Fan Fiction Prequel Comic Contest - WINNER

Fan Fiction Prequel Comic Winner Poster

We are pleased to announced that the WINNER of the Fan Fiction Prequel Comic Contest is…

User Default, with their unsettling Mark Jefferson prequel Life is Strange: Resonance. Congratulations Default!

Default‘s story takes us back to Mark’s past in both the far-past and nearer-past, cross-cutting between the two timeframes to create an interesting contrast. Minimal dialogue and symbolic imagery combine in a story that will make readers feel for the troubled photography teacher, haunted by his father’s overbearing shadow.
Here are a few comments on the winning story from some of judges of the Contest:

“A brilliant story… unsettling. Peers into the mindset not only of Mark Jefferson but also what could have possibly started him down the path he ended up taking” – RowanRed, Co-creator of the ‘What If?’ comic

“As dark and creepy as Jefferson himself…” – Mai Queti, Staff Artist

“Wonderfully written. A challenging and moving snapshot into the past that will make you feel something for someone you loved to hate” – Chris Anderson, Site Admin

Read the winning story in full here:

Default has won the chance to have their story adapted into a 14-page comic that will be physically printed, and include art by our Staff Artist, Mai. The story will also be adapted into a motion-comic with some animated elements  and accompanying music and sounds that will be released for the whole community to enjoy.


Thank you to all the judges, including Staff Members, but also a very special thanks to our Guest Judge, RowanRed, Co=creator of the What If? comic. If you haven’t checked out the What If? comic yet, please check it out here:

Thanks to everyone who submitted stories in the Contest, and congratulations to all 6 writers whose entries made it onto the Shortlist:

Fan Fiction Prequel Comic Shortlist Promo



We are delighted to announce the next Contest hosted by Life Is Strange Fans: the ‘Fan Fiction Prequel Comic’ Contest!


Thank you to all who entered.

The Winner will be announced on Friday 29th July.

[vc_masonry_grid post_type=”post” max_items=”-1″ grid_id=”vc_gid:1470076106322-c2c7401c-daca-6″ taxonomies=”5143″]

The story has to be a maximum of 2500 words and it has to be a prequel story.

Want to chronicle the fun times Max and Chloe used to have in their ‘Pirate Adventures?’ Perhaps you want to tell the story of Rachel’s disappearance? What about Max’s very first day at Blackwell Academy? Or her time in Seattle? Maybe you’re more interested in telling the backstory of one of the lesser know characters, such as Luke Parker? The choice is yours and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

The Winner’s story will be adapted into a custom-printed Comic to keep for themselves with brand new art by our Staff Artist, Mai. It will also be adapted into a Motion Comic version, with some animated elements , as well as animated lighting and particle effects where relevant. There will even be some accompanying Music, produced by a Member of the Life Is Strange Community.

You will be able to consult with the Artist, Mai and the Producer of the Motion Comic, Chris in how your work is adapted.

Here’s the full breakdown, including Rules and Guidelines:


Friday 24th June – Friday 15th July


Submit a Life is Strange prequel short story with a maximum word length of 2500 Words. The Winner will get their story adapted into a physical custom-printed comic with art by Staff Artist Mai. The Prequel Comic will also be released online in a motion comic version for everyone else.


  • Max Word Length: 2500 Words.
  • Max Number of Entries: Only 1 contest entry is allowed per User.
  • Characters: Can feature any mainline Characters from Life Is Strange.
  • Timeframe: Must take place within Max’s lifetime, but does not necessarily have to feature Max herself. Your story can take place at any time from the moment of the birth of Max Caulfield up until just before the beginning of Episode 1: Chrysalis.
  • Exclusivity: You short story must be written exclusively for this Contest and it must remain exclusively on this site for the duration of the Contest. Once the Contest is over, whether you win or not, you are free to share it anywhere else.


  • Your story must be canonical within the official known universe of Life Is Strange. No alternate universe stories will be eligible for submission, nor those that directly contradict events either within the 5 Episodes of Life Is Strange, or events referenced in them. For example, no stories where Max hangs out with Rachel since she never got to meet her, and no stories in which William Price is still alive while Chloe is beyond 14 years of age since the canon suggests that he died while she was 14.
  • No explicit sex scenes and minimal bad language only.
  • Your story must include some dialogue. However, don’t go overboard. A huge monologue from one character isn’t going to look very good in a comic panel. Keep the sentences short but interesting.


  • Try to keep in mind when writing your short story that it is going to be adapted into a comic book format. As such, think about the story’s content and location. A story set in a single room with 2 people may not necessarily make for an exciting comic. Even if the dialogue is riveting, think about ways in which your story can stand out when given unique visual flourishes.
  • Our Staff Artist Mai Is very talented but every artist has their strengths and limitations. Try not to go overboard to a point that scenes would be too complex to complete, such as a scene with hundreds of characters in one place or too many really elaborate environments.

The Contest closes on Friday 15th July. The Winner will be announced 2 weeks later on Friday 29th July. This is to allow us time to not only read all the entries and pick a Winner, but to prepare a Motion Comic Teaser of the winning entry. The Teaser will be around 2-3 Pages, but the full Comic is estimated to be around 14 Pages including a front cover.


REMEMBER: It was must be a prequel story set at some point between the birth of Max Caulfield and moments before the beginning of Episode 1: Chrysalis, but it does not have to feature Max herself. It must be canon, it must contain some dialogue and it cannot be explicit.

If you have an idea for a short story that fits the above requirements and would love to see it adapted into a physical Comic and Motion Comic, get writing and Submit now!

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