Life Is Strange Fans Music Contest II - WINNER

The WINNER of the Life Is Strange Fans Music Contest II is… Georgie West! Congratulations to her on winning the incredible prize of $500 worth of Music Recording Equipment, kindly donated by our sponsors Riley Hawke and AudioCentrik! Well done Georgie! Thank you to all those who entered, congrats to the other 4 Finalists who made that stage, and thanks to Riley Hawke, Koethe and Jonathan Kuehling of AudioCentrik for judging the contest!

Look out for the Music Contest III sometime soon in the not-too-distant future!

Life Is Strange Fans Music Contest II - FINALIST SONGS

Unfortunately the entrant ‘Wolvang’ was unable to complete her Original Song entry in time so had to back out of the Contest, but here are the 4 incredible original songs inspired by Life Is Strange from our other 4 Finalists!

Life Is Strange Fans Music Contest II - SHORTLIST

We’re delighted to reveal the 5 Finalists in the Life Is Strange Music Contest II!

The 5 Finalists are:

Georgie West
Magnus Baumbgartl
Luca Grant
Mariah Gonzalez
Karolina Petrekova

Congratulations to them! Now they have to create an original song inspired by Life Is Strange in just 2 weeks! We wish them the best of luck! Thank you to all our entrants for taking part in the this contest!

Check out the entries from the 5 Finalists in full below!

Life Is Strange Fans Music Contest II

We’re excited to announce the Life Is Strange Fans Music Contest 2018!


Like last year’s Music Contest, we’re looking for ambitious up-and-coming music artists to share their talents, and ultimately create a new Life Is Strange inspired song they can be proud to share with the community.

The ultimate Winner will get $500 worth of music recording equipment, kindly donated by our sponsors, musician Riley Hawke and head of AudioCentrik Studios, Jonathan Kuehling.

The Contest will be in 2 Stages: Firstly, entrants will be tasked with entering a Cover of an existing song, either from or inspired by Life Is Strange. This can include:

A Cover of a Song from Life Is Strange: Season 1 

A Cover of a Song from Life Is Strange: Before the Storm

A Cover of a Life Is Strange-Inspired Song

5 entrants will then be chosen to progress to Stage 2. They will have 2 weeks to write and produce an original song of their own inspired by Life Is Strange.

The 5 Finalists will get to appear LIVE with Riley, Koethe and Damien Harvey on the Open Mic Night II – a Live Performance Event – where they will have a chance to perform their music Live to fellow Life Is Strange fans.*

We’re pleased to say that Riley, Jonathan and Koethe will be the sole Judges for this Contest.

We will also be giving our other Prizes during this Open Mic Night II event for those not musically-inclined!  

*An appearance on the Open Mic Night II is voluntary but encouraged.



Saturday 3rd March: Contest Launches. Call for entries of Cover Songs

Saturday 31st March: Closing Date for Cover Songs entries (Midnight – Pacific Time)

Friday 6th April: Announcement of 5 Finalists to progress to Stage 2

Saturday 14th April: Open Mic Night II (To Be Confirmed)

Friday 20th April: Closing Date for Original Songs

Friday 27th April: Winner Announced


Rather than predetermine the actual equipment to be won, we decided to make it so that our sponsors, Riley Hawke and Jonathan Kuehling, will work with the Winner to help them choose the equipment that best suits their individual needs. Below are just some examples of equipment that the Winner might receive, but please note that these are just examples and the final equipment can and will vary.

Focusrite Scarlett Solo

MXL MCA SP1 Studio Condenser Microphone

Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Headphones

Mic Stand

Shock Mount


Pop Filter

Keith McMillen K-Board

Shure SM57


PLEASE NOTE: Depending on your location, the prize equipment will either be bought for you and shipped to your address. Or you will receive the prize value by online transfer. If you win, you will be able to discuss your options with our Sponsors.


  • All entrants must be single artists. Duos or groups cannot enter this Contest.
  • All entries MUST be uploaded to YouTube. A video is encouraged but absolutely not required, so you can just use a still image if you want. You are free to use any of the promo material from the Contest for this purpose.
  • Your Cover Song entry must fit the Contest requirements: It must be either a song from the Life Is Strange Season 1 Soundtrack, the Life Is Strange: Before the Storm Soundtrack or a Life Is Strange-inspired song. What does this mean? For example, the original Life Is Strange-inspired songs by Koethe, Campusanis, Riley herself or any other fan musician out there who has created their own song based on Life Is Strange.
  • If you make the Finalist Stage, your original song MUST be entirely original. We will not accept covers or ‘re-imaginings’ of existing songs at this stage of the Contest.
  • You must write and record the Original Song yourself. You can have some help co-writing or producing, but there is only 1 Prize and 1 Winner.
  • Only 1 Entry is allowed per Person.
  • You can use as little or as much production as you want. However, please be aware that you will not be judged on production value. Considering the Prize, this Contest is really intended for Music Artists just starting out, who need home recording equipment to take their music to the next level. As such, you will be judged on the following criteria instead: Performance, Songwriting, Creativity, Interpretation.
  • While vocals are encouraged, we are accepting instrumental pieces as well. If you use synthesized vocals, please be clear about your process in the description of your uploaded video.
  • We will not accept ‘karaoke’ style covers. i.e. using an existing backing track and singing over it. You must create all the music yourself.
  • The Contest is open to fans worldwide. However, if including vocals, both your Cover Song and your Original Song – if you make it to that stage – must be written/sung in English.
  • The Contest Judges will be: Riley Hawke, Koethe & Jonathan Kuehling of AudioCentrik Studios.
  • The closing date for the Cover Song entries is Saturday 31st March (Midnight – Pacific Time)
  • The closing date for the Original Song entries is Friday 20th April.



Here’s a list of potential songs you could record as your Cover Entry:

Life Is Strange: Season 1

Syd Matters – To All of You
José González – Crosses
Angus & Julia Stone – Santa Monica Dream
Sparklehorse – Piano Fire
alt-J – Something Good
Local Natives – Mt. Washington
Bright Eyes – Lua
Mogwai – Kids Will Be Skeletons
Amanda Palmer – In My Mind (feat. Brian Viglione)
Message To Bears – Mountains
Breton – Got Well Soon
Mudflow – The Sense of Me
Foals – Spanish Sahara
Syd Matters – Obstacles

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm

Daughter – Flaws
Koda – I Don’t
Daughter – Glass
Ben Howard – Black Flies
Daughter – Youth
Lanterns on the Lake – Through the Cellar Door
Daughter – All I wanted
Speedy Ortiz – No Below
Daughter – A Hole in the Earth
Broods – Taking You There
Daughter – Burn it Down
Wolf Alice – Bros
Daughter – No Care
Brody Dalle – Don’t Mess With Me
Pretty Vicious – Are You Ready for Me

Life Is Strange Inspired Songs

Riley Hawke – Because I Tried
Riley Hawke – Fragile Reality
Riley Hawke – Blinded
Koethe – Price
Koethe – Storm
Koethe – Have To
Koethe feat. Dakota Crespo – Timeless

Please Note: This list is not exhaustive. If you’re unsure whether your cover is allowed, please contact us via one of our Social Channels, either on Twitter or Facebook.



This is for the Cover Song in Stage 1 of the Contest


Thanks to everyone who entered!



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We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, Riley Hawke, and Jonathan Kuehling of AudioCentrik Studios, without whom this Contest would not be possible. They have each donated $250 each towards the Contest Prize and we’re thrilled to have their support.


Riley is a Singer/Songwriter who has contributed hugely to the Life Is Strange community with her Life Is Strange covers and original songs inspired by the games. If that sounds familiar, Riley was a well-deserved Finalist in our last Music Contest and now wants to give back to the Community by helping to launch our second one.

You can find out more about Riley at her Website

Riley’s Twitter

Riley’s Facebook Page

Riley’s Soundcloud

Riley’s YouTube Channel


Jonathan is the Owner of AudioCentrik Studios, who provide audio services for Film, Broadcast, Video Games and Music. He is a fellow fan of Life Is Strange and was keen to offer his support in contributing towards the amazing prize and also judging the Contest.

Jonathan’s Soundcloud


Koethe is helping to Judge the Music Contest along with Riley and Jonathan. He is a popular Singer/Songwriter in the Life Is Strange Community and also judged our last contest, as well as worked with the Winner, Dakota Crespo,  in creating a new Life Is Strange inspired song, the beautiful ‘Timeless’. We are delighted to have him on board and also joining Riley in our special Open Mic Night II event in April.

Koethe’s Twitter

Koethe’s Facebook Page

Koethe’s Soundcloud

Koethe’s YouTube Channel

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  1. i have a question, what’s the place that is going to happen the live performance event, and if the finalists dont live in that place, how are they going there? would they have to pay their own plane tickets?

    • Hi. The Open Mic Night event is not at an actual venue, it’s all done online remotely, through Discord and streamed Live via Youtube. Please check the video for our last one to get an idea of what to expect:


    • oh okay : ( me nda my girlfriend have a long distance relationship and we both tought we could be together if we win, but its okay, thank you for helping

  2. Viviana La Monaca

    Hey! I’ve just now submitted my entry, but I’m not sure it was successfully uploaded due to some problems with the website. Is there a way I could check?
    By the way, amazing and talented musicians all over the LiS fandom, best of luck to everyone!

  3. Hello I have a question, if I have written a original song inspired in Life Is Strange, Can I present It in to the first stage of the contest or should I reserve it for the second stage?

    • First stage is covers only. But as for the original song, it must be brand new and recorded in the 2 weeks allowed. This is to make sure everyone is under the same creative pressure.

  4. I submitted my entry for the contest and saw some of the other videos in the playlist. Incredible talent out there, love this projects! Good luck to everyone! 😀

  5. Hi there! I submitted an entry for this contest, but since the page was crashing all the time I’m not sure if it was successful. Should it appear somewhere?

  6. Hi ! I’m the winner of the 12/02 prize (the punk doe shirt) and I wanted to thank you guys very much, but also ask when it’s going to be sent ? (I live in France)

  7. ”The Photography must be Christmas themed but does not have to be Life is Strange related since photography itself is a reference to Life is Strange.”

    Does it really? I mean it’s not really snowing here… Only fogs and stuff. Is that allowed?

  8. I kept accidentally forgetting to add parts of my address in so I “entered” multiple times correcting the entry, I hope this is okay!

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