Happy One Year Anniversary!! :)

I joined this site January 13th this year, so I am still kind of new. But when I joined I never expected this place to become something I look forward to visiting every day. I can firmly say that the Life Is Strange community is one of the most kind and welcoming groups that I have ever seen. I remember joining and being drowned in welcome messages, and it was such a weird experience but it immediately set the tone for the website. I’m going to use the word ‘Welcoming’ a lot, but that is a great word to sum up this community. All of the people I have met and talked to on this site help to make this place feel like more than just a forum or a social media, but like a friends chat room where I feel like I can talk to anyone about anything.
I don’t know what i would be doing if I never played Life Is Strange and found this site. It has become a really important part of my life and I owe thanks to everyone here.
Happy Anniversary LISF 🙂

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