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This Journal has Consequences.

This Journal has Consequences.

I got this in the mail today. It’s my awesome replication of a journal I handmade and put up on redbubble. Unfortunately I apparently failed to notice that the design flipped which side the butterfly got put on. I’m going to have to fix this soon, apparently people are already ordering them. I didn’t expect this so soon. Honestly when I put it up I wasn’t expecting anyone to even see it let alone buy one. Not that it didn’t turn out nicely, I’m perfectly happy except for the reverse of the images being on the wrong sides. Probably will end up enlarging the images and putting them on the correct sides and re uploading it in a day or so. Hopefully not too many people will buy one before then. I hope they still like it regardless. As an artist I’m really embarrassed when my art is produced not to my expectations. Oh wells, it’s still amazing.

I love how Life is strange has inspired me to get involved with so many many people all over the world. I’ve found a community that is just plain freaking beautiful to be a part of and it’s amazing. I’ve met people from almost every major country and some I’d never thought I’d hear from in my lifetime. It’s wonderful what LiS has done for me in terms of linking me with understanding the much larger world we live in. Man, this game had consequences.



We All Need A Partner.

If there is one thing I’ve learned about life is that having friends and people to connect with is extremely important. Life is strange has given me so many great individuals to connect with on a deep emotional level that I’ve seriously needed for a very long time. I’ve always had my girlfriend and she is my partner in time and crime for life, but it always helps to get a perspective from other people also. That’s what I love about this community. We all bond over our common weirdness, our strange lives and loves. It’s great to be a part of such an inclusive and positive group on the internet. There seriously needs to be more of these types of communities on the internet and less vile places filled with filthy bitchy whiny people. I don’t hate them… just I learned not to hate Nathan in the game. I was once one of those people who was a jerk socially and didn’t understand how to really interact. I think a lot of us go through those phases in life, at different rates. We need in my opinion to be supportive to those crummy types of people. Not in a way that’s supporting their detrimental aspects of their personality, but their positive qualities and building on those. I really want to make the world around me a better place, and that’s the way I see it happening. Through genuine interest in making people better people. Constructive criticism and positive encouragement instead of all this hatred and negativity. I’m not talking about blind optimism or recklessness, but sound reasoning and hope for success of others in life. It’s a choice we all make everyday in my opinion everyday when we wake up. To look at the world in a positive, “How am I going to improve myself and others today?” or a negative “How am I going to make people feel my pain?”


LiS Fan Community <3

LiS Fan Community <3

Life is strange has become so much more to me than just a game. It’s become a way of encapsulating everything I want to change about the world into a single simple idea. So much of our world today is like high school. So many of our so called leaders are in fact just slightly more mature than us. Oh sure, a lot of them are quite brilliant people, but socially and emotionally some of them still struggle very much on a level with stupid prejudices that we all should have left behind in high school. One of the areas I’ve really noticed this particularly bad in my country especially is among men. We’ve become very supportive in recent years of women, and I think that’s really a great thing what feminism means for our country and the world. Unfortunately it isn’t far enough to solve the genuine problems faced by many anti-social people, especially among males. It’s something culturally that we have inadvertently cultivated over a great amount of time. People can blame a lot of single things for the reason we have problems in this country, but it really comes down to communication. We don’t have enough meaningful conversations between people. Social media has definitely extended our ability to converse with the rest of the world, it has not solved the root of the problem. We need to get more personal with those around us and really confront those serious as shit issues with a loving and kind heart. We can’t afford to ignore the Kate Marshes of the world that make some of us uncomfortable, or the Victoria Chases who are complete bitches to us but really insecure at heart. Our actions really do have consequences, that’s why our culture is the way it is today. I’m as much to blame for the future of our society as my ancestors. Everybody has equal responsibility regardless of their position in society I think. People like to lay it at the feet of our ‘leaders’ but really, they’re mostly people like principal wells, just trying to get through the end of the next day without having too big of an incident.

I'm Hooked On LiS.

I’m Hooked On LiS.

The thing is. I’m hooked on Life is strange because it has helped me overcome every final fear of rejection in society I used to be concerned about. I never used to swear or say a curse word. I’m not afraid to now, and it’s not because suddenly I’m wanting to offend anyone. It’s because I realize it’s just a method of communication, and what matters is the intent in my heart and what I’m getting across with my actions. We can’t let ourselves be governed by our fears or else we’ll end up indecisive like the Principal. People will die because of our inaction and lack of direction or leadership.

Living life is serious stuff. Don’t get hung up on it though. Just do your best everyday.
Actions have real consequences, but inaction has even bigger ones.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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Great post Kirk. I love your diary – how you’ve written inside it. I may have to get one myself, but I’ll wait till you upload the right version.

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