Fun Times Ahead (Competition entry)

Max adjusted the eye patch on her face as she tried to get used to the fact she could only see out of one eye
for the next few hours,It was her best friend Chloe’s idea to dress as pirates for the day and of course Max
being Max she couldn’t bring herself to say no.”Chloe….Do I look okay….?” Max asked feeling slightly silly,
”Of course you do! You’re the best pirate in town,Well…. apart from me! I’m the best!” Chloe giggled as,she smiled
at her best friend,She then took a clip and tied back a small piece of Max’s hair ”There! Perfect!” she smiled
as she gave her friend a hug,Max couldn’t help but smile too,Chloe was one of those people that no-one could hate,
always smiling or laughing,Max then looked outside at the gorgeous day then back towards Chloe ”Let’s commemorate this moment!
Let’s take the perfect photo outside!”,She quickly grabbed the Polaroid camera off the table,grabbed Chloe’s hand and
ran outside with her,”Hmm let me see….”She looked around for a few moments ”Aha the perfect place!” She ran
both of them towards a nice,grassy area ”Get ready to smile!”,Chloe stood closely beside her best friend and smiled
as big a smile as she could,They waited a few moments before looking at the photo,Both giggled at the same time ”We both
look so cute!” Chloe said.

Max looked at Chloe and let out a happy sigh,She was glad to see her friend finally smile again,It hadn’t been so long ago
that Chloe’s father had died,Max hated to see her friend in a bad state so she always tried her best to cheer her up,She
then pushed her friend over slightly and ran away while laughing, ”Hey cheeky get back here!” Chloe shouted as she laughed
and began to chase her friend,Max hoped that this day would never end,It felt like the most perfect day of her life.Around
4 hours had passed when they heard a shout from the kitchen ”Girls! Come on in! Your supper is ready!”,They both ran inside
and saw some cheese pizza,french fries and some ham sandwiches cut out in the shape of skulls on the table,”Wow! Joyce this looks
amazing,Thank you so much!” Max said politely while looking at Chloe’s mum, ”Oh sweetie,Thank you,You’re a little sweetheart”
Joyce replied while sitting down to read a magazine,”You two sweeties enjoy”,Max and Chloe smiled and began to grab at the food,
They were finished rather quickly and they cleaned up for Joyce.

Soon after they had finished cleaning up the two girls ran upstairs to Chloe’s room,sat on her bed and began to talk about the future,
”Hey Max…. what do you hope to do in the future?” She looked at her questionably, ”Hmm…. I’m not quite sure…
I think maybe something to do with photography…I like to capture something beautiful in time” She replied to her friend with
a smile ”What about you?”,Chloe stayed quiet for a few moments thinking to herself ”I have no idea…. but I know I want
to stand out and be as amazing as I am now!” She giggled as she flopped back down onto her bed and looking up at the ceiling,”We both
know that you will always be amazing!” Max giggled also and flopped down beside her,The girls decided to be quiet for a while,just
laying still and staring up at the ceiling,It was so peaceful that they had felt like time had stopped and this moment
was actually going to be last forever.

Max then sat up again after a few moments and let out a big stretch,She really hoped that her and Chloe would be best friends forever,
Chloe wouldn’t admit it quite as easily as Max but she felt the same.That night they were having a sleepover in Chloe’s house and the girls
had quite a few plans,They would come up with superhero names for themselves,draw on fake tattoos,watch some movies and talk about the future,
Thankfully Joyce was rather laid back and would let them stay up as late as they would want to,At around midnight they decided to
go downstairs to the living room and watch a horror movie, ”Chloe… will you protect me from scary monsters?” Max asked nervously
as Chloe was fast forwarding through all of the DVD adverts ”Of course I will!” she answered as she pulled Max towards her and into
a small cuddle,She knew Max wasn’t a huge fan of horror movies but she’d still watch them to show Chloe that she cared about what Chloe loved.

Chloe had to hold in a few small giggles as Max jumped at most of the jump scares still though she wouldn’t give up and she watched
the movie until it was completely over,Chloe turned off the movie once it was over and looked back towards Max ”Think you will
be alright sleeping tonight?” She asked her slightly worried, ”Yeah I’ll be…. fine… I think..”she laughed nervously,
This was one of the scarier movies that Chloe had decided to pick out.It was now 2am and both of the girls were
rather exhausted so they ran upstairs and both passed out on Chloe’s bed,Thankfully that night Max didn’t end up having nightmares
and Chloe ended up having no dreams at all.

Max woke up,let out a big stretch then poked Chloe gently in the side to wake her up,Chloe woke up and looked at her with a look
of sleep still in her eyes ”Good morning” she smiled and she let out a small yawn afterwards,Max smiled and nodded to her best friend,
She then looked at the time on her watch,It was currently 11am and she felt nice and refreshed,The girls stayed in bed
for about another hour before they both got up and got ready for the day,Max was in her dark blue sweater with the words ”Peace” in white on it,
her black jeans and her pink sneakers,She didn’t care much for fashion so something simple usually did the job for her,Whereas Chloe was in
a black t-shirt with violet skulls all over it,blue jeans with some tears and boots that reached up to her knees,She seemed to be changing her fashion,
Max loved it though,She liked that her friend’s outfit wasn’t the same as more teenagers in the area.
They decided to that today would be a good day to go for a walk along the beach that was rather near Chloe’s house,They both loved Arcadia Bay it was beautiful in both of their minds,Joyce had
already gone to work but she had left them a feast of chocolate chip pancakes,Both girls gobbled them up rather quickly,They soon walked
towards the beach and once they arrived it looked as beautiful as ever.

”Let’s go collect some shells!” Max shouted to Chloe as she ran along the sand,She looked for various shells of different
colours,shapes and sizes, ”Hey wait for me!” Chloe shouted back to her as she ran after her,The two had forgot to bring a bucket with them
but their pockets in their jeans were a pretty good size,Soon their pockets were overflowing with shells and they were very happy
with their new collection,They sat on some sand on a small hill and looked out towards the ocean,There was no-one else on the beach
and this made things feel even more amazing for them,They loved moments where it was just those two,Sometimes they liked
to pretend that no-one else but them had existed in the world,”Max…. please don’t ever leave me” Chloe looked at Max
before looking back towards the ocean ”I won’t…. I promised” Max replied while taking Chloe’s hand in hers and giving it a small squeeze.
Time had gone by so quickly and it was dark before they knew it.”I better go home,I’ll see you soon!” Max said to Chloe while giving her a
tight hug,”Yeah! See you soon!” Chloe smiled as she hugged back and then waved goodbye to Max as she walked out of view.

Max jumped up all of a sudden out of her bed,She had just had a terrible nightmare that had woken her up fully,She took a few
deep breaths and let out a sigh,She then looked over towards the photo on her bedside table and let out another sigh,She had moved
away from Arcadia Bay a few years already and she hadn’t seen or spoken to Chloe since she had left,She knew Chloe was mad at her,
She had to leave all of a sudden but she couldn’t help it,Her parents had ended up making her move. ”Chloe… I miss you so much…”
she whispered to herself as she took the photo into her hands,holding it close to her chest,A few tears end up falling onto the photo
and Max was rather surprised she wasn’t the type to cry,She put the photo back onto the bedside table,wiped away the tears and
let out a big stretch,She looked around her room and she had noticed that Chloe had influenced some of the things in it,
She had some skull posters up,a black hoodie draped over her chair and a pair of black boots with a very small heel on them,
She smiled to herself and sighed yet again ”You might not be physically here with me but you’re still here emotionally”

She soon grabbed her suitcase off the the top of her wardrobe,Tomorrow would be her first ever day at Blackwell Academy,She had
got into a photography course and she was very happy with herself,She packed away a few clothes,her guitar,some posters,some various CDS,her teddy bear,
some family photos and of course her vintage,Polaroid camera,She was rather nervous about starting at Blackwell Academy,She wasn’t exactly
the social type and Chloe had always been the type to help her out in social situations,So what would she ended up doing now
without her best friend at her side.As she was packing,she saw the small box underneath her bed and on it was written the words
”Chloe and Max,Best friends forever”.She opened the lid off and inside was some of the shells they had collected years ago,some
pens that smelled of fruit flavors,a mixed tape of all of their favourite songs,some fake stick on tattoos and the photo
of Max and Chloe as pirates from years ago,, ”I remember all of this! Especially the pirate day! That was amazing!”
She said to herself and she looked at the things closer in her hand,She hoped Chloe still had her own little box
of best friend things too.

Max decided after she had some breakfast that she would go out in nature and take some photographs,She wanted some more
for her new photography class,So she opened up her suitcase once more,took out the vintage camera and ran outside,She loved nature,It always
made her feel at peace,So she began to walk around looking for anything that would make a great photo,As she did that
she saw a small cat with a litter of four kittens all laying together,She walked up to them as slowly as possible,
Took the photo and waited,Once the image showed up on the piece of card she smiled to herself ”You’re all such sweeties,
You all stay nice and safe” she smiled and walked away from them so as to not disturb them.
Soon the hours had flown by and it was time for Max to get ready for bed,She found it hard to sleep that night so she wasn’t in
the best mood the next day,She grabbed her suitcase from off the floor,grabbed her money,her bus ticket and walked out of the door,
She had a long bus journey ahead of her which she really wasn’t looking forward to,There was three other people waiting at the bus stop,
one elderly woman,a mother and her young son,Soon the bus arrived,Max got on,gave her ticket,got a seat by herself
which she was very grateful about,closed her eyes and fell asleep during the bus journey to Blackwell Academy.

She had woken up ten minutes before the bus had arrived at Blackwell Academy,She thanked the bus driver as she got off,
grabbed her suitcase from underneath and walked towards the building that was in front of her,There wasn’t many students yet
as Max had arrived as early as possible but she could see about four hanging out underneath a tree,She looked up at the building and
let out a big sigh ”So… this is my new home… doesn’t look so bad” she said to herself as she walked towards the main doors.

She had got her room number and the building rather quickly and she walked towards it,The hallways to her room,didn’t look so bad
she would probably get used to things quite quickly,She unlocked her door,looked around and didn’t like the bare feeling of it,She hung
up some of the posters,Stuck some family photos up around the wall and put her teddy bear on her bed,”This feels much better!” she said
to herself when she had finished decorating her room,For a while she decided to take out her guitar and practice for a bit,
She wasn’t the best yet but wasn’t the worst either,She could play a few,little songs,As she played she thought of Chloe because
Chloe was the one who suggested she learned to play,She was glad her friend pushed her into learning as Max didn’t like to always
take on something new,The sound always made her feel nice and content too.Once she was finished playing she decided to water the small
plant that her mother had given her,”I hope you survive little plant,You bring some nice colour and freshness to the room” she whispered
to it as she watered it using the small cup of water that was on her computer desk.She let out a small yawn,looked out at the beautiful view before
she decided to fall asleep.
She then lay down on her bed and looked up towards the ceiling,After a few moments she
decided to close her eyes and before she knew it she was fast asleep.

In her dream she was back with Chloe when they were both teenagers and they were back in their pirate gear,They were giggling
and smiling and having the best time of their lives,”I’m so glad we became best friends!” Chloe said to Max and looked
towards her ”Me too! We will be best friends until the end of time” Max giggled and the two girls held hands and walked
towards a light,Max then woke up again and smiled to herself.”Yeah we will always be best friends no matter what”,she grabbed
her teddy bear,gave him a tight squeeze and then decided to close her eyes once more.She then decided to walk outside,
Took a deep breath and smiled ”This is my new life” she said as she walked towards the school doors,She pushed open the doors,
let out a deep breathe,walked towards the classroom,sat in her assigned seat and the class teacher began to teach,Max sat quietly,sighed
to herself contently and smiled.

The End

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