Life is Strange: Before the Storm Announced!

Square-Enix have officially revealed a 3-Episode prequel to Life is Strange called Life is Strange: Before the Storm. Check out the official Press Release:

Dear Life is Strange fans,

Thank you for your incredible support over the last few years. We know you have been eagerly anticipating what is next for Life is Strange so we really hope you enjoyed the announcement trailer for Life is Strange: Before the Storm and are looking forward to the release of the first episode on 31stAugust 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC (Steam).

So yes, that means there are now TWO Life is Strange projects in development, with DONTNOD Entertainment having also recently announced that they are also working on a new game. You’ll be the first to hear when we have more news on their game but for now, let’s focus on the newly announced Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

Before the Storm is our reaction to so many of you asking for the chance to revisit Arcadia Bay. This is where Denver based Deck Nine Games  come in. Deck Nine Games are veteran game developers who, although being a new narrative games studio, have an extremely talented team from videogames, TV and film and a powerful set of proprietary tools called Storyforge. Please join us in giving them a very warm welcome to the Life is Strange family. You’ll get to meet the team and see their fantastic work during E3. Be sure to tune into the IGN livestream on Monday 12th June at 12:00 noon Pacific for the world’s first gameplay reveal.

You will also no doubt be excited to hear that Ashly Burch, Chloe’s original voice actor, makes a welcome return to the family this time on writing duties. Fans of Ashly will know she’s an Emmy nominated writer and it’s great to have her writing dialogue for a new younger, 16 year old Chloe, this time voiced by extremely talented actress Rhianna DeVries.

Ashly is writing alongside a passionate and talented team of writers at Deck Nine lead by Lead Writer Zak Garriss. The writing team have been working hard to create a compelling and rich three episode story that’s set before the events of the first game and focuses on when Chloe meets Rachel. Unlike Max, Chloe has no rewind power, so we highly recommend you think before you speak..! Chloe’s sharp tongue will require her to live with whatever she says and as before, every single action and choice will have a direct consequence in the short, mid and long term.

We know that many of you would love to see more from Max. Due to the way in which the first game ended, we didn’t want to canonize one group of players’ choices over the other – a sentiment echoed strongly by our community. That being said, we will still be giving you one final chance to play as Max through the self-contained bonus “Farewell” episode, which takes place long before the events of Before the Storm. This stand-alone bonus episode, will release after episode 3, and is only available as part of the Deluxe Edition of Life is Strange: Before the Storm. Rest assured, anyone purchasing the complete season of Before the Storm will get the full story. Max’s ‘Farewell’ episode really is just a bonus episode for those who would like to play as her one final time.

Thank you once again, for all your dedication over recent years. We can’t wait to hear what you think about Life is Strange: Before the Storm. There will, of course, be many more details revealed during E3. Make sure you check out the below video, made by the team over at Deck Nine Games, as there are many new details in to dive into. There is also an FAQ here but as usual, do let us know if you have any other burning questions in the meantime!

Many thanks.







When is Life is Strange: Before the Storm set?

The whole game is set 3 years before the events of the first – and you’ll experience the very beginning of the friendship between Chloe and Rachel, and the events that brought them so close together.

Where is Max?

Before the Storm takes place 3 years before the events of the first game during a time period where Max was absent from Chloe’s life. Indeed, it is precisely the void that Max left behind that helps set up our new story. That being said, the Life is Strange: Before the Storm Season Pass includes a Bonus Episode called ‘Farewell’. It’ll give you the chance to play as a young Max Caulfield for one last time… Rest assured, anyone purchasing the Complete Season of Before the Storm will get the full story. Max’s ‘Farewell’ episode really is just a bonus episode for those who would like to play as her one final time. Additionally, while Max won’t appear in the Before the Storm narrative, her absence will still be keenly felt by Chloe, who will reference her throughout the game.

Is there a power like Max’ rewind?

We did consider this, but having multiple people in control of a superpower in Arcadia Bay felt a little odd. We didn’t want to have a town full of superheroes! If Chloe did have a power, she surely would have told Max when Max revealed she could rewind time as well! Strange elements do make a return, but we won’t spoil any of them…

How many episode are there?

Rather than forcing ourselves to think of stories that fit a 5 part episodic model, we simply started brainstorming stories. The one that really resonated with us played out over 3 episodes that will take around 6-9 hours to complete. We did look at many different scenarios including a single episode, or even adding DLC to the existing game but we feel that we have landed on a great story and can’t wait to hear what you think when you play.

(#s “[Season 1 Spoiler] Will this also be the story of Rachel and the dark room?”)”

No, it will be an entirely new story. We want to take the player on a new journey and not tell a story that players already know the ending of.

What platforms will Life is Strange: Before the Storm be available on?

At launch we are aiming to release Life is Strange: Before the Storm on PC (Steam), Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

What’s the difference between the Complete Season, the Season Pass and the Deluxe Edition?

The Complete Season includes Episodes 1, 2 and 3. The Season Pass includes Episodes 2 and 3 and is purchasable if you have already purchased Episode 1 as a standalone Episode. The Season Pass does NOT include Episode 1.

  • The Deluxe Edition includes the following:
  • Episodes 1,2 and 3.
  • The Bonus Episode “Farewell” in which you can play as a young Max (to be released after Episode 3). This is a bonus episode for those who would like to play as Max one final time. Anyone purchasing the Complete Season, which does not include the Bonus Episode “Farewell”, will still get the full Before the Storm story.
  • Mixtape Mode, a main menu option which allows you to create a playlist of the in-game licensed music and set it to play against an in-game moment of calm.
  • The Outfit Pack, a set of three additional outfit options that Chloe can change into at certain points in the story.

Where can I pre-order the game?

Please visit to see your pre-order options.

Why can I not purchase just Episode 1 on Xbox and PlayStation?

The option to purchase Episode 1 by itself on Xbox and PlayStation will become available at launch on day one.

Where is my dynamic PlayStation 4 theme?

Players pre-ordering the game through the Sony PlayStation America Store will receive their dynamic theme immediately. The dynamic theme will unlock at the launch of Episode 1, August 31, 2017 for players pre-ordering the game through the Sony PlayStation Europe Store. This is due to the way the respective stores are set up.

Look out for more information of Life is Strange: Before the Storm soon!

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