Free verse writing episode two :)

Mistreated, weighted down by pain and anguish,

Not as loved as I should have been,

I am the other person in you,

The one whose always in the shadows,

Just like the person in front of me, I am imperfect,

But I am underestimated by you,

You think no one will love me the way I am,

If you would just turn around and face me for long enough,

You would see I have good in me to change the world,

And make everyone around us smile,

I promise you, there is not a single part of you that is unworthy of love,

So take me into your arms, come as you are, take me as I am,

Even if it hurts and it’s scary, your brave enough to do it,

I believe in you, please believe in me,

Because you are me and I am you.


I can’t help but still adore you, I’m not sure why…

I guess the good in you mesmerises me,

I choke with pride when I see you succeed,

And when I know you’re hurting, all I want to do is hold you,

I’ve never been the persuasive type,

But it would mean the world to me if you gave yourself a chance,

Then I would feel like the universe just got a little more hope,

You’re amazing and you just don’t see it,

You are better than this, better than I’ve seen,

You will never hurt me enough to shake my faith in you,

I miss you, I’ll miss you.

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