Bubbles pop, not literally, it was just the sound of Courtney’s notification tone going off. Not one to waste time, she was quick to check her phone. A sudden smile appeared, it was Taylor, it was nice to be texted first for once. Besides the times when things are requested, or demanded. Anyway, she read the text: [Hey Court Court, you okay? I know Victoria can be a little harsh sometimes but I won’t that slide with you.] There she goes, the old Taylor, putting Courtney before others. She wouldn’t waste time to reply, even if it wasn’t pleasant. [I don’t know, but I appreciate you checking up on me.]

But Taylor knew she wasn’t alright, because she wasn’t sure, and more obviously: she was texting in lower case letters. So Taylor sent yet another text: [You know what, come over to my place. I’ll treat you to something.] Taylor wasn’t exactly sure what to do yet, it’s been some time since they’ve been personal like this. The vortex life isn’t an easy life, representation was so superficial.

[Be right there.]

Finally, a knock was heard upon Taylor’s door; Courtney watched the door open itself as it wasn’t actually closed. “Oh,” she made her way in, closing the door after she entered. “Hey Taylor.” Even though Taylor suspected Courtney to be sad, the girl sounded genuinely content as they made their way to seat themselves.

Taylor was lying on her bed, on her phone-likely with Victoria-before she put it away. Now she lets her legs fall to the side of the bed as she sat up. Whew, that was quick. “Courtney, it took you longer than usual to get here. Hi. Are you okay?”
Courtney glanced aside for a second, “Uhm, yeah! I was just stopping by the girl’s room.” She paused for a moment, “To wash my face. That’s all” It’s not like she had strained eyes for nothing. But that’s not Courtney to get messy like that, besides she uses actual make up remover to avoid rubbing her face to death. This girl nearly cried today…

Taylor hopped off the bed and sat on the couch, next to Courtney. “Look, Courtney, you don’t have to hide your feelings from me. I know what that can be like, it isn’t healthy.” And she did know the side effects, anxiety; Taylor shivered at the fact she was being so up front with Courtney, but she had to be. They’re are friends after all. “We’re friends right? Let me be one for once.”

For once? Maybe Taylor doesn’t believe she’s living up to the expectations of being one… And before Courtney could even respond, she twiddled her thumbs, looking down; it was hard for herself to be like this. To talk about these things, I mean yeah the Vortex peeps always brag about themselves, but not this side of themselves; their real selves. “Of course…” Courtney finally gazed over to Taylor. “We /are/ friends. No doubt about that. And I’m sorry to not be so open with you, I was just trying to be like you and Victoria, strong.” Or at least that’s what it looked like to Courtney.

Taylor grabbed Courtney’s shoulder for a moment, it made Taylor smile once she processed Courtney’s small talk about their friendship. But it’d quickly fade once she used ‘strong’ to define the two. “Strong?” She shook her head. “Courtney no one is absolutely strong. We all have our problems. Some are big, some are small; such as my mom, and Victoria’s facade.” Taylor said that so casually it caused Courtney to arch a brow.

“I guess you’re right…” She wouldn’t comment on Taylor’s statement of Victoria; things like that slipped through her mouth too. She exhaled for a lengthy amount of time, “Okay, so since you’ve brought up Victoria. I’m like this because of her, Taylor. She like, insulted me. Which is totally unfair, all because I was checking up on her.” Her knees leaned against each other, that really hit her self esteem.

“Check up on her how?” Taylor could already predict why, sometimes, just sometimes Victoria would ask for emotional support from her. Perhaps Courtney just walked in on one of those days, and made Victoria super uncomfortable with herself. Especially when Courtney held such a high image for her.

“I don’t know, I was just making sure she was okay. Her texts seemed off, and she was in most of the day. It was just strange. So when I tried confronting her, she told me off like I was one of those… losers.” Courtney dragged a finger across her own cheek, trying not to rub her eyes… it was kind of a habit for today.

“I figured.” Taylor bluntly stated, followed by a sigh. “I wouldn’t get too worked up, Courtney. Victoria has those days you know? It isn’t easy being Queen.” even though Taylor blew that off earlier, she reinforced it just now, to make it clear to Courtney on Victoria’s point of view. “But that doesn’t make your feelings any less valid. Want to confront her about sometime?”

Courtney nodded, nearly smiling. Taylor was sweet when she actually expressed that caring side of hers. “We can do it tomorrow. You’re probably right. Let’s give her some time.” The two gave each other a tender hug for reassurance.

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