Hole to another universe

The smoke swirls lazily above, filtering the morning light.
Memories of the night before float through my head.
I inhale deeply, gently waking the ember of the joint in my hand,
As my lips tingle at the memory of a morning kiss.

I exhale and watch the smoke turn above me.
Reaching out next to me, still warm from her presence,
A sigh escapes my lips.
Where once everything was clear, it is all muddled.
A feeling suppressed for years had burst forth with a fiery passion.
Mixed with a pain felt for another.

Confusion twists my mind.
I breathe deep again, my lungs burning.
Everything goes numb as the troubles evaporate like the smoke above.
I close my eyes as everything turns into a sea of colour.

But one thing stays in my mind.
Her innocent eyes, her shy smile,
Her soft lips.
As the drug takes hold the pain of guilt slowly ebbs.
Everything slips away.
Except for her.
I slowly open my eyes as I realise who I’ve really wanted all along.

I will always love you Max.

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