It was hard to imagine that William was not there anymore. Max used to spend so much time playing around with Chloe and the sleep overs at her house that she considered Joyce and William were part of her own family, like another set of parents, but in the cool way. Now someone so close to her was gone. Just few hours ago they were making pancakes and he took the last picture. It didn’t make any sense. She was confused, sad and shocked. Max was with Chloe when the fatal accident happened, there were no words to describe the reaction of Chloe after the cruel news. First Chloe went on denial followed by rage and she just locked herself at her dorm, not responding to anyone, not even Max or Joyce.

Max’ parents picked her up and on the way back home Max remained silent. She spoke no words until they reached home and when she sat on her bed, then started to cry.

The next day, Max got to know that his father got a new job offer in Seattle and they had to move asap. They asked her to start packing as they would be leaving by the end of the week.

Max continued going to class during that week, but Chloe didn’t. The last time she saw her was at Williams funeral, but they didn’t talk.

After the classes they used to hang out at the lighthouse, or at their tree house. Max went there every evening, but she found herself alone.

Their last day in Arcadia Bay arrived, it was time to say good bye. She had the hope, Chloe would pass by before they left with the van. When all the boxes were fitted in the van, it was time to go. Max kept on looking at the back of the mirror losing her hope with every second.

How can the life change so drastically in only a week?

While Max was trying to start a new life in Seattle, she could not even get an idea about the hell Chloe was going through. After her father died and her best friend left, all of the sudden Chloe got lost, she didn’t find the point of living and she started to behave in a self-destructive way. She didn’t want to hear or get help from the people that were still around her and cared about her, like her mother. Due to all the rage inside, she started to hurt those people who were trying to help too, acting in a wild way, without considering her actions. She started to go out and stayed late, played with drugs, was getting drunk too often, her self-steam went down dramatically. With her radical attitude built of the frustration and the loss of her loved ones, Chloe just entered a spiral of pain and self-destruction. She thought that going out with the bad boys and getting wasted would help to cope with the pain inside, she just didn’t care anymore about herself, and all those parties could make the trick for a little bit, but then again the hole inside her was getting deeper. She also started to hurt herself, which was again another way of trying to forget about the internal pain for a little while. She was a total mess.

One day, she just could not take it anymore and went to one secret place at the junkyard to end it all. This was something she had in her mind for a while. Often Chloe would skip class and go to the hidden hut at the junkyard to get drunk. There was a paper written on one moment of desperation with 4 words in blue “I WANT TO DIE”. She cut her wrist and just waited for the red liquid to start coming out, like she had done before, but this time the cut was deeper. She pressed the sharp edge of the knife against her right wrist and the blood came out quick. Chloe started to feel weak, this would not last too long and when she was about to pass out someone entered the hidden hut. Chloe barely could keep her eyes open, but she could distinguish a shadow approaching her. Then sounds of an ambulance and hospital lights. She was too tired to keep the eyes open and she fell asleep. When Chloe woke up, there was someone in the room with her that she didn’t recognize at first, then she realized it was Rachel Amber. Chloe was missing class quite often lately, but she knew Rachel, everyone in Blackwell Academy knew her. They didn’t have the chance to talk, as Joyce was also in the room, the doctors called her while she was working at the Two Whales, and she run to the hospital.

After this incident, Chloe got a medication and started therapy sessions. She also started to hang out with Rachel. Therapy and the drugs the doctors gave her didn’t help as much as Rachel to recover the hope of life. Finally, Chloe started to feel there was someone special who cared about her, someone she could trust, she was feeling loved and in love. But Chloe kept on misbehaving, she enjoyed the rebel attitude and now she had a mate to play together.

When things started to feel better for Chloe, destiny punched her on the face once again. All of a sudden Rachel was gone, without a note, without a word, without her…

This pushed Chloe down, but she kept the strength to fight and search for Rachel, as she could not accept she was gone like that. This time the despair didn’t take over, she would eventually drink and specially smoke pot, but she was not cutting herself anymore, after the incident that almost killed her, she could not afford to do such a stupid thing and kill herself, she had to find Rachel and bring her back, then they could start a new life.

Chloe had a plan in her mind, and the first thing was to get money to start the new life with Rachel, money that she didn’t have, but she knew how to get it, or at least she thought she was smart enough to get some easy money from Nathan, the rich kid. That didn’t work well, and just added another trauma on herself. Again, she had no time for self-pity, she had to find other means to get the money, and her plan B had a name, Frank. Chloe borrowed 3 thousand from Frank, which based on her plans should be good enough for her and Rachel to start a new life outside Arcadia Bay. Her mother will be fine with David, so that was not something to worry about, but finding Rachel was the main priority now. Fixing papers with Rachel’s picture and her description was Chloe’s idea on finding her, along with her talks with people in Arcadia Bay that knew Rachel and could have some information, this was mostly everyone around, as Rachel was too popular and well known. Nothing seemed to work, this was very frustrating, however she could not give up, she had to keep on trying.

5 years after Chloe´s dad had the fatal accident and her best friend had left Arcadia Bay, and 5 months after Rachel had disappeared, Max was returning to Arcadia Bay. She was taking this decision mainly because of her interest in Mark Jefferson, the famous photographer and teacher at Blackwell Academy, but also that was her chance to get in touch again with Chloe after all this time. Max never forgot about her, but she didn’t know how to approach this situation, after all that time without saying a word or even sending a message. She thought many times about calling, or maybe writing an email, but she didn’t know how to get it started, she had screwed it up and didn’t know how to get it fixed, on top of that Chloe also was not trying to get in touch with her so probably she just moved on and got new friends after she left.

Anyway Max was excited to be back in Arcadia Bay after all this time. There was something she was missing and she could not get in Seattle. Yes, she made new friends, the city itself was cool and she had some fun, but it was different. Maybe it was just how growing up looks like, she could not be playing around like pirates as she used to when she was a kid with Chloe. Those were her happiest memories and yeah she could still have fun and enjoy, but comparing with the old days, it was for sure not the same.

Coming back to her fear to face Chloe, Max thought the best will be to settle down first, start going to class, she could meet new people and make some friends and once her confidence was higher, get the strength to contact her old friend. She really wanted to know about her, and see if maybe they could be friends again, but she was way too scared of making this first step, knowing Chloe and the whole situation it would be normal that she would be really mad at her and she had a valid point there.

One month had past, Max met knew people studying also at Blackwell Academy, some of them cool, others nasty. She still didn’t feel ready to get in touch with Chloe, but she was making new friends, Kate and Warren were the ones she liked to hang out more often, there were others, but she used to feel more comfortable getting closer to few people than going out with too many, and that was good enough for her, having 2 new friends in just 1 month was pretty cool. When she was a kid she used to hang out only with Chloe, she didn’t need anybody else around to have fun, to feel complete. Yes, the thought about getting in touch with Chloe kept on coming to her mind, especially when she was looking at the picture they took dressed up as pirates when they were kids, that was a cute one. Still, she didn’t feel strong enough to face that conversation.

But often things happen without you making plans, and that day when her life got changed, with the “dream” of the storm, the shot at the bathroom and her discovery of the rewind powers, there was one more thing to make this hell of a day complete, to make it hella crazy.

Max just realized who was the blue hair girl after Chloe said her name with surprise “Max?!”. Then all the fears, all the craziness from the day, the anger and panic while Nathan was getting mad at her, all went away, and it was just Max and her best friend again, at least for that 1 second that she realized, then the panic came back and the guilt with the announced talk to blame her attitude.

Max could not explain herself, she just apologized. But even with the given situation, with the tension of the moment, it was just great to be again with Chloe, to be back in action. While Chloe was driving, Max realized that was what she was missing during the 5 years she stayed away. It didn’t matter if Chloe was mad at her, if she would not forgive her, Max was happy she finally got to see and talk with her best friend again, because in her heart Chloe always was the one and only, no matter what, she would always be. Forever.

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