Lost and found Chapter 5 : two years later

CHAPTER 5: two years later

May 2010

It’s been Two years since Max left.

I am attending Blackwell, because Principal Wells said that I was the smartest kid in school.

He stated that I had passed all of the Assessment tests with flying colors and personally authorized me to attend his school. Joyce was proud of me, but I was expecting Chloe to come to Blackwell. After William’s death, Chloe’s grades had gone bad. She only had a GPA of 1.5, when the initial amount to pass was 4.0 for a girl of her age. Blackwell suspended her once for vandalizing the girls’ dorm, playing pranks on students and her sudden outburst towards teachers, and now I’m attending my first day at Blackwell Academy with Chloe.

I’m very nervous. I mean I went there before, but not as a student. Joyce says I’ll make new friends, I mean I met Chloe’s friends here and there but what if they’re not there? I won’t have Chloe by my side all the time and I never met anybody. Aghh! Why am I so scared? I head downstairs to see Joyce and… David. Joyce met David Madsen at Two Whales Diner and is dating him some time after, much to disgust her only daughter who resented him for replacing Dad. Chloe also admitted that she blames her mother for  her father’s untimely demise.

As shocking as it is, I heard that he was from the army and probably thinks about moving in. Bummer. Joyce admits that she loves him, but he is so different for her. I walked down the stairs and greeted them.”Good morning.” Joyce and David looked at me. “Good morning, Zabrina.” Joyce and David said in unison. David looked around and asked,”Where’s Chloe?” I gasped. She forgot to wake up! I looked up the stairs. “I’ll be right back!” I bolted upstairs and into Chloe’s room, and I was right Chloe was snoring like a pig. An idea came to me, so I snuck downstairs and grabbed an Ice cube. I snuck back into Chloe’s room and shoved the ice cube into her shirt.

“What the fuck?!”

Her reaction was so funny that I fell onto the floor laughing. I heard her mutter something, but I did not care, Until I realized that she climbed on top of me and started to slowly lift up my shirt. I gasped and looked at her with extreme confusion as my face heated. She smiled and chuckled. Her freezing hands started to rub my tummy and I burst out laughing, she grinned and said,”If you say sorry, I’ll stop.” I continued laughing and noticed that she was laughing too. It feels like I hadn’t heard her in a thousand years and it was a sound I couldn’t wait to hear in a thousand years more.”I’m sorry! I’m sorry HAHA!” I screamed out the top of my lungs, still giggling. She used her elbow to hold herself up and I gazed into her sapphire eyes then I played with her strawberry blond hair. She chuckled softly and placed her hand on my cheek. I responded by leaning my head into her hand.

We both remained silent as we gazed at each other. Chloe pulled her face closer and then the door swung open.”What the hell are you two doing?” David asked with anger in his eyes and my face heated up as Chloe got off me. David looked at me then he faced Chloe. “Well?”He asked as he raised his voice, but Chloe and I remained silent. He walked up to me and noticed I was blushing.”Oh I see what’s going on here.”His voice rose and walked straight to me.”You two like each other don’t you.” My eyes widen, but before I could speak Chloe spoke up.”Leave her alone!” She blocked his path to protect me. “You should know that ‘Insest’ is against the law.”David explained and Chloe looked at him in disgust. “We are not like that, man. We were just playing!” I looked at her in confusion and then David left us alone. Chloe looked at me worriedly.”Are you okay?”She asked and I looked up to her and said,”Other than shitting my pants, I’m fine.” Chloe grabbed Davids’ keys and threw them at me in disgust.” Good luck with him.” “Are you coming with me?” I asked.”I’ll catch up.” She shrugged. I walked to David and gave him a cold stare and he did the same. Great.

“Besides you’re the first person I had to protect.”

After 7 minutes and a stern lecture from David, we finally made it. Principal Wells was there to greet me.”Glad you could make it.” I said goodbye to David and hopped out of the muscle car. He led me inside to give me a tour.”So this is where people like you will be able to fit in.” I looked at the halls and saw so many students of many sizes and colors.”I heard that some of my teachers taught you when you were younger, am I right?” I nodded.”Yes sir.” He smiled.”That’s why I hired them.” We kept walking and then I saw a girl getting picked on. The young girl had dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes and was being picked on by a boy who looked like one of those characters on Grease. The bully had light brown hair and had blue eyes and was picking on the young girl. “Mr. Wells, Could you give me a moment?” I marched right towards the guy and shoved him.”Arghh, You little-” His eyes widen as he saw me.”Leave her alone! What’s your problem?” I asked. I glanced at the young girl and then glared at Grease boy. He looked at me and then smiled. “Hello there, beauty, where did you come from?” I growled and said,”I’m none of your concern, and if I see you messing with my friend again you are not going to like what happens next.” They both looked at me in confusion.”Whatever you say, Princess.” He then walked off. The young girl sighed and I asked,”You okay?” She looked at me and smiled weakly.”Thank you so much! What’s your name?” She asked.”My name is Zabrina. Zabrina Price.” She then said in return,”I’m Kate Marsh.” I looked to where Grease boy left to.”And what’s with the Greaser?” She looked at me in confusion and said,”Oh, Nathan?” She looked down.”Yeah, he’s been picking on me since the first day.” I growled and then took a deep breath.”Do you want to be friends?” I asked with kindness and her eyes widen.”Really?” she asked and I shrugged.”Sure, Besides this is my first day of school and your the first person I had to protect.” She smiled.”I guess that’s true, but yeah!” I noticed that Principal Wells was waiting. “Oh, I gotta go! I’ll see you later, Kate!” I walked up to him and he praised me for protecting Kate Marsh, Because there were tons of complaints of Kate getting bullied by Nathan and other people.

Afterwords, Principal Wells showed me my first period class: Art. I noticed that Nathan and Kate were here, but where was the Art teacher? Mr. Wells sighed and told the class that he would have the teacher here shortly and left. I decided to take a seat and I noticed that Nathan waved at me,”Hey, Come sit next to me.” He offered me a seat, but a girl shouted,”Nathan, leave her alone there’s no need to flirty over her.” Nathan looked at her in disgust. She smiled at me and offered me a seat next to her. I took my time to examine her face, She was a blonde-haired girl with green eyes, she wore ear piercings that looked really expensive, and she is really skinny. She looked at me.”What’s your name?”she asked. I couldn’t ignore her, she looked so familiar.”My name is Zabrina Price.” She looked at me in confusion.”Don’t you have a sister?” I knew she was talking about Chloe, so I answered.”Chloe was on her way, but I don’t know if she came or not.” She looked around to see if anyone was listening and looked at me.”What happened to Chloe?” My eyes widen.”I don’t want to be rude, but she used to be an excellent student, but now she had a lot of referrals.”She explained.”I mean,”She examined me,”You’re okay, but how come she isn’t?” I thought about her words long and hard and I had no idea what to say, so I took a deep breath and began.”Her father died three years ago, back at 2007 in a car crash.” she gazed at me with sadness.”After that our best friend, Max , left us and went to Seattle and to add salt to Chloe’s wounds her mother started dating this asshole named, David.” She looked away.”That sucks.” She looked at me once more allowed me to continue.”He’s been pretty hard on Chloe, since then.” She looked at me with a kind heart and then smiled and asked,”Your’e name is Zabrina, right?” I nodded.”The name’s Rachel Amber.” But before we could talk, The teacher finally came in.

“Sorry students, You’re teacher isn’t here today due to a sickness, so I’ll be your teacher for the rest of the evening.” A tall, charismatic and charming man said as he entered. I noticed all the girls had their eyes on him, even Rachel Amber. The tall man of an average build in his late 30s, brown hair and eyes, and his hair is a choppy mess style. While Rachel and the other girls were looking at Prince Charming, I poked Rachel and asked,” Who the hell is he?” She didn’t take her eyes off of him and sighed.”That is Mark Jefferson.” she looked at him as if he was bait on a hook. I just don’t understand girls these days. I rolled my eyes and I continued to listen to Jefferson’s lessons. While he was explaining the concepts of a good picture, I heard all the girls sigh and Rachel drew hearts on a desk.  I managed to doodle the blue jay next to the window.

 I glanced at my picture one last time and examined the bird, but I didn’t even noticed that Rachel was watching. “You drew that?” She asked. She grabbed my book and looked through the pages of my other sketches, and I rubbed my arms nervously.”Yeah, I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. This week I was drawing Blu.” She looked at me and asked,”Who’s Blu?” I pointed at the window.”He’s Blu, Blu always visits me, but I had no idea why, so I gave him a name.” She nodded and before she could ask me another question, Mr. Jefferson walked behind us and grinned.”Who drew this?” He asked. Rachel smiled.”Zabrina drew this and I thought it was pretty awesome.” I blushed. I hated that I always do that.”Congrats, Zabrina. Do you mind if I show this to the students?” I shrugged.”Knock yourself out.” I gave him my sketch book and he thanked me and praised that I need to keep following my dreams. As he presented my work, Rachel put her arms around me. Why is it that when anyone does anything, I blush? I’m supposed to hate her guts, but she’s so nice. Mr. Jefferson returns my sketch book and I shoved it in my backpack just in case anyone gets any ideas. The bell rang and all the students scurried to the door, all except for Rachel amber. I walked to the front of Blackwell academy and I noticed a lot of students, but no sign of Chloe. Sigh, I wish Chloe was here. I miss her already. She sure does love trouble. My thoughts were cut short by the sight of arms being swung around me. I turned it was Rachel, I remember someone hugging me like that when i was with my mom. Her eyes look so familiar, where have I seen her before? “Don’t freak, kid it’s just me.” I didn’t notice that I was staring, “I’m sorry to ask, but do I know you?” I asked and she stared blankly and sighed, “Not right now, but-” she looked at me and smiled. “You don’t remember me at all?” I looked down like a sad puppy avoiding her evergreen eyes. “No, not really.” I simply said. She placed her hand on my shoulder and she led me to a table. we sat quietly for a minute. “I knew you and your mother, Cleo.”


I gazed at her for a moment and then the memories came back in.

When I was little, I used to live in Long beach, California and I was a friend of Rachel, but she was about four years old and I was two. We used to play tag, fight, and eat together, but i had to move away because my mother and I had to leave to Arcadia bay. “Cleo is the guard for Arcadia bay, right?” she asked as she playfully punched my shoulder. “Guard?” I looked at her confusingly and asked.”What’s a guard?” She raised her eyebrow.”You don’t know? The guard has been a legend of Arcadia, and your mother served at Long Beach for a long, long time for as long as I can remember before she moved.” she explained. What the heck? My mother never mentioned this at all, Is that why that man killed her and tried to hurt me? Rachel then gave me her phone number on a piece of paper.”That’s my ride, see you around, Zabrina.”

I waited two hours, Chloe never showed up and I was forced to walk home from school.

I rushed home, because I had to tell Chloe about Rachel Amber.

I had to tell her that she knew my mom and why we relocated to Arcadia.

I had to tell her that I’m in danger…

Because I just knew that the man behind my mother’s death could be nearby, waiting for the right opportunity, somewhere.

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