Everyday Hero Pt.1


I’m back… I’m back in the bathroom where this crazy week started. I take a deep breath and wait for Nathan and Chloe to come in. I can’t believe I’m doing this…. after everything, everything I did to keep Chloe alive… it feels like it was all for nothing. ‘No.. it wasn’t for nothing‘ I tell myself. ‘I still might be able to do something to fix this, something that will clarify both our timelines‘. I can still feel her lips on mine…that kiss… it was real… it was so real. I loved Chloe more that anything I’ve loved before. I still love her… I am in love with her, I always will be. This week, I gave her a reason to live, to love, to laugh and to smile. Finally, Nathan enters and starts mumbling to himself like a maniac. Part of me feels bad for him, he really didn’t mean to hurt anyone. I don’t believe that he killed Rachael Amber either….. Jefferson did and somehow manipulated him into thinking it was his doing. A few moments later, Chloe comes in and starts harassing him. “I know you’ve been pumping drugs ‘n shit to kids around school,” she says. ‘Okay, Max… you seriously need to consider your options here. There are only so many ways to fix this and they all end in someone getting hurt‘. “You don’t know who the fuck I am or who you’re messing around with!” Nathan yells as he pulls out his gun and pins Chloe against the wall. She begins to struggle, “Where did you get that… w-what are you doing? Come on, put that thing down!”. ‘Come on, think of something! I only have a few more seconds!‘ I think to myself, suddenly starting to panic. “Nobody would even miss your punk-ass would they?!”. Without thinking, I jump out from behind the stalls, yelling “No!” like I’ve done before… but the shot still goes off, and yet… Chloe is still standing, staring at me in disbelief. Nathan too…is facing me, his gun smoking. I’m suddenly aware of a searing pain in my abdomen, I look down. A large crimson stain begins to grow. I-I… I got shot… I actually got shot. This wasn’t supposed to happen….. was it?. “Max!?” Chloe screams as I fall to the ground. Nathan just stands there, dumbfounded that I’m the one the shot. “Oh god…oh god… Max” She says kneeling beside me. My breathing is labored, My heart pounding in my chest. I-I didn’t think this was going to happen but… I’m ok with it. As long as Chloe is ok, I’m happy. “W-what did you do… why did you do this… Max…y-you.. y-you saved my life”. I nod, unable to say anything. I keep panting. Chloe then turns to Nathan, “Don’t just stand there, get help!”. He blinks a few times before letting the gun clatter to the ground as he flees the small room. We both know he’s not coming back. Her attention then turns to my wound, “You haven’t seen me in 5 years and you take a fucking bullet for me… damn Caulfield, you sure know how to make an entrance” she says, pressing her hands down on my stomach, stopping the seemingly endless flow of blood. I cringe in pain, letting out a small cry. I can feel her hands shaking. “Chloe…” I mutter softly, “I…I’m..”. “I know….. Now stop talking” she says. After a few moments, someone barges into the bathroom, it’s David. “David! Please… please, you gotta help her” Chloe cries as her step-father rushes up to us. He nods and radios for someone to call for a medic. He sits beside her as she reveals my wound, her hands are stained with my blood. “Is she going to be ok?”. David doesn’t reply, he just keeps staring at me blankly. “David!” Chloe snaps, bringing him back into reality. “Just hold on, kid” he mutters, placing Chloe’s hands back down on my stomach. “Just h-hold on”. I nod and look up at Chloe who gives me a very small smile, “You’re going to be ok… you’re going to be ok” she repeats, continuing to cry. I nod again, my breathing gets funny for a second as I slip my hand into hers. She squeezes it lightly. “I’ll miss you,” I whisper quietly. “Don’t… don’t say that, Max. You’re going to be ok, you have to be… you have to”. Things are starting to fade, a dark cloud begins to fog my vision. “Y-you’re the best thing to ever happen to me”. I can feel myself slowly slipping away from this reality. “Max… please. You can’t leave me. You can’t die… we still have to take over the world together”, Chloe cries even harder, “Please… please don’t go… don’t leave me”. ” You’re my hero, Chloe,” I mutter, “And I’ll always love you”. David starts yelling as we all hear the paramedics running down the hallways. “Max…..”. I gather up enough strength to hoist myself up towards Chloe’s face. Our lips briefly touch as I whisper, “Don’t forget about me”. I let out a little sigh and allow myself to fall to the ground once more. By sacrificing myself I will give Chloe the chance to live a good life… no tornado, no guns, no pain. “Max…. please don’t go..”. Eventually, she’ll find my journal and read about what really happened between us. Sure it’ll hurt… but, I know she’ll find someone and fall in love with them, get married, have kids and grow old. A tiny part of me regrets my decision, wishing that I would be the one Chloe would grow old with. I wonder what our lives would be like if I had chosen to save her and sacrifice the town instead..but it’s too late for that, it’s too late for anything now. I draw in one last breath, taking one last look at reality, one last look at Chloe. She has her head resting on my chest, gripping my blood stained shirt… she’s crying. Her head suddenly whips up as the door swings open and the paramedics rush in, but it’s too late. Everything is dark now, quiet and tranquil. I can no longer feel Chloe’s soft hand in mine, nor can I feel the bullet in my gut. This is how it all ends, my life has been so odd and just different than anything I could have imagined… but I guess that’s the thing about life, it’s weird, it’s so not fair…. Life is…Odd.

Read Pt. 2 at: httpss://www.wattpad.com/324121779-pricefield-one-shots-everyday-hero-pt-2

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