Lost and found:chapter 3 three years later

Chapter 3: 3 years later


 My new name is Zabrina Price.

William and Joyce are now my parents and Chloe is now my big sister.

Chloe allowed me to sleep with her, because there was no room in the house for me. But there was no way to explain how my three years were with Chloe, But I managed. There were some moments when they took my mind off of my mother, But she kept coming back at me like a boomerang.

So William got this crazy idea on painting the house. Chloe and Joyce agreed, but I figured it would be a waste of my time. William urged me to do something ‘Productive’ for once, but I gave in to his pleading. He told me It could help get my mind off of things, but I couldn’t help to remember. So I ended up participating, We’ve been painting for two weeks and I found myself enjoying this family moment.

While I painting the frames, A stranger came up to me. She was a brown hair girl, blue eyes, and wore jeans and a tee. I ended up running inside the house and hiding behind Chloe. she managed calmed me down and introduce her to me.

Maxine Caulfield or Max for short.

Max is three years older than me. She has brown hair and blue eyes. She seems trustworthy enough, so I began to talk to her. Afterwords, It turns out that we had a lot in common, and I made another friend. Later on, Chloe and I went to visit her, while I met her parents.

Ryan and Vanessa Caulfield were so nice to me and accepted me as her friend.

After that, we would go on wild adventures with Bongo, Our kitty-cat, and then play as pirates across the sea and have adventures.

Nothing will stop the magic trio of Max, Chloe, and Zabrina.

We had many adventures with Bongo. He was so adorable and he would always sleep by me. But not everything last forever. On my ninth birthday, He got hit by a car and died. I was heartbroken. So Max had to go get William, because I couldn’t move away from his lifeless body. Chloe and Max helped me bury him in the backyard and we painted a gravestone for him.

Poor Bongo.

In order to pass time I still worked on the house, Max and Chloe helped at some point when we’re not busy. I glanced at the house which was now halfway blue. When Chloe and Max were at school, I often stay behind to help clean or cook dinner. It really takes my mind off of things. Joyce says I’m a little behind school and everything, but the school Blackwell Academy seems to be helpful in teaching me. I’m not a student, but they say my grades were soaring. I aced math, science, biology, and history. I made straight A’s on the sophomore test. William and Joyce were proud of me.

But as time passed, I began to realize I’m becoming a bit mature for someone of my age. I try to keep at least a piece of my innocence by spending time with Chloe and Max, but somehow I feel like I’m growing up.


Dang it! The flash hurt my eyes.

“Someday dad will get one of those newfangled computers.” Chloe explained. Max and I followed Chloe to see the new photo. William waved it around and showed it to us. I looked at the photo and I examined myself. “Am I really that skinny?” I asked. Chloe and William laughed.” No,” William stated and examined the photo.”You look fine.” He and Chloe stared at the photo and then looked at each other.”This is a keeper.” He proudly said. Chloe grinned at him and shouted,”Not until I see it first. You know the rules, Dad.” Chloe glanced at me.” Zabrina, tell him!” I laughed. “You do what my sister says, Dad!” I walked up to him and grinned.”OR ELSE.” William laughed and showed  Chloe the photo. He raised a brow and looked at Chloe.”Okay Chloe, give me a Thumbs-up or Thumbs-down.” Chloe examined the photo and gave a Thumbs-up.” Well, I might just allow this one into the family album.” William looked at her and smirk.”You’re lost.” He put the camera down and picked up the spatula.”But not in cooking.” William explained to Chloe how to cook because she’s already going to be Thirteen years old.”So you mean like pancakes?” I asked suddenly feeling that I want to participate.”In France they call them “Crepes”. And a good French chef needs assistants.” He explained. Man, William’s so wise it’s such a wonder that he’s such a good father, I thought. He glanced at me and stated,”If you want to eat, My assistants need to help.” I smiled and prepared to help.”Oui, I volunteer to break the eggs.” Chloe shouted as she made her way towards the eggs. “I volunteer on the drinks and bacon!!” I shouted and I made my way to the frozen bacon. Chloe stared at me and said, “So letting a nine year old cook for us?” I stared back at her and said,”Don’t you dare question the true chef.” Chloe glance at me and said.”Right, Like you’re the real cook here.” I smirked and said,”Is that a challenge?” William stood between us.”Hey, what did mom say about a true chef?” Chloe and I looked at each other and both answered in unison.”True cooks too big or too small, must work together in order to form a perfect dish.” Chloe and I chuckled. “Alright, Now I get to take a picture.” Max said and she grabbed her camera and pointed it towards us.”Strike a pose!” Chloe and I posed. “Make me a star!” Chloe announced. “Just make me look young.” William joked.


“Can I see?” I asked. Max looked at me and smiled. “Here.” She handed me the photo and I glanced at it. “Wow,”I said astonished.”You’re getting good at this.” She blushed.”Thanks.” I went back to my cooking station and I heard William phone ring and he muttered something about groceries and made his way back.”What’s wrong?” Chloe asked . William walked out and said.”Excuse me, ladies, I have to save yonder Queen at the Sav-Mart.” I rolled my eyes with his joke.”She doth have many bags of delicious for us to feast upon.” Chloe looked at him.”You are ridiculous.” He grinned and laughed.”You’ll be thankful for that someday.” He glanced at the table.”Shit, where are my keys.” Chloe and I gasped. “That’s a dollar for the swear jar.” I laughed. He laughed jokingly and said,”You mean your College fund.” He looked around. “Keys please.” I decided to help so I looked around and found them. “Here you go!” I tossed the keys to him. “Thanks!” I smiled. Chloe continued cooking. “Max, you’re gonna be here while I’m gone, right?” William asked. But, before Max could speak Chloe spoke up.”Of course she is,” Chloe walked up to me and Max and wrapped her arms around us and pulled us close.”They’re never leaving me.” William smiled and said.”That makes all of us.” He made his way to the door and stopped on his tracks. “Zabrina, do you want to help me out?” I skipped towards him. “Sure!” Chloe and Max told me to be careful as I made my way out, but I reassured them that We’ll be fine. I sat in the front seat of the car and we head off to sav-mart. I glance out of the window and thought about the forest and the animals. I love the animals of Arcadia Bay. When I was younger and living with my mother and The stranger. The stranger taught me all about the animals, but this was only when I thought he was nice. He taught me how to encounter a deer without startling it. All I remember was the eyes. “You love the forest don’t you?” I smiled at him. “It’s my favorite thing in the world. I love the quietness of the forest, I mean Arcadia’s okay, but I miss the forest a little.” I had to admit I used to love waking up to see the forest.”I used to thought the same way,” William stated and I gave him my attention.”That was all Joyce and I ever did. Explore the world, maybe someday we’ll take you and Chloe to San Francisco.”  I smiled at him. “That would be awesome.” I looked behind him and noticed a truck speeding. William noticed this too. In a flash, he pushed me out the car and I rolled in the street. “DADDY!!” I screamed. The truck came into contact with the car.


The car then flew into the tree and busted the windshield and the truck stopped and a trucker came out. He rushed toward me.”Oh my god. Are you okay, Kid. Are you hurt?” I rushed toward the flaming car, and leaving the trucker to his thoughts. “Dad??!” I checked the front he’s not here. Good maybe he’s- wait a second, I thought. I noticed the windshield had blood scattered from the seat to the headlight and heading to the street. Oh no. I followed the blood as the trucker called the police. Please be okay, I thought, Please be okay. At the very end, I saw a body.


I rushed to him and fell onto my knees. My heart dropped when I realize that he wasn’t breathing. “No. It can’t- YOU CAN’T BE DEAD! STOP PRETENDING! PLEASE WAKE UP!” I shouted at him and I shook him and nothing came out of his mouth. I flipped him over and His half of his face was burned off and I hardly recognized him anymore. Tears rolled down my cheek as I hysterically shook him while screaming at the top of my lungs. I suddenly stopped and noticed my hands were wet with his warm blood and my breathing hitched and I screamed into the air. The police forced me away from his body and I fought back, screaming as steaming, hot tears poured out of my eyes. Not again…. Not again. My mind flashed about my mom, William, Joyce, and Chloe. Oh Chloe. Why? Why him?! Chloe needs him!!The police was asking me about any family members of some sort. I barely gasped,”Mom.. Sav-mart.” Then the police pulled over to Sav-mart and I saw Joyce. Joyce smiled disappeared as she saw my hands covered with blood, my bruised arm, cut on my face, and battered knee and she understood when she saw the tow truck. I could barely walk on my own, due to my injuries. She rushed to the ambulance and collapse over William’s body and in the echoing and uncensored agony of her cries. As we headed home with heavy hearts, Chloe and Max never knew about the situation because they were at

home. “Chloe?” I cried out her name, she turns around and saw me in my condition.”Oh my god, Zabrina, what the hell happened?” Chloe and Max jumped from the sofa and rushed towards me. I let the tears flow out of my eyes, while Chloe looked around and noticed her dad isn’t there.”Where’s dad?” I looked at Joyce and she nods allowing me to tell her the truth. “Chloe,” I grabbed her hands and she tensed up knowing that they were covered in blood,”H-he’s gone.” She looked at me in confusion and then she glances at her mom. Then she let out a long cry of pain. She then hugged me and I allowed her to cry into my shoulder.


One week later…


The sky was grey and foggy, like my emotions, I found myself dressed in a black dress and was gazing on William’s coffin before burial. Chloe and Joyce and Max and our friends, neighbors were by my side, as they said their last words. I surveyed the coffin: Dark stained cherry, and a expensive gold linings. They said that he was in a better place now, but what’s the point? He was gone. Never to be seen again.

A part of me is curious about Chloe, because she just lost her father. As they put his coffin in the grave, Chloe walked off and didn’t come back.

I couldn’t help but blame myself.

What am I going to do?

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