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We are delighted to announce the Winners of the Alt Character Fan Art Contest.

You didn’t make it easy for us! After receiving 82 amazing entries we knocked it down to a shortlist of 30 but choosing from that Shortlists was still tough. However, someone had to win… or actually 3 people did.

They are:

CHILLA, with their stunning piece, ‘Maxine the Time Warrior’ who wins the full Life Is Strange Insert Coin Clothing Bundle in Large.

MOEKACCINO with their ‘Professor Price’, who wins the Small Blackwell Bigfoots Hoodie.

MAIJIN HUNTER with their piece ‘Samurai Chloe’, who wins the Medium Blackwell Bigfoots Hoodie.

Here they are in all their glory:

WINNER (Life Is Strange Full Insert Coin Clothing Bundle): 'MAXINE THE TIME WARRIOR'

By Chilla

Time Warrior Max by chilla

WINNER (Small Blackwell Bigfoots Hoodie): 'Professor Price'

By Moekaccino

Professor Price by Moekaccino

WINNER (Medium Blackwell Bigfoots Hoodie): 'Samurai Chloe'

By Maijin Hunter

Samurai Chloe by MajinHunter

Congratulations to Chilla, Moekaccino and Maijin Hunter.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a piece to this contest. We’ve been amazed by the creativity involved and the quality of the art itself. You’ve all helped to show what a talented group of people the Life Is Strange Community truly is.

We will be choosing some ‘Honourable Mentions’ and posting them here soon. If you haven;t already, check out the video showcasing the 30 Shortlisted entries:

And now here are the Winners of the Prize Draw Contest for the Insert Coin Clothing T-shirts and Vests:

LISF Merch Prize Draw Winners

Winners will be contacted by email soon to confirm their delivery addresses.

PLEASE NOTE: Some items are on back order/in production so please allow around 4-5 weeks weeks for delivery.

Keep checking back to this page for more great Competitions soon. We aim to have one big one every month as well as some smaller ones throughout the year. Thanks again everyone!


Original Contest Details Follows:



We are excited to announce our latest Competition on Life Is Strange Fans: an Alt Character Fan Art Contest with great prizes up for grabs including all of the official Life Is Strange Clothing merch!


LIS Clothing Merch Banner


We’re looking for Fan Art that depicts a character from Life Is Strange in an alternate way. Please check the amazing promo art at the top by our Staff Artist and Mod Chloe Price AKA Mai, for some great examples. Altogether there we have ‘Punk Kate’, ‘Skater Max’,’Bookworm Chloe’, ‘Preppy Frank’ plus ‘Poodle Pompidou’, ‘Trendy Warren’, ‘Jock Nathan’ and ‘Cheerleader Victoria’.

We think you’ll agree that it’s an amazing piece and we hope it inspires you to come up with your own variations of our beloved Characters. Don’t forget to check out Mai’s DeviantArt for more of her fantastic work here.

We’d like to thank our Mod FireWalkWithMe for coming up with the great concept of an Alt Character Fan Art Contest. And thanks to Square Enix and the Community Manager Toby Palm for supporting us and helping to make this Contest possible.

Here’s a short framing story to set the scene of the Contest, thanks to our Staff Member, Blackwell Podcast’s Joey:

“How many times are you going to do this?” Max asked herself, wiping away the blood running out of her nose. “You can’t keep changing time!”. She had lost track of how many photos she had jumped through. She found herself counting on her fingers subconsciously. “One more time, and I know I can get it right… I have to!”

Max focused again, her vision blurring as she traversed space-time in an attempt to correct her best friend’s fate. Another small change here, and she was sure Chloe could be happy. She came to, again wiping a trickling of blood from her nose. As she gained her composure, she realized she was in Jefferson’s classroom again.

Glancing out the windows, she gasped as each pane revealed a different course for her Blackwell Academy cohorts. She ran to the nearest window, shocked. “Wait…” Max paused, double taking to remove doubt of what she was seeing, “Does Kate have a… NOSE-RING!?”

The main prizes for winning the Fan Art Contest will be the Blackwell Bigfoots Hoodies. In order to ensure artists submitting get the size they actually need there will be 3 Galleries to upload to, one for each size: Small, Medium and Large. You can only upload your art to one of them, but as well as making sure you get the correct size, it also means you could have a better chance of winning as you’ll be competing in smaller groups.

There will however, also be an ultimate prize of the Life Is Strange Guys Bundle or Life Is Strange Girls Bundle depending on the winner’s gender/choice. The ultimate winner of the contest will be one of the 3 winners in each of the size categories. So the ultimate winner gets the whole Bundle, the runners up get the Hoodie.

There are a few rules for entering this Contest so please take note before submitting your art:

  • The Fan Art must be 2D, and created using either traditional drawing/painting methods or digital painting. No 3D renders are eligible for this contest.
  • The Fan Art should depict only 1 character. This will make it easier to judge winners as we will only be comparing single characters.
  • The Fan Art must depict an alternate version of an existing character from Life Is Strange. No original character creations will be accepted.
  • No crossovers with other franchises are allowed, including those published by Square Enix (for example, ‘Chloe as Lara Croft’). The characters should be generalised variations such as ‘Punk Kate’ or ‘Sci-fi Villain Jefferson’. To give another example, ‘Steampunk Nathan’ is acceptable, but ‘Nathan as Booker DeWitt’ with all his accessories, etc. is not.
  • You can only submit to 1 of the size categories. This also means you cannot submit 3 different Fan Art pieces to each of the size categories.
  • You must submit your Fan Art before the closing date: Friday 27th May
  • You can enter both the Fan Art Contest and the Prize Draw Contest if you wish but the same person can’t win both.

So what are you waiting for? Is your art ready? Choose you Hoodie Size now to jump to the Gallery Upload page and submit your entry!



Don’t worry, you can still win the other official clothing including the t-shirts by entering a prize draw. We have at least 1 of each to give away. Here’s the full list:

  • x1 Small Hawt Dawg Man T-shirt
  • x2 Medium Hawt Dawg Man T-shirt
  • x1 Large Hawt Dawg Man T-shirt
  • z1 XL Hawt Dawg Man T-shirt
  • x1 Small Misfit Skull Girl’s Vest
  • x1 Medium Misfit Skull Girl’s Vest
  • x1 Large Misfit Skull Girl’s Vest
  • x1 XL Misfit Skull Girl’s Vest
  • x1 Small Misfit Skull Male T-shirt
  • x1 Medium Misfit Skull Male T-shirt
  • x1 Large Misfit Skull Male T-shirt
  • x1 XL Misfit Skull Male T-shirt
  • x1 Small Jane Doe T-shirt
  • x1 Medium Jane Doe t-shirt
  • x1 Large Jane Doe T-shirt
  • x1 XL Jane Doe T-shirt 

Just use any of the social media buttons below to Like or Share the Competitions page and the Contest Entry Form will unlock. All we need is your Name or Username, your Email Address and for you to tell us which item of clothing you would like to win.


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