Latest News – 23rd February, 2016

Tutorial Videos

Some Users have expressed concern that they don’t fully understand how to use some of the site’s features and/or didn’t even know that some of the features existed. Over the next couple of weeks, we aim to address these issues, starting with posting some Tutorial Videos that will guide Users through all of the site’s main features. A few things we’d like to point out for now:

1) When uploading Life Is Strange-related content, please use uploaders on the sub-pages of the Character Rooms. Even if the image features more than one Character, you only need to upload the image to one of the Character’s rooms. For example, if your Fan Art features Max, Chloe and Warren, you could go to Max’s Room (reached by selecting Blackwell Academy/Dorms/Girls Dorm/Max’s Room from the main menu), then click on Fan Art. Before uploading the fan art, click the Add Tags button and select appropriate Tags. In this case, the correct Tags would be:

  • Media Type: Life Is Strange Fan Art
  • Fan Art featuring: Max, Chloe, Warren

You can select any other relevant Tags such as Ships, Location, etc, but when you’re done tagging*, click the ‘Select your files’ button and then choose the files from your desktop/phone/tablet and when they’re ready, click ‘Start Upload’.

* Please Note: You can only use 1 set of tags at a time. If you’re uploading multiple images and they’re all going to have exactly the same Tags that will work fine. However, if some of the images you want to upload will have different Tags (for example, different locations), then you will need to upload them separately.

2) If you want to share a YouTube video, the best way is to upload it to one of the on-site Video Channels found here:

Click on a relevant Channel and if you see an ‘Upload’ button on the Channel’s page, it means you can add videos to it. Simply click the ‘Upload’ button, paste a YouTube URL and click ‘Next’. That’s it! The video will be ready to view right away. To share your video elsewhere on the site such as on your Profile Wall, you can use the video’s on-site URL, rather than the YouTube one.

If you have your own YouTube Channel with regular content that you feel would appeal to Users of this site, you can apply to have your own Channel on Life Is Strange Fans. We will set the Channel up for you with up to 10 videos already added. You can then add any of your other videos from the Channel page on the site in the same way you would any other video, just by pasting the YouTube URL. Only you will see the ‘Upload’ button for your own Channel. To apply to have your own Channel on the website, please email [email protected] or message the Facebook page:


Site Is Hella Slow! 

For some Users, the experience of using the website hasn’t been very smooth. There are a number of factors that might contribute to this, including location and internet speed, but it will also be down to technical issues our end. Whatever the case may be, we fully intend to try and maximise the site’s speed for all Users as soon as we possibly can.

Forthcoming Updates

The site is still in active development. As such, there are still a lot of pages to add and even some features coming soon. Here’s a list of what’s to come:


  • Joyce’s Kitchen: A place to post recipes/photos/videos of any food you like (waffles and pancakes anyone?)
  • David’s Garage: A place to post your rides/get mechanical advice/anything vehicle related.
  • Samuel’s Garden: A place to post pics/videos of any animals, including your pets! Will also include info/links for relevant animal charities.
  • Kate’s Support Club: A place to get advice/support for any of the social issues Life Is Strange explores, including depression/domestic abuse/drugs. Will also include links to relevant support lines for all countries. A user named Tyler has already posted some in Kate’s Support Forum here which will be linked to the Support Club.
  • Victoria’s Fashion Club: A place to post anything fashion/clothing related. That could be your own fashion designs, photos of models showcasing them.
  • Alyssa’s Book Club: As well as covering any books referenced in LIS such as The October Country and Catcher In The Rye, you can post reviews/articles on books you’ve read, or share your own original fiction.
  • Brooke’s Tech Club: Anything tech/gadget related. Post reviews of the latest tech such as mobiles tablets/graphics cards, whatever you want. Post videos of any drone footage you’ve captured if you’re lucky enough to own one…
  • Zach & Logan’s Contact Sports Club: American Football, Soccer (also just called Football where I’m from), Rugby, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball. If it’s a contact sport, this is the place for it. Want to blog any of those sports? Be my guest. Post photos, videos, find out where to play in your country.
  • Justin & Trevor’s Extreme Sports Club: Are you a skater wanting to show yourself off ‘destroying some rails’? Captured some amazing GoPro footage of some BMX stunts? Post them here. Anything extreme sports could include, Skating, Skateboarding, BMX, Mountain Biking, Snowboarding, Basejumping, Rock Climbing, Parkour.
  • Dana’s Water Sports Club: As with the above, but covering Kayaking, Surfing, Swimming, Wakeboarding, anything else water sports related.
  • Hayden’s Party Club: Post your pics from any great nights out/house parties you’ve been to. Find the best clubs/pubs in your area.
  •  Stella’s Academic Club: We can’t do your homework for you, but maybe the community can help? Got a dissertation on the American Civil War due? Maybe Users who have already completed one or have an interest in that part of history can recommend some books for your research? You get the idea.
  • Juliet’s Current Affairs Club: Politics more your thing? Want some info or want to blog about this year’s Presidential Election. Go for it. Will also allow you to share and discuss news from around the world.

All of the aforementioned Club pages already have Forums ready to post in on the Forums here:

And then there’s…

  • The Vortex Club: What’s in the Vortex Club and how do you get in? For now, that’s a secret 🙂

Besides them, there are ‘Classes’ to come too.

  • Mr Jefferson’s Photography Class: Gets tips on photography, the best equipment to use, etc.
  • Miss Grant’s Science Class: Science is awesome, so long as you don’t end up with a face full of purple sh*t cause Max thought it would be funny to give you the wrong formula… news/blogs on anything science related. Captured a vid of a shooting star? Maybe it’s a clear night out and the stars are looking particularly awesome. Share it with us!
  • Miss Hoida’s English Class: Are you writing a novel? Or Maybe you just want tips on how to become a better fan fiction writer? Post your work-in-progress for feedback here, and when it’s ready, post the final version in Alyssa’s Book Club.
  • Film Class: German Expressionism or Final Girl Slashers? What the hell is mise-en-scene? What’s an auteur? What does a cinematographer do exactly? As someone with a degree in Film and Video, this is one of my areas of expertise so I’m happy to share what I know with anyone who’s interested.
  • Videogame Class: Fancy making your own game inspired by Life Is Strange? Or maybe you just want to make a 2.5D platformer for mobile. Whatever the case, making games isn’t easy so this is the place to find out how. Already a bit of an indie game developer yourself? Share what you know with other Users, whether it’s modelling, texturing, rigging, animating. Post Step by Step Instructions or even Video Tutorials. Or both!
  • Art Class: They saw you can either draw or you can’t. That might be true, but even those who can draw can always learn more. It’s as much about about technique as it is raw talent so share those techniques with others. Traditional or digital? What paints do you use? What WACOM tablet is the best to get on a budget? Have you posted some brilliant Fan Art in one of the Character Rooms? Maybe you recorded the process and would like to share the timeplapse with other users here so they can see first-hand how you did it.
  • Music Class: They say it’s never too late to learn an instrument. Think you can teach people how to play guitar? Start blogging here or sharing video tutorials. Even if you just get people started learning the basic chords so they can go away and teach themselves you’ll have accomplished something and given them the drive to learn something new.
  • Tech Class: What’s the best router to get for a better XBox Live connection? What useful apps are available for iPhone? Hoe do you install a new graphics card without blowing up the PC? If you want to know any of the above, or anything else tech-related, ask for advice and get it here.
  • Contact Sports/Extreme Sports/Water Sports Class: Can you easily explain the rules of a particular sport to people? Do you know the best BMX bikes to get for performing stunts? Do you actually teach any of the above sports? If there are members of the site in your city maybe you can teach them for real. Organise it here.
  • Fashion Class: Tips on fashion design, or tips on making your own clothes for Cosplay.

While I’ll be moderating all the Classes initially it may get too difficult for me to maintain all of them if the userbase grows a lot. So, eventually I’ll be allowing Users to become ‘Teachers’ for each of the Classes. You’ll be able to apply for those positions and your job will be to moderate the ‘students’ of those classes. Make sure content is of a certain quality and no-one posts anything untoward or illegal. Depending on what the future of the site holds, I may even be able to pay these ‘Teachers’ a small portion of any revenue from the site on a monthly basis with the help of merchant advance funding. This will include revenue from ads on the site, but also from affiliate links from any products bought that feature in the Store. At the moment though, all revenue is probably barely going to cover monthly server costs 🙁


  • Achievements/Badges: Users will be able to get Achievements for performing specific actions on the site. This might be as simple as registering, changing your profile picture, accepting a friend request etc. But could also include more specific actions like posting a certain number of Fan Art/Cosplay/Fan Fiction or at least one of all 3. Achievements will be appropriately named, such as named after quotes from the game or references to the game.
  • Recipe Submission: For Joyce’s Kitchen, recipes will be submitted using a plugin that will lay out the recipe nicely with sections for ingredients, steps, photos etc.
  • Clickable Tags: At the moment, when submitting images you have to click the Add Tags button which gives you a huge list of checkboxes to select appropriate tags that have been pre-added. This isn’t very intuitive but it’s a limitation of the plugin, which is otherwise a brilliant plugin. The developers have informed me that proper, clickable tags is a feature they are actively developing. So this means, you’ll be able to create tags on the fly, or use existing ones by starting to type them, just as you can when posting fiction in the backend. This also means clicking on those tags will show all images tagged with that tag. Rest assured, when it’s available Life Is Strange Fans will be one of the first sites to implement it.

Share the Love

A lot of time and hard work went into building Life Is Strange Fans. I would really appreciate it if you could help to recruit more Members! Word of mouth does wonders, so please tell your friends about the site, but share it online anywhere you can too! I don’t want you to spam every forum and social network ever – just try and make fellow Life Is Strange fans around the net aware of the site, just in case they haven’t heard of it. We’re especially interested in drawing Fan Artists and Cosplayers to the site to share their amazing work so if you spot any cool Fan Art or Cosplay try and get in touch with the artists and let them know about the site.

Thank you again to all who have joined this site in its early days!

Peace, love and cookies,

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