Lipstick Story telling

This is basically a collection of stories requested by various members…

Spicy food requested by Marrune and Harpuia

So I have this bad habit to love spicy food, like stupidly spicy. So I cooked some food one day and put in way to much spices in it. So I started eating it and quickly realized how delicious my food was, but also how spicy it was. So I grabbed one bite, and then another only to feel my mouth get lit on fire by the spicyness. So I run to the kitchen and brings whatever milk I have, which was only enough for one standard drinking glass .Which you might guess ran out pretty quickly so I took the second best thing I had at home which was water. So I keep on eating my good forsaken spicy food and starts to sweat so badly I have to grab a towel to wipe myself clean between my bites. But as delicious it is I kept on eating, and soon my mouth starts to hurt way to much than what is healthy so I have to chug down the food and pray I either go numb or I finish my plate since god damn it burns so much. When I finally reach halfway the plate the spicy heavenly death brew hits my  stomach, which starts to burn through my god damn stomach so much it wants to reject my food, so I have to chunk my good down fast enough without burping or coughing else I’d throw up since my stomach was in such an uproar about the spicyness, during all this I cry to Harpuia about how i’m about to die and that he should prepare to call for an ambulance if I don’t writing within 30 minutes. So that’s basically the story…

Wrong kind of Airplane requested by CaptainKirby

So basically, when I flew off to Japan (Sweden – Frankfurt) I was seated next to a grumpy older swedish couple, They were oh so upset and made sure to let everyone know about it. So when we head down to land I can hear them start to giggle and the mood getting better. So I turned of my music to listen in on their conversation, which went something like this. I can’t believe they put us on this airplane model! It’s such a crappy air plane and it’s such a shame we have to endure it! But omg look at that *insert model type* That stands in the garage over there! We should’ve gone in one of those instead, they’re better in every way! OMG THAT’S MY FAVOURITE PLANE! LOOK AT IT OVER THERE IN THE OTHER HANGAR I can see *insert another model* And this plane hype went along for the full duration from touchdown till we got to exit the air plane. And after all they were still overly upset and dissapointed in that they had to fly the wrong airplane model.

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