The truck roars down the road,
As my knuckles are white against the wheel.
My foot rams the pedal down against the floor.
Still not fast enough.

Fear threatens to overcome me.
Like a tidal wave crashing over a breakwater.
The pictures I saw, sear into my mind.
My angel, like some demented plaything of a madman’s fantasy.
It can’t be real…
Yet still I drive like the hounds of hell are nipping at my heels.

The junkyard, once our haven, sits open as the truck slides to a halt.
I’m running as fast as I can even as Max calls to me.
I know exactly where I’m going
I bolt past the corpses of cars long dead.
Please god, don’t let there be one more.

There, the place where she lay,
Like a puppet with cut strings.
I fall upon the ground and tear at it with my hands.
My fingers bleed but I don’t stop
I can’t.

Suddenly Max yells at me.
Under my hands, the top of a black bag.
I can’t breathe, I cannot move.
Max pulls the bag open.
The stench pervades my senses, and like a dam breaking the realization hits me.

Please god, no!
The pain cripples my stomach as I throw myself away.
It twists with the pain of a thousand knives as I retch.
My chest heaves and a fire burns my eyes.
My Angel lies there, fallen, broken, and alone.
I scream to the heavens, but nobody answers.

As I feel Max’s gentle hand upon my back,
My pain turns to a white hot rage,
As Nathans face swims in my mind like a phantom.
I am overcome with a pure, and absolute fury
I swear that I will have vengeance
No matter the cost.

Even if it kills me.

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Your kind of poems are so awesome, I seriously love them especially if they are a bit more ‘dramatic’. I hope you will continue your awesome work 🙂

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