Last minute thought (Part 1)

It was here, the final moment of decide I was watching the tornado coming closer and closer to Arcadia, holding the photo in my cold hands. I glanced on Chloe watching me from a distance. Even she was that far away from me I felt how sad and hurt she is. But am I able to do this? To kill everyone over to save just one person? I love her, I truly love her, I just can’t do it, I couldn’t live with myself, with the blood on my hands of all these people. One last deep breath and I start focusing on the photo.
It took just a second as always, just like the whole week doesn’t happen at all. Nathan is not here yet, so I can catch the breath, while I’m watching the butterfly sitting on the bucket next to me. I’m holding the picture that started it all. All this mess. So I left to fall it on the ground.
Then I heard Nathan came into the bathroom. I sat on the ground covering my face with my shaking hands, I don’t want to listen to this again, so I covered up my ears. But I felt her presence, I felt her anger and then it happens.
The whole week just flew before my eyes, the laughs, tears and everything that we’ve been through. It’s not her, it’s me! I can’t let her die, she is my everything. Bad things happened to her when I was with her.
“Where did you get that?” I got up knowing that Nathan is too distracted. I ran to grab his hand “Max?” Chloe said and for just a second I grabbed Nathan’s hand and then I heard the sound. The sound that was terrifying me since this whole started. The gun shot and I started to feel dizzy. The warm blood was pouring from my stomach. “MAX!!” Chloe shouted and then she catches me as I was falling. I looked at her face and finally felt calm. The storm was here because of me, not her and I finally saved her. With my last strength, I touched her face and with my last breath I said: “I love you.”

– – –

The constant beeping woke me up I’m alive! was my first thought. Then I started to looking around so I caught Chloe was sleeping in the chair next to me. I grabbed her hand and she instantly wakes up. “Max!” She shouted.
“What happened?” I asked away.
“You got shot, dude!”
“I know, but after that?”
Chloe started explaining that I was in the coma for a week. Nathan got busted Mr Jefferson over showing the police the Dark Room and Rachel’s body. So Mr Jefferson is going to rot in jail. She also said that Nathan’s is not going to the jail but instead to the mental institution. You know good for him, I don’t think he’s totally douche, he just needs a lot of help. But Mr Jefferson ef that guy, he can eat shit and die.
Then it was on me to say my part of the story. Chloe sat quiet the whole time I was telling the crazy week that “happened”.
“Max?” Chloe slightly pulled away from me so I was little confused.
“You said… You know before… You passed out…”
“Chloe.” I stopped her and she just looked at me so desperate. Her eyes were full of fear.
“I love you!” I repeated and then she started smiling, lean towards me and kissed me.
“I love you too Max Caulfield!”

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Birk Brenøe
Birk Brenøe

Now i’m just crying again… nice writing… i just can’t handle this game

Samuel Drown
Samuel Drown

Very nice. I wasn’t quite satisfied with the original ending myself (I chose to save the town). This version makes a reasonable argument to say she could change one final thing, and in turn be in a coma for the rest of the time, to be sure that she wouldn’t go on to possibly use her power to change other things. I just think DONTNOD neglects the fact that she has time power, at least in the version where she lets Chloe die. Not to mention, with the coming-of-age genre, according to how mature she has to become by the… Read more »

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