How Life is Strange striked deep in my heart.

Greetings everyone, I’m emjies and in my first blog entry I’m going to talk about how I started playing Life is Strange and how I discovered this wonderful site.
First of all thanks to the community for the warm welcome I recieved yesterday, it was hella cool chatting with people about almost everything in one freaking day. I felt and still feel at home when I’m navigating in the site. Thanks to all of you! I’ll start with some bio about me just to make me known better haha :).


I’m just a spaniard in his last year of college (bachelor in electronics engineering), who was captivated by the story of the game and wants to share his experiences with you guys! I’ve been through situations in my life that are shown in the game and it helped me to get over some of them and especially to analyze certain problems with a different pov. Life is Strange striked in my heart because it was like reviving some moments of my life. Some of them were painful while others were joyful.
In my childhood I felt like Chloe is in the game. I was fearless, brave and I didn’t accept the consequences of my acts.

I had a friend who I considered the best friend I ever had. He was like Max, we did everything together: we played, we had the same interests in music, games and stuff like that. We even comitted trespass in the school (just like Max and Chloe except we didn’t steal money haha). I miss those times. But then my friend did the same as Max did and went to another village to live. I gave him my house telephone number but he never called me. I called him many times but he didn’t return any of my calls. I was like that week after week and eventually I lost interest and stopped caring about that issue. I felt pretty alone in the remaining years.

Later in high school I started to feel like Max at the beginning of the game. I changed from the bravery and the foolish personality from Chloe to the shyness of Max. I barely made friends (or what I consider a friend) and I found shelter in my Music teacher José to whom I’ll always thank for everything. Music helped me to forget my problems and I started to sing for the high school music band eventually. I was also bullied like Daniel or Kate in the game but finally stopped after 2 or 3 years. Then I made friends and I felt like Warren because they knew me as the smarty guy in the group considering I was in a higher grade than them, but I always were there to help. One of my closest friends tried to commit suicide and that remind me about Kate.
Then I started college and that felt (and still feels) lonely. I don’t have any friends in college to be honest and I don’t see my original friends that often. F**k I miss my childhood friend… I really miss a Chloe-like friend, even if it drags me into problems, I feel I need some person who can convince me of doing fool things, a person who can drive me crazy and at the same time completes me. Being like Max all these years and seeing a character like Chloe in the game makes me desire for that. A desire that, at this time, it’s still unaccomplished.

That’s why I saved Chloe, because as Max, I felt I needed a Chloe in my life. At first I didn’t care about Arcadia Bay because I was obsessed with the idea of saving Chloe, for the reasons I already said, but now that I think, those people deserved to live as well and Chloe was being honest and consequent with her acts and choices at the end so I think Saving Arcadia Bay was the ending she would have taken.


Nowadays, in my last year of college, i’m not motivated enough to study (mostly because of stupid subjects like economics and stuff I don’t like). And then Steam Autumn Sales came and with them LiS was bought. I read good stuff about the game and without seeing anything about the game I started to play it right away. Like I said I feel lonely in university and LiS helped me. A LOT.

And it felt like my life, with the good and bad memories about it. I’ve cried so many times with the game (Alternate time Chloe, the discovery of Rachel’s body, and of course the ending as well as many other moments). It’s the first game that makes me cry since FFVII (when Red XIII sees his father petrified). I’ve encountered so many people like everyone in the game, from Nathan to David, from Joyce to Ms. Grant and that reminded me of my years in high school.
The narrative is so intense in that game and the soundtrack music was absolutely brilliant. It’s that brilliant that for a few days I was crying everytime I listened to “Spanish Sahara” just because I imagined the ending scene or “Mountains”. Even the good mood songs made me cry xD.
Then I discovered you guys, after seeing some fanart from the game I arrived at this site (which is very nice) and I registered. And guess what? You guys granted me a warm welcome! Something I still don’t even recieve even from my closest family. This place feels like a second home and I thank everyone of you for being that welcoming to newbies like me! 😉
I wasn’t even like this before, I didn’t even cry for anything. But now I feel in peace.

Thanks to LiS I think my life is better. My alarm wakes me up every morning with the sound of “To All of You” and I feel happy when that happens.
In a moment of my life that was awkward and lonely, LiS came to help me and I thank DONTNOD for creating this awesome game. But god d*mn I really miss a Chloe in my life hahahaha!
Thank you for reading this and make sure to comment your opinion on how LiS affected you! Peace out and I’ll see you in the website 😉


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I loved reading this emojies T__T … <3

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