Life Is Strange – Thank You. For Everything. (Great Memories)

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“This is gonna be a long thank you to everyone that have being with me through this experience, I can’t thank you enough, you are all awesome and from all my heart I want to thank you for being an awesome community and the love you all share, It means a lot to me, and I’ll never forget it”.
“So today is the anniversary of the release of Episode 5 and for me it’s just.. phenomenal, that time has passed since last year, all the experiences, all the emotions, all the feelings, the happiness, the laughters, the sadness, the adventures, the beautiness, the music, the characters, the actions, the developers, the episodes, the community, everything! And It all happened from one game that is called – “Life Is Strange” A Life changer, a phenomenal experience, a loving community, all from one game.”

“Also I know it’s random because it’s the 20th of October, but it’s because It the finale of the game itself, so why not do it on this day huh? :)”

“And it all stared on 20th January 2015 , I was a normal geek gamer who loved to play every Video Games. Scrolling on YouTube to find games that others are playing. But then, I saw the trailer for Life Is Strange, When I watched the trailer for it, It was the first time that I ever saw this game, and I though to myself “Maybe I should try it out?” But I’ve waited to see a gameplay of it, I saw that JackSepticEye First Played it, At first hand, I saw 10 minutes of the video, but I Stopped watching it, bought the game for myself and played it to see my first experience without spoilers, I was shocked, and my heart was having a strange feeling of happiness inside, Every piece from the game just amazed me! Characthers, the game prospective, the movements, the story, how it was build, all of it! and it’s only from two teenagers that wants to make her dream come true to become a photography and was given a strange power, and a blue hair girl who was feeling sad for the past years, playing with guns, and caring for her best friend, and both are going to an adventure to find the truth of Arcadia Bay.
And when I finished an episode every day it was released, I’ve waited and waited and I couldn’t stop thinking of it, from Episode 1-5, all the hype was so real, and it’s affected me so much, my personality, everything.”

“Now from this point I’m gonna quote every details of what I loved in the game”

“-Characters: I love them, all of them, the main characters and the side charaters, Max, Chloe, Warren, Kate, David, Nathan, Victoria, Rachel, Frank, to Jefferson ,Brooke, Luke, Willian, Ray, Logan, Samuel, Daniel, Zach, Courtney, Alyssa, Stella, Dana, Evan, Juilet, Justin, Taylor, Joyce, Michelle, Trevor Hayden and Ray, even the Homeless Lady and Hawt Dawg Man.
Every person had thier uniqe intresting own stories/secrets.
But the Characters who really stood out to me are Max And Chloe, they are both are my favorite characters.”
“They both had a uniqe story in the game, finding what happened 5 years ago until that day, both had an intresting relationships, and finding all the dark secrets Rachel and Arcadia Bay. From every episode they both had a very emotional, love, trustness, sadness, anger, forgivness adventure, and that’s what really got me into Max and Chloe, especially both endingsin episode 5 (Spoilers btw).”

“-What Scenes really got me in the game: In Episode 1, at the very end with Max and Chloe at the lighthouse, really got me through their conversation, knowing what Max is dealing with while Chloe is by her side.”

“Episode 2 me with Max and Chloe were dealing with Frank and Max held the gun. Max and Chloe walking on the railroad it was very emotinal and romantic. And with Kate trying to jump off the roof, really got me, I’ve saved her on my first try and I even didn’t and don’t want to see her fall again since I saw a friend playing it too.”

“Episode 3 Was actually almost everything got me emotional, from the pool, to Chloe’s room, to finding the truth about Rachel and Frank, and especially going through the photo to save William and knowing that Chloe went through an accident.”

“Episode 4, This was really serious and really went to full emtional. From letting Alt Chloe grand her wish, It was a hard choice for me, because I always thought that there had to be a solution to fix it, even if she won’t be on that Alt reality, But later on I understanded that I had to let her go, so she won’t suffer from her pain that she didn’t needed to be deserved, and then letting William go, was really painful, and even after going back to the original reality, hugging Chloe. Warren and Nathan got me too, especialy with Nathan, he had a tough life and he dealt with he’s family through bad times, and he didn’t needed to be punched by Warren, that’s bullying, and that’s why I didn’t wanted to be aggresive, not becoming a bully, only caring and respecful to others. I’ve being bullied too at young ages, and I won’t let that happend to others too. Other thing that got me emotional is Finding Rachel, Chloe was so broken when see saw her dead, and it’s really the most emotional and breaking hear I’ve even seen, and that really made me love the game ever more. After that when going back to the Junkyard, was finding the Killer. which is mind blowing and kinda of the coincidence that Jefferson was responsible for all his actions.”
“Episode 5.. Ish.. Everything was perfect, It was the most saddest Episode I’ve ever played, and I loved it so much, Nathan’s call, the nightmare, the last choice, that was the toughess things that really was satisfying to see, it was a rollercoster of feels.”
“This Journey will never be forgotten, and to prove it, I’m going to do a tattoo relevant from Life Is Strange Relavent and keep something that I love forever.”
“I loved every moments from the game, to weird tornado dream to the bathroom, Max’s power, and meeting Chloe, from saving Kate to breaking in to the pools, so emotional!”
“Life Is Strange really changed me, once I wasn’t really talking to a lot of people and I felt really mad and angry, But today from this day, I and still am (trying :P) to be a good, helpful, and a caring person, and trying my best to bring hate on everybody.”
“This is a great memory that I’m gonna keep forever and it’s all thank you the creators, actors and the community, from my button of my heart, Thank you and much love to you all.”

And I want to thank to all the people that has being with me through this experience, all the people that I know who has and was involed in the game and the all the people I know from the community itself
And I’m gonna write every persons name, because I can’t thank you all enough for being here for in this awesome community.
Thank you for the developers and all that was involed in it.
Life Is Strange – Thank you for being here in our lives, We will always love you forever!

DONTNOD, Square EnixMichel Koch, Raoul Barbet, Luc Baghadoust, Gladys Deussner, Nicolas Simon, Jean-Luc Canom, Alejandro ArqueChris Divine, Gary Jamroz-Palma, Edouard Caplain, Toby Palm, Roxane Domalain, Jonathan Morali, Scott Blows and Baptiste Moisan – Thank you for making this amazing game, me and the community can’t thank you enough for it!
Hannah Telle, Ashly Burch, Nik Shriner, Carlos Luna, Dayeanne Hutton, Don Mcmanus, Dani Knights, Pasean Wilson, Derek Phillips, Cissy Jones, Joe ochman and Eric Morgan Stuart – Thank you for being involed in the game, you all are amazing and talented!

Life Is Strange Fans, Blackwell Podcast, LifeIsStrangeES, Schublo, Bobby, Amethyst, Kirk, Sara, Pieter, Mai, Chris, BluePunkRebel, HellaxAshley, Brittanie, 0_Darkcorner_0, UlysseB35, FreakingJoy, KingNathan_x, Stanzi, electricalien, Joey, MoeMike, MaxCaulfieldAB1, Gatsu, Muse, Alec, Melody_yune, Ross/Chris, Music Man Sebastian, Reilchkawa, Jordan, hella_blone, Chloe_and_Max, Marsiartistt, Daniel, AOJ, Kyle, Kaoxita7, shyercaulfield, Frank__bowers, Luke, NathanPresc0tt, Hella_Price1, Jimmy, Jeremy, Marrune, KaylasCosplay, AlphaBlxnde, freakbuster, SelfieMax, VanillaCoffeeld, Jaden, Jackie, thrdplanet, Jamie, sirena_cos, Koethe, karlibra, thehaakun, Kate, Faithcaelum, Jess, Ben, Brooke, Warren, Sarah, Jonny, echo, QT0ri and many more – Thank you for being part of my life and this community, from my button of my heart, Much love!


-Ori Aka NuchPunch <3




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Keiko Sakurai
Keiko Sakurai

You’re such a gentle person!! I loved your text. I can feel your hapiness! I love this game so much too.
I’m noob, but for me, LiS is hella AMAZING. I don’t know if is real, if they will produce a series about the game. I want to see the atmosphere of LiS over and over again.
Sorry for the bad English. Tudo bem from Brazil!


Enjoyed reading this & thank you for sharing! It’s amazing that a game can bring so many people together in a positive way.

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