I remember

I remember i was lost for a long long time.

I remember i played Life is Strange and was obsessed with it.

I remember i joined LiSF when i made my first fanart ever and registered on this site just to post it.

I remember i made a video and just wanted to upload it here on this site.

I remember i saw the chat and was welcomed warmly.

I remember i had the most fun for a long time at this evening.

I remember i had do visit they site as often as i could since this day.

I remember i i got inspired to do a lot of tiny artwork pieces because of all the people on LiSF.

I remember i got great support for my artwork pieces.

I remember i was not as angry as all the other members, when my art got stolen.

I remember i got great help to clear this issue of my stolen art.

I remember i created a lot of other characters from the game, because people asked for it.

I remember i witnessed that people with different kind of problems got great support when they talked about it.

I remember i slowly warmed up to certain people and talked about my own problems to them.

I remember i saw many people join the site which i have known from every kind of fanart before.

I remember i have have people who listen to me when i have a down phase.

I remember i i had the best christmas and the best birthday since a long long time because of LiSF.

And i remember i saw other mebers who also get all these kind of things i write down here right now.

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