Life Is Strange - Koethe Music Contest WINNER!

The WINNER of the Life Is Strange Koethe Music Contest is… Dakota Crespo AKA koter0!


To listen to her song ‘Be Still’ check it out here:

Thank you to the other Finalists: Cristina Birkel, Matthias Fath, Kevin Thoma and Alessandra Arno! You were all amazing and we were proud to host your work for this Contest and have you appear on the Blackwell Podcast.

Thank you also to the 63 other entrants who submitted songs to this Contest. It was a much bigger turn-out than we expected.

And finally, thank to you Koethe himself for agreeing to the Contest, providing artwork, appearing on the Blackwell Podcast and for the collaboration yet to come with Dakota.

Look out for their song later in the year!



Life Is Strange - Koethe Music Contest Shortlist

We’re proud to announce the 5 Artists that have been shortlisted for the Life is Strange Music Contest in association with Koethe!

© Original Art by Koethe

© Original Art by Koethe

The Shortlisted Artists are:

  • Alessandra Arno
  • Campusanis
  • Cristina Birkel
  • koter0
  • LamaMakesMusic

Here are their songs:

Congratulations to those shortlisted. We had 68 entries and it was a challenge to get them down to just 5. Well done everyone!

The Winner will be announced on Friday 30th September.

Original Contest Post follows


Life Is Strange - Music Contest In Association With Koethe

Koethe Promo Poster On Site

© Original Art by Koethe

We are excited to announce our next Contest: The Life Is Strange Music Contest and this time we have a truly unique prize: the chance to collaborate with popular music artist Koethe on a brand new original Life Is Strange-inspired song.

Not only that but the Winner’s song will be released on all relevant platforms including iTunes, Spotify and more.

But there’s more. The Winner will also receive a copy of the song on CD, in a CD Gift Set with beautiful custom artwork.

5 Artists will be Shortlisted from the entries, judged by LISF Staff and Koethe himself. These 5 Shortlisted Artists will get to appear as Guests along with Koethe on a special edition of the Blackwell Podcast. You may be asked to play a small sample of the work-in-progress of your original song.

Have you seen the Announcement Trailer yet? Check it out below:

Here’s the full rundown of the Contest:


STAGE 1: Submit a cover of a Life Is Strange song by providing a link to your cover on Youtube using the Submission Form. Your YouTube video does not have to have visuals but it is recommended as it will help your entry stand out.

STAGE 2: If you make the Shortlist, you then have 2 weeks to write and record an original song inspired by Life Is Strange and submit it before the closing date.



  • The opportunity to collaborate on a brand new Life Is Strange-inspired song with Koethe.
  • Your song released on iTunes, Spotify and more.
  • A Physical CD Gift Set with beautiful custom cover art.


  • If you make the Shortlist, then you will get a chance to be a Guest on on special edition of the Blackwell Podcast (Date TBD) along with Koethe himself. This will allow you to get some exposure even if you don’t win.


Friday 12 August – Friday 2nd September: Open Call for Cover Song Submissions

Friday 2nd September – Thursday 8th September: Shortlist Decided among Staff & Koethe

Friday 9th September: 5-Artist Shortlist Announced

Friday 16th September*: Blackwell Podcast Appearance of Koethe with the 5 Shortlisted Artists (*Subject to Change)

Friday 9th September – Friday 23rd September: Shortlisted Artists must work on their original Life Is Strange-inspired songs

Friday 30th September: Final Winner Announced


  • Songs Accepted for Cover Versions:

‘Santa Monica Dream’ – Angus & Julia Stone

‘Mt. Washington’ – Local Natives

‘Obstacles’  – Syd Matters

‘To All of You’ – Syd Matters

‘Something Good’ – Alt-J

‘Got Well Soon’  -Breton

‘Mountains’ – Message to Bears

‘Crosses’ – José González

‘In My Mind’ – Amanda Palmer

‘Lua’ – Bright Eyes

‘Piano Fire’ – Sparklehorse

‘The Sense of Me’ – Mud Flow

‘Spanish Sahara’ – Foals

‘Kids Will Be Skeletons’ – Mogwai

  • Vocals: Although we would encourage it, your entry does not have to include vocals. Instrumental work or experimental pieces will be accepted as long as they are recognisable as alternative versions of the original works.
  • Max Number of Entries: Only 1 contest entry is allowed per User and only 1 solo artist may enter. No group entries sorry.
  • Music Style: All! Be as creative as you like.
  • Production Limits: None. Your cover can be as stripped back or produced as you want it to be.
  • Equipment: Must be provided by yourself. You are expected to have your own instruments and recording equipment to take part in the contest or access to a music production facility.
  • Explicit Content: Minimal. Entries with excessive bad language or sexual references will not be considered.
  • Pre-recording Restrictions (Cover): None. If you have already recorded a cover of a song from Life Is Strange and it is available on YouTube you are allowed to submit it for consideration. There’s no guarantee any of the Staff or Koethe will have seen it before.
  • Pre-recording Restrictions (Shortlist Original Song): If you reach the Shortlist however, your original song MUST be written and recorded within the 2 weeks given. To avoid any cheating it is possible the Staff and Koethe will set a specific theme for the Shortlist Stage song.
  • All entrants must AGREE to the Terms outlined on the Submission Form.

Here is a Playlist of all the eligible songs from the Soundtrack that you can cover:

[youmax id=”22597″ name=”Music Contest Playlist”]


The contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered.The Shortlist will announced on Friday 9th September

And here’s all the Entries in a Playlist! (click the + button to load more)

[youmax id=”22713″ name=”Koethe Music Contest Entries”]

The Cover Submissions Stage closes on Friday 2nd September.

If you think you have the talent and confidence to collaborate with Koethe on a new Life Is Strange inspired song for the Community, then submit your cover now!

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For the Halloween theme, can the characters be dressed up as characters from other franchises? For example not as a generic witch but a Harry Potter one and so on?

Life Is Strange Fans
Life Is Strange Fans

Yes, since many people do dress up as non-horror franchise characters for Halloween, we will allow this in the Fan Art and Cosplay too. Just as we have Warren dressed as Marty McFly from ‘Back to the Future’ in our promo art.


For the Halloween contest-
Are we allowed to make halloween themed renders, for the fanart category? I’d love to make some fun lis halloween party themed stuff using the characters, and custom models for props and stuff, just wondering if renders are allowed 🙂

Life Is Strange Fans
Life Is Strange Fans

Hi Ben. Unfortunately we’re only accepting 2D traditional or digital art for this particular contest. However, I can reveal that while it’s only one part of it, the next contest WILL allow 3D render entries. Sorry you’ve had to wait so long for the opportunity but I promise it will be here soon.


Could you please tell me whether people from other regions (apart from NA and UK) can participate in this contest?

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