Happy anniversary to my sanctuary!

I’ve done a few posts before about thanking so much for the wonderful site, but I feel like I can never do that enough. So thanks again Chris, Mai and every other member of the staff for your hard work to make this place what it is. Of course, LISF wouldn’t be what it is without the best and friendliest community I have known, thanks to every member. You’re all my 2nd family , chatting with y’all make me happy and laugh.

LIS and LISF changed my life, gave me inspiration to try things. LISF is my sanctuary that I try to visit every day, because I love this place so much and I love all of you. The caring members can make a difference to my day if I’m feeling down. I love all the arts, stories, music, cosplays and other life discussions we share to each other.

Thank you all for the magnificent year and may the future years bring equally wonderful things to our lovely site.

~Much love from Eero aka Gatsu

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