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Life is Strange

Some things are life changing

Where to begin? I guess I’ll start the day my life changed and I played life is strange. I cannot overstate how much this game has permanently changed my life for the better. In whatever way it has helped me process much of my life and my struggles in a condensed way that all made it make sense finally. I’m sure not everyone has the same experience that I did, but for me personally, a game that makes this kind of connection is one that is for the record books.

I found this January 24th on steam, while I was randomly searching through titles for something to play. I had just recently finished playing Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak (great RTS game btw, prequel to an awesome two game series.) and I found myself compelled to download the demo just to see what this was all about. I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I read a comment, something to the effect “This game changed my life.” and I couldn’t help but think: “Yeah, everybody says that.”

Life will never be the same.

Life will never be the same.

It was completely true though.

I finished playing the demo and I immediately knew I had to buy the game. I needed to know what this story was all about. I connected to Max Caulfield in a way I had never connected to a video game character in my life.

This did not just happen.

All thanks to Max Caulfield.

I finished the first episode that night and I was bewildered by the experience. I found myself waking up the next morning to “Something Good” looping over and over in my head because before I went to bed I’d started episode 2. I walked around myself seeing the world slightly differently than before. I wasn’t sure what I was experiencing quite honestly. I had a little voice inside my head asking me simple questions about my daily routine. “Wouldn’t it be smart to do this?” It’s almost as if the character Max was inside my head telling me how I could change my life through the simple things everyday I did. It made a big difference immediately in my attitude and mood. I saw my life in the world not as drudgery to slog through anymore but as opportunity everyday for self-improvement.

"I'd better use my rewind."

“I’d better use my rewind.”

I didn’t have Max’s rewind power maybe, but I had my daily actions to make a daily difference. That suddenly meant a lot more than it used to. A great man once said “We create our own demons.” who said that, why did he say that? I don’t know. I know it’s absolutely true now though.

I also know for sure that we create our own heroes. Everyday we have a choice to become what we should be in life. As I played through Life is Strange I realized just how much more I could become if I just embraced all the good qualities inside of me and stopped worrying so much about the bad. I couldn’t rewind the past as Max Caulfield could. I played through the episodes all in quick succession within a matter of days. When I reached episode 4 I had a “what the fluff!” moment and quit. I was sure I’d screwed up somehow with my actions in the game and restarted.

This was when I finally completely realized the beauty of the game. It wasn’t the actions inside the game that mattered, but my actions outside of the game. It was my interaction with the game that had real consequences. What I decided to take away mattered so much more than the individual story telling that went on inside of the game and even if I did ‘screw up’ some of the game… it suddenly didn’t matter so much to me. What mattered was what I took away from this experience. I embraced fully whatever the game developers chose to do with the game and barreled through the rest of the game to the conclusion. It was heart wrenching and I seriously cried through many scenes.

I learned some serious life lessons upon finishing the game. Everything came into the clear finally as I made the final decision of the game and I embraced the fact that in the end, what mattered was I learned how to move on with my life after hard decisions. This story arc was over, and no matter what decision I made the first time or in the future, Chloe and Max would live forever in my heart. Arcadia Bay was now forever my world I would live in my mind.

Always Take the shot

“Always Take the Shot.”

I would be exactly the person that I wanted to be, regardless of what the world said. I would be an everyday hero. I would be a hella awesome person like the kind that makes the world a better place. I would learn to always move on with my life and just keep living, no matter what. I would rather live a life of “Oh Wells” than “What ifs.”

I always take the shot now.

I always take the shot now.

Thank you DONTNOD, Square Enix. Everyone in the fan community.

Life is Strange has permanently inspired me to become an everyday hero.

I plan on making the most of my life from now on.

I will always, always take the shot. I only get once chance in life and I plan on making it mean something special.

Watch out world.
Here comes Kirk.
You will experience me!


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Life Is Strange Fans

That was a great read and very inspiring. I bet a lot of people have a very similar experience with this game. Glad to have you here!


@Windurin:disqus Thank you very much. I plan on writing much more about my LiS experience. I hope people enjoy it.


@Windurin:disqus Thank you very much. I plan on writing much more about my LiS experience. I hope people enjoy it..


Hi There, Was Just Wondering How To Get Involved In Chatting Here? Seems a Bit Confusing To Me via This Site Tho I Read Like the Rules But Still Not Sure How To Play, Per Se? Thanks! Colls-🌹

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