someday. You, me, and Rachel. But NO this dumb shit had to happen!” Chloe collapses into Max’s arms. “Let’s go we need some time to decompress.” I’m going to need a whole fucking eternity to get over this! EVERYONE I care about leaves me at some point. At this point I should just be fucking used to it.” “Were do we even go anyway were so not going back to fucking Blackhell. We will probably just get drugged.. again.” “Well the storm is over let’s just drive we don’t have anything else we can do, and be careful behind the wheel.”  “No worries that was an alternate reality.” Chloe get’s in the car. “I’m sorry it scares me so much.” “It’s okay I am never leaving you… EVER!” Max gets into the car.

They start to drive to nowhere really just away from Arcadia Bay. They notice that someone is following them. It is a black car. Max looks through the rear mirror. “Holy shit Chloe! Mr. Jefferson is fucking following us! What ever you do don’t stop!” “Fuck I thought that dumb fuck was in prison! Max what do we do he pulled over and is coming toward us! Are you shitting me!” “Girls you better stop I have a gun!” “Chloe we have no choice I will not use my powers I will not go through this again! And He WILL NOT shoot you come on get out.” They get out. “Shit Max he has two fucking needles I told you we should have kept driving PLEASE use your powers and fix this!” “FUCK NO! we need to just let this happen.” “Ugh you girls make me sick now lets just take care of this.” He takes care of Chloe drugging her until she collapses. “Mr. Jefferson PLEASE STOP YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THIS!” Actually I do there is someone who wants to see you.” “Huh what the fuck are you talking abou..” She collapses. Mr. Jefferson puts both of them in his trunk and gets in the car.






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