Lost and found: chapter 4 the pain of losing someone you love hurts

CHAPTER 4: The pain of losing everyone you love hurts

      It has been 3 months since the death of William.

Joyce says it’s time to move on, so she began meeting a man from the diner. She says He’s nice, But I won’t believe it until I see it.

Chloe has barely left her room, but I don’t blame her. Because I just knew, That she was mainly the only one who was really close to William.

Max and I tried our best to help Chloe out depression, But she ignored us by looking up at the ceiling or snapping at us. Max told me to give her some time, But how much time was it going to take to bring my Chloe back?

One night she written all over her walls, while I was sleeping and when I woke up everything disappeared.

There was writings that said, “I can’t sleep.”,”Everybody lies, No exceptions”,”Just gotta let go,” and she even scribbled over William’s name.

When Joyce saw this, she broke down and it took me a while to help her and when I saw Chloe in the kitchen she just stared at me and Max while we were watching Tom and Jerry. Before Chloe could leave, Max dragged her outside to tell her something and left me in the house.


“Chloe?” I ran outside in the backyard and I saw Max looking down and Chloe with her clutched fist.”What’s going on?” I asked. Chloe kept glaring at Max as she tried to avoid her eyes. “Max is leaving.”Chloe announced. Max eyes widen and I looked at Max with confusion. “No, She would never leave us.”I cried as tears began to form.”We just lost William and-” I looked at them both who remained silent.” NOW YOU’RE LEAVING US, TOO?” I screamed out as tears began to roll down my cheek and all Max could do was stare at me with teary eyes.”Max, I can’t believe you. You promised that you wouldn’t abandon us.” Max looked at Chloe with shock and disbelief. “I’m not abandoning you guys. It’s just my parents they have a job interview in Seattle and-” She stopped in mid-sentence when she noticed that Chloe was crying.


Max and my eyes widen to Chloe’s sudden outburst.

“Chloe!” I yelled as tears ran down my eyes.

Chloe bolted out of sight and I had nothing to say I was frozen like a deer in headlights. As much as she tried to hold it in, the pain came out of Max like an uproar from her throat in the form of quiet sobbing. I walked up to her and she cried into my shirt. I looked into her blue sapphire eyes. Her eyes were red and puffy, I used my hands to wipe her tears away. “Do you think I’m not upset about what happened?” She asked. “It’s okay.” I whispered as I looked in her eyes and wiped away her tears and when she finally calmed down, she hugged me one last time and whispered in my ear.”Take care of her.” I nodded and then she left. I looked at her as she walked, she turned back and got a camera out of her backpack and took one last photo of me and the house and disappeared.

Later on, I went upstairs and headed to Chloe’s room. I knocked. “Chloe? Is the door open?” I waited for an answer at least to know she’s okay.”The door is always open for you, Zabrina.” she answered. I walked in and saw Chloe in a sweatshirt laying down and staring at the ceiling. I sat beside her and stared at her with my eyes showing a sad expression. She noticed this.”She left?” I looked down and tried to avoid her disapproving eyes. She then sat up and placed her hand on my chin and lifted my head and then my tears rolled out of my eyes. She then wrapped her arms around my shoulders and pulled me close, gently rubbing my arm. Her touch made the room warmer somehow, our future within its wall seems a little less cold.

Two weeks later…

Joyce is dating David Madsen. I couldn’t believe this was happening and neither could Chloe. We both didn’t trust David, but we stood away from him as possible. David was a soldier, who left the army and now Chloe and I have to deal with him when we go. Just great.

The whole month with david was living hell. Chloe and David had problems seeing eye-to-eye and they were always at each others throats. Sometimes Joyce and I couldn’t deal with them, so she would always lead me away. Even though she knows I won’t back down a fight. Once they had their little fight, I came back upstairs and stay with Chloe. Chloe cut her hair with a knife and now it’s . I mean she looks cute, but if that what she wants, then I won’t get in her way.

After all, I am her adoptive sister and William saved my life so I have to support her and be her protector.
I already lost so many people in my life: Mom, Bongo, William, Max…

Im not ready to lose Chloe now.

I have to be brave for her sake.







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