Last Goodbye

What have I become?
My long lost love.
My heart is shattered.
Like a shipwreck upon the sea.
As life goes on,
The pieces drift further from my grasp.

The waves of time have not been kind.
I’m a shadow of what I once was.
What I could have been.
What we could have been.

The vices have done little to fill the hole torn in my soul.
Your memory,
The only thing that nourishes me.

What have I done?
I held the power, but wasted it in vain.
I would give everything,
Just to see your face again.
To feel your touch,
Your warm embrace.

Others came and went.
But always, the ghost in the back of my head.
Calling me.
Taunting me.
The horrors never fade,
Nor my love.

I can never forget you.
But I can no longer bear it,
I have found no other way.
As the cliff falls past me, and the rocks rush up to great me,
I feel no pain.

For I will feel your embrace again.

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