Lost and found chapter 6 the abandoned mill

chapter 6: The abandoned mill


“Mom, Have you seen Chloe?”


Joyce suddenly stops cooking and looked back at me, then noticed how dark it is outside. “Oh my goodness, Zabrina, Did you have to walk home?” She then rushed towards me and gave me a hug, I shrugged.”I’m fine, mom, Really I am, But I need to talk to Chloe.” She cursed and pointed outside. “She said she was hiking somewhere, but I need you to find her I think she was heading straight to the forest.” The forest? Are you fucking kidding me? I had a rough time in the forest now I gotta find her in there?! I thought and I sighed. “I won’t be long.”

 I walked through the woods and I’ve never been this scared in my life. Chloe, if I don’t die from a heart attack, I will kill you with my bare hands…then I saw a mysterious black figure and though it appears to be smoking. Chloe. As I walk towards her, I noticed that the ground was shaking and I saw a light getting brighter and brighter and heading straight to Chloe. What the hell is that? Then I saw a train coming closer to Chloe.


Thankfully she jumped out of its path and I stomped towards her.”What the hell, Chloe?!” I shouted at the top of my lungs and launched a punch to her shoulder.”Ow, damn you hit hard.” Chloe playfully giggled and took off her hoodie, but I couldn’t stay mad at her. “You should be careful. What if your shoelace got stuck? I wouldn’t be able to save you.”I cried and she looked at me  sadly and sighed.”Zabrina, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you, but I did not know you were following me.” She looked around me and she gasped.”You’re finally in the forest?” I scoffed in frustration.”Well it’s because I have to find you and y’know I’m not even supposed to be out here.” She rolled her eyes and started walking ahead of me. I hate when she does that.“Are you still scared about the man who tried to kill you. He’s probably dead lying around in a gutter somewhere.” I followed behind her and I noticed we were not heading home. “Where are we going?” I asked, but she didn’t answer.  We came across a sign.

For your own safety, No trespassing.

“Oh well, time to go home.” I stated sadly, hopefully Chloe will come home. Instead, she jumped the fence and flip the middle finger up at the sign.”You coming, Scaredy-cat?” She showed off a goofy grin and I tensed up.”What did you call me?” I asked. I ran towards the fence and did the perfect landing and I repeated what Chloe did and walked ahead of her.”You coming, scaredy-cat?” She laughed. “Do you even know what we’re doing?” I let her catch up beside me.”Nope, but I see a light.” We both kept on going to see and abandoned mill filled with a lot of strangers, whom I didn’t know.

“This place is awesome.” Chloe smiled and walked off. I looked around and I see Bikers, not like those that be in Blackwell, but the SCARY bikers. What the hell are we doing here? She begins walking towards the Bouncer and I blocked her path.”Shit, You’re going to talk to him?” She looked down at me and rolled her eyes. “We need to get in.” I pointed towards the bouncer in confusion.”Through him?!” She gave me a sly smile and grabbed my hand.”I got this, Just play along.” she reassured me. We made our way towards the entrance and, of course, the bouncer got in our way. Oh shit. He’s taller than me and Chloe’s not scared? She’s gonna find my body when I die from a heart attack. The bouncer looked at us in confusion. “Are you lost?” He asked. Chloe walked towards him.”You gotta let us in,” She answered and pulled out two fake IDs,”Check it, we’re totally legit.” He grabbed our IDs and laughed.”Not a bad fake, kid.” He then glanced at the two of us.”But your in over your head, here. Do yourself a favor and scram.” He threw our Ids on the ground. Jerk. Chloe angrily picked up our Id’s on the ground. We walked away and Chloe looked down at me. “We can’t just let him push us around like that,” I gave her a ‘Don’t do it’ stare, but for the first time she’s actually right,”Should we go back and stand up to him or can something around here can help us convince him?” she asked. we both decided to stand up to the Bouncer. ‘Mom’s gonna kill me’, I thought as I saw the bouncer groan in frustration upon our arrival.”God, again?” He sighed.”What do you kids want from me?” Chloe takes a deep breath and looks at me with a grin.”I need to convince this doorstop that I’m not giving up until he lets us inside.” She whispers. I nodded. It’s time for the Backtalk challenge.

“Do you remember what it’s like to be a teenager?” Chloe starts,”We just want to see the band!” The bouncer laughed and leaned his head down and retorted.”I thought we went over this.” He then poked both of our chest.”Isn’t it past your bedtime?” Chloe then glances at me and winked. I winked back and I took a deep breath.”We don’t sleep. Sleep is for the weak.” He then turned his attention toward me and scoffed.”Real cute.” He then crossed his arms in frustration.”But I still don’t know you.” I glanced at Chloe.”Did he just call me CUTE?” Chloe laughed and nodded. Alright now it’s personal. “Kittens riding tiny mopeds are cute.” I made a striking pose.”I’m more like Red Sonja riding a Panzer Tank!” I crossed my arms in pride and he glances at me and Chloe. “Okay kid. I get it you’re tough.” Chloe then placed her arms around me and poked the guy in the chest.”Maybe she is a kid, because this place looks like a damn playground to me.” I was awestruck by Chloe. She’s so brave and a troublemaker. “Girls like you. I can’t protect you in there.” He can’t possible care about us at all and calling me CUTE. “A girl like you with pretty, pretty flowers on her bicycle shouldn’t lecture us on what we can do.”I retorted and I poked his chest. He got mad and pointed at me angrily. “That’s a Traditional Samoan–” He paused knowing that Chloe and I jumped back. He then laughed.”Look, my boss decides who gets in alright.” Chloe then asked.”Is your boss your mom? Before the man can say anything she interrupted.”Follow up: Do you live in your boss’s basement?” Burn! “You’re not accepting ‘no’ for an answer are you?” The bouncer asked as if annoyed.”Nope.” Chloe and I simply said. The bouncer glanced at us both.”And you think you can take me?” He raised his arms in gesture to himself.”Yep.” He walks closer.”What if I have a knife?” We both walked closer.”No problem.” He gets a little closer.”A gun?” We got close also.”Don’t care.” He then raised a brow.”What if I–” he was then interrupted by Chloe.”You could have a flamethrower, an army of robot ninjas and a motherfucking dragon on a leash in there and we’d still kick your ass!” He then laughed and sighed.”I give up!” He playfully punched Chloe’s shoulder and My cheek.”You’re alright kids, go on in.” Chloe and I walked past him and we finally made it inside.


The mill was incredibly awesome, except to the fact that mostly everyone smelled like beer. “This is Amazing!” Chloe gleefully tugged me and giggled.”Good girl gone bad! How does it feel to be out in the fresh breeze?” I chuckled.”I’m completely awestruck.” She then grabbed my hand and led me towards the music.”Not as awestruck in here, we should be in there.”  We rushed towards the entrance and before we went in, we spotted Frank, Chloe’s drug-dealer.”Yo frank!” Chloe shouted. Frank slowly gazed at us.”Heeyyyyyy.” He replied. I looked at Chloe in confusion and she then waved her arm referring to us.” Chloe and Zabrina.” He then sat up.”I know your name, you idiot.” He gazed at me softly.”Hey Zabrina, How you holding up?” I gazed at him.” I’m fine, Frank.” He then gave me a warm smile.”Good, Because I’m sorta worried about you with your loss,”He nodded.”That’s a tough deal.” I looked at him sadly.”Thanks.” He then gazed at Chloe.”You brought Pot from me every month for a year.” Then he pointed at me.”I get why Chloe’s here, but why are you here?” I looked at the room with everyone thrashing.”I’m just hanging out with my sister.” I simply replied. “She’s here to see Firewalk!” Chloe added.”They rock.” He looked at us annoyingly.” How did you even hear about this little shindig?” Chloe smiled and replied,”God, the internet how else?” Frank took a inhaled his cigarette and release a cloud of smoke.”Seriously? Fucking kids.” He angrily muttered. We walked away and headed through past the group of people, Well, we tried to head through. Everywhere we went, people were still dancing knocking Chloe off balance, causing her to bump me into two men, who looked like trouble. 

Oh shoot.

 Chloe stood in front of me, as the man wiped his sweatshirt that was soaked with beer. The Tall man, who had tattoos covering his arms and his buddy-boy, that kinda looks like a gopher stared me down. He walked towards us.”Hey, you okay?” He asked raising a brow. Chloe didn’t take his sympathy shit seriously.”We’re fine.” She tried to lead me away from them both, but we were cut off.”Relax, Your not in trouble, She bumped into me remember?” He replied pointing at me and she blocked me in a shield position. I managed to move Chloe aside, and gaze at them.” My bad guys.” He then got closer to me and looked at me with anger.” You don’t know who I am, do you?” He then blew a cloud of smoke to my face and I coughed out.”No, I don’t.” Chloe got really pissed off. She grabbed my arm and dragged me away.” And she shouldn’t care, either.” He turned towards us.”Let’s see how that works out for you and your sweet little girl.” he and his friend chuckled. Chloe turned right around and flipped the middle finger at them both. “Alright, Mosh pit is a no go.” She said annoyingly. I looked at her sadly,”What are we going to do now?” I asked. She started walking to the stairs and I followed, but every step we took the music got louder and louder. My heart started thumping hard to the beat and I saw flashing lights, Chloe ran ahead.”Fuck yes! Finally we made it. I can’t believe it!” She shouted happily and my eyes widen.”Whoa.” The band were making the whole crowd wild. My heart was thumping harder than ever as Firewalk sang. Chloe grabbed my hands and started jumping up and down, which caused me to dance.  Chloe was swinging her head from side to side in happiness and I simply jumped up and down. I laughed out in excitement and Chloe sat down listening to the song, letting the music course into her veins. She laid back and I laid on top of her as she continued making rocking moves. We should do this more often. I missed her smile. “You spilled my beer, Bitch!” It was that man again. Shit. Chloe got up and patted his shoulder.”You should be careful, It’s a rough place.” He got angrier. “I don’t like your attitude.” He said as he walked near me. I tried to walk away , but he pushed me into Chloe.”We’re not done yet.” I looked at Chloe and she looked at the crowd. There was no escape.”I’m sorry about the beer.” I said. He approached me closer. “NOT. GOOD. ENOUGH.” I was starting to get scared, I mean I know how to fight, but He’s bigger than me and probably wanted me dead. “Then let me show you how unimpressed I am with limp dick assholes, who get butt-hurt over a spilled beer!” Chloe insulted him, He turned his attention towards her. “She thinks they can take you?” His buddy boy laughed and looked at us with a sneer.”This is going to be good!” The tall man got annoyed as he grew closer to us.” They’re gonna regret every word. every word!” he spat at us in rage. Me and Chloe were surrounded.”Leave us alone.” I growled.  He gazed at me and chuckled.” Take the little girl with us.” I gasped at his buddy grabbed me away from Chloe.” LEAVE HER BE!” Chloe shouted at the top of her lungs. I struggled to keep the guys hands off me, but then I hear the tall man say,”I’m gonna teach this punk some manners!” Chloe couldn’t escape and I was being held down by gopher-boy.”Don’t try anything stupid. After we’re done beating your sister, we’re going to have some fun with you while she watch in pain. And when we’re done, We’ll keep you as a pet!” He laughed and My faced burned with anger and embarrassment. She’s going to die, because of me.

“Hey, dickhead!!”

I looked over to my side and I saw a girl. That caught the other pigs attention. Which gave me an opportunity to attack. I bit the gophers arm as hard as I could  till I tasted a metallic tang of blood. “Fuck! Let go you, little bitch!!” He screamed out in pain.I growled as I sank my teeth deeper in him and I felt a pinch of rage inside of me, that felt like I wanted to kill him and I wanted to hear him scream. A part of me was thirsty for blood. HIS BLOOD. I didn’t let go, Until I felt a sharp sting on my right eye. “You little animal!” The tall guy snapped, he grasped the bloody shattered bottle tighter as he was about to land another crushing blow, Chloe kicked him hard in the balls. He fell to the floor and his buddy held onto his bloody arm. Chloe grabbed me and ran towards the girl. “Rachel?” Chloe confusingly said her name. She looked at us and we drew our attention towards the guys, who were getting ready to attack.” Come on!” Rachel shouted. She grabbed my hand and led me and Chloe downstairs.”Hurry up!” We passed by Frank, Who was shocked to see my eye bleeding. I looked at him in worry and he blocked the two guys away from us.”Let me go, Frank!” The tall guy yelled, but Frank held his guard.”Not going to happen!” He yelled. I smiled at him in happiness and so did the girls. Rachel blew them a kiss goodbye, I flicked them off, and Chloe blew a kiss then flicked the middle finger. “Get out of here!” Frank threatened the two men, who left in defeat.We went into the front of the stage past dancing people and got a closer look at the band. Chloe and Rachel started thrashing together  and I started swaying my head left and right. I’ve never felt so alive, and I wish the night never ended.



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