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With the anniversary of Episode 5 and the completion of Life is Strange fast approaching I wanted to share some thoughts on the weather in game and where it might lead.

I will attempt to explain a possibility regarding the strange weather throughout Life is Strange. If you have any suggestions or feedback I’m open to them. A quick note before we begin I am not the best at researching, my google skills are even questionable, mostly the following are my thoughts regarding the weather.

In short, the weather is coming from some point in the past or the near future, and this point in history is where Season 2 might take place. The weather/events are possibly coming through some kind of hole in the fabric of reality/time. This is assuming a Season 2 would take place somewhere in Oregon or somewhere of similar weather or coast.

1. Snow in 80 degree weather during early October. It’s possible this snow comes from the end of November, sometime in December or January, maybe early February but of almost any year prior to 2015 when the game was being developed/released. I don’t think the writers would have planned a possible second season during a time frame that hadn’t already happened, example: anything past Episodes 5’s release date of 10/2015.

2. An unscheduled solar eclipse. This is a big one as eclipses are, so far as I know, predicted long before they happen, scheduled even. It’s also recorded whenever one has happened throughout history. One google search and we get a schedule for the next 10 years. For us to view one that is NOT scheduled we’d have to be looking into a literal hole in the sky showing us either the sky/sun/moon of 2013-2015 or sometime prior to 2013. That’s a big timeframe, I know, but the rest of the strange weather narrows things down marginally at least.

3. Dead birds and beached whales. Possible causes of death: massive storms/hurricanes, chemical spills, military weapon testing. The only reason I include military weapon testing is because of a documentary I saw about some kind of new sonar that forced whales over a massive area to beach themselves, but then the birds would have suffered as well and I don’t remember any mention of that. I’ve tried looking up history of chemical spills and even massive tornadoes in the US NW but as I’ve mentioned my research skills are not good and I haven’t found much to go on. There’s a possibility of a chemical spill happening, and it seeping into the LiS October timeline’s sky, killing the birds and eventually the same chemical affecting the port and the whales. It’s also possible already dead birds and whales came through a hole in the sky/beach as humans and other wildlife were unaffected.

4. Two full moons in the sky. Generally speaking there is one full moon each month, occasionally a 13th full moon in a year, but obviously there’s never been two of the same moons in our sky. There does exist a recorded history of full moons by month and a schedule of full moons to come. I strongly believe we’re looking at October 2013’s full moon and the full moon of a month between November and February, mostly because of the “freak snow” on Monday. It’s also possible we’re not seeing October 2013’s full moon and are actually seeing two different moons from a second and third timeline.

5. A massive tornado, or would it be a hurricane? Like all my other theories this tornado would have slipped through the “hole in time/space” and into October 2013, meaning that the hole in space/time has been getting bigger and bigger as the story plays out. I have heard that some believe this tornado to be magical and not scientific and for all I know it could be both, neither, or something else entirely. As I briefly mentioned already, I tried looking up tornadoes capable of wiping out or severely damaging towns on the coast of Oregon in recorded history, but didn’t find much. If there was such a tornado in Arcadia Bay’s history I feel it would have been mentioned by someone in game or found in an article, unless it was so long ago it was no longer remembered, or if it hadn’t happened yet. But, if it hadn’t happened yet there’d be some records of it that we could find during 2013-2015 in our own history. Since Arcadia Bay is a fictional town and has no actual history we’d have to search through the history of Oregon’s coastal city/town tornadoes/hurricanes. The other possibility is that there is no point in known history that this tornado exist in, and it is instead manifested by Max’s rewind powers, leaning more towards the “magical tornado” theory. It could also have slipped through time from pre-recorded history but then the rest of the weather might have to as well.

All of this could give us some clues as to when Season 2 might take place, or at the very least give us a piece of a much puzzle. More importantly, if the strange weather does come from Season 2 it also means our final choice has a much bigger impact than we originally thought. If we “Sacrifice Arcadia Bay” all the of the strange weather remains in October 2013, meaning if that weather was coming from Season 2 the characters there would be seeing their weather disappear by the day. Snow suddenly disappearing and the sun shines under clouds, a scheduled eclipse not happening, birds disappearing during a chemical spill or wildlife being completely unaffected by something that would have killed them, a second full moon in the sky, a severe tornado vanishing before it hits the coastline. Or if we “Sacrifice Chloe” the weather returns as history is reset to where it was before rewinding became a factor, and a town somewhere, somewhen, is wiped out by a tornado on a Friday.

Some important things to think about:
1. We are not sure if the weather is caused by Chloe being alive Monday through Friday or if it’s caused by Max’s time traveling Monday through Friday.
a. If Chloe is alive every day of the week, then every day of the week experiences impossible weather. We as Max cannot choose to let Chloe die outside of our final choice when the tornado is already destroying Arcadia Bay, which in turn undoes all the weather.
b. If Max uses her power every day of the week, then every day of the week experiences impossible weather. We as Max can choose not to rewind through much of the story, but we are forced to rewind/freeze time/focus rewind into the past each day to progress through the story all the way up until Chloe or Arcadia Bay is sacrificed. If Chloe is sacrificed, Max does not use her powers Monday through Friday so far as we can see.

2. Season 2 might not take place in Arcadia Bay, Oregon, so we should not see this as “We should save Chloe if Arcadia Bay is getting wiped out by a tornado in the future anyway,” because that tornado might be wiping out another town entirely, or not wiping any town out as it might have happened so long ago people did not live in the Arcadia Bay area.

3. Even if Season 2 takes place in Arcadia Bay, Oregon, and the weather is coming from Season 2’s timeframe, sacrificing the town alters history drastically in both of the final choices.
a. People who shouldn’t have died in October 2013 die on that Friday, erasing their influence on history.
b. People who should have died in Season 2 continue to live, influencing history past their death date.

One final note/reminder that this is all theory, thoughts I’ve put together from little puzzle pieces found in game. It may be completely wrong, it may be partially right, it might be right on the nose. We won’t know fact from theory until a Season 2 or beyond is released, please treat this theory as such. Again, If you have anything to add I’m more than open to your thoughts. Thank you for reading.

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Really enjoyed this! I’m interested in the whole “multiple timelines bleeding into each other” idea. Great job!

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