“Nothing is like it seems”

I am in my room. Listening to the whales crying. No, I am not near the beach. I am just in my dorm at my school. I just listen to them through  my mp3 player. I am crying too. Am I going mad? No,no I am not. The doctor says that I am fine. I just need to take my pills and I’ll be okay. I own this school. And no one is going to do anything to me. I am just lying at the floor near my bed. The lamp is still broken. That bitch Chloe did it. She thought she could do whatever sh wanted didn’t she? No one messes with a Prescott. That’s right, I am Nathan Prescott.

People also call me the “rich kid”. Whateverthefuck! Ugh,these thoughts ruined my mood! Let me just take this pill and I’ll go to sleep.. Only a few left. Guess I’ll need to make Frank a call sometime tomorrow. These pills are gooood. They make me feel normal. After what happened to Rachel I can’t forgive myself. How the hell did this happen? No,no I just couldn’t control it. It was no ones fault!!

Take the pill, take the pill, take the pill… I need to lay down. Oh, much better. It’s 1.00 a.m. Tomorrow I got school again. Shit. Fuck my life bro…
Ugh, now I am fel…ling…bet..ter..

to be continued


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