“Home is not a place, is a feeling.” Or so says the quote.

Whoever wrote that, may understand what happens to me. And I’m sure a lot of people that are reading this, may understand it as well.

Some of us had projects, ideas, hopes and dreams. Others were fighting a silent battle that every night made them crumble to dust just to think if they may rise again in the morning, put a face on and keep walking. Others were curious, bored, they never ever realized how a game could actually change their perspective of the world in general, and their perspective on people, in particular.

Life is Strange is such a powerful masterpiece that inspired a single guy, to build a place for all the people who actually felt this with the game. How all of the sudden, it wasn’t a game anymore, but an experience. A life changing experience, in some cases. Like my own.

I arrived to Lifeisstrangefans.com during a lazy afternoon at work. I was aimless, without focus, just a mess the game left behind… trying to put my pieces together the best I could with cheap glue and my heart still in my fist. I was among the first big wave of fans that tried to log in when the official channels shared the website. It was a mess. It was all collapsed, log in was a nightmare, everyone doing it at the same time literally broke the internet. Yet, stubborn as I am, I insisted until it worked.

Little I knew then that I was logging in to another universe. And I never left since then.

During the past almost 11 months, I’ve met the most caring, lovely, talented, amazing people, who not only made my life improve in a way I didn’t even realize I needed, but they actually woke me up. The game did its part… and they did the rest.

They opened my mind to new possibilities, supported me in ways I never even consider a bunch of strangers could do for someone they didn’t know at all. They offered me a way out of the disaster. They offered me advice, opportunities, friendship and love in the most selfless way I’ve ever seen people do.

It’s unreal. It’s still unreal to me somedays that these people from literally every corner of the world, somehow ended up in the same place.

And when I say Lifeisstrangefans.com is my second home and my family, I don’t say that lightly. I can’t even remember how my life was before, certainly way more san and empty than it is now.

Life is strange, and we all take different paths during it. We may come, we may go… we may disappear then show up again… we may take a break. We may never leave. But in any circumstance and wherever life take us… I do know I can always come back home.

Thank you for this amazing experience, and for many many more years to come. Happy 1 year anniversary, LISF.com .

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