Lost and found: Chapter 7 Family struggles

Chapter 7: Family struggles

                                                My eyelids were so sore and heavy. Ow, my head! My head was thumping, I slowly lifted myself off of bed and I realized how sunny it was outside. I looked over to my right to see Chloe, snoring like a pig. A funny thought came over me,’Push her off the bed! Push her off the bed!’ But I’ll let her off with a warning. Instead, I gently tugged her and shook her.”Hey, wake up, Captain Bluebeard.” Chloe ignored me by letting out a fake snore. Typical. That’s what she gets for staying up late.”Chloe! Zabrina! Breakfast! Wakey wakey eggs and bakey!” Mom shouted from the kitchen. I sighed and left Chloe alone. I snatched some clothes and hopped into the shower. It gave some time to reflect about last night. I stepped into the shower, toes flinching as they touched the ceramic floor. My mind was in shreads: Last night… seeing firewalk live… Those two perverted assholes…And… Rachel.  I would never get that picture out of my mind. I turned the dial, Old and metallic, releasing thousands of lukewarm drops, darkening my auburn brown hair, and trickled down my back. I bathed my skin lightly , taking careful notice to not touch the scratch on my eye. After the shower was finished, I looked at myself in the mirror. My eye still had a huge red line on it and I couldn’t hide it. “You okay?” I gasped and looked behind me, It was Chloe. “Shit, you scared me.”  I said, looking at the mirror in frustration, while holding my towel up covering my body. “She’s gonna recognize it, isn’t she?” I sighed referring to Mom. Chloe rolled her eyes, those indigo darts – sharp yet full of annoyance. “Yeah, she is.” She answered taking a step towards me. I looked down, but she used her hand to lift my head up and I gazed into her eyes while she examines my scar.”At least it’ll make you look tough, like me.” She smiled. I scoffed,”Yeah, tough as in trying to get us killed? I gotta hang out with you more often.” I retorted.  I walked into the room and put on my blue jeans and put on black long sleeve covered with a red T-Shirt. It had a orange logo a tropical tree with a island on it. Chloe had a white t-shirt with a raven as the design. “Was that really Rachel Amber?” Chloe asked in confusion and I shrugged.”I don’t know, but she looked exactly like her.” I explained, while looking at myself in the mirror repeatedly, Chloe stood there watching and raised a brow.”How do you know her?” She gawked. I remained silent and met her gaze.”I- I think I knew her, before I met you.” I said sadly, I slowly turned and looked at my reflection. I am a Price and the other half is my mother. My thoughts were interrupted by warm hands wrapping around my stomach, and Chloe rested her head on my shoulders. I released a sigh, and Chloe looks at me through the mirror. “You look cute when you wear my clothes.” She chuckled softly and started to play with my hair. “Can’t believe those douche bags  tried to hurt you,” I sighed. She pressed her head on my back and I tensed up,”I can’t believe they hurt you.” I looked at Chloe, She really cares about me, but she needs to know about what Rachel and I talked about.  But if something does happen, I need her to be strong so whenever the day comes or not, I need to tell her.”Chloe, I need to-” “Chloe! Zabrina! Breakfast!” I was interrupted and Chloe looked outside.”You can head downstairs, I need to look for my phone.” I slowly headed downstairs and I was greeted by mom.”Zabrina, what happened to your eye?” She asked in a worrying tone.”Nothing, I accidentally scratched my eye.” I lied. I just can’t Chloe in trouble for going to a forbidden place and I tagged along with her. “Seems like you and Chloe are always scratching things, Like Curfew.” She muttered. She gazed at me,”I appreciate you taking the heat for Chloe, but I’m worried for her.”  I looked up stairs and I looked back at mom sadly.”She just experienced her dad dying, like two years ago.” I said.”But you’ve experienced it firsthand,” She slowly stated and I inhaled sharply, closed my eyes trying to avoid crying. I pinched the bridge of my nose and sighed deeply.”I expected you to be a good role model for her.” I cursed under my breath, as mom told Chloe to get her purse and cell phone. I stood there quietly and Chloe made her way downstairs. “Hey mom, You wanted to talk?” Chloe asked in confusion. Mom looked at her angrily and gazed at me.”When I send you a text message, Chloe, like last night, I need you to answer.” She stated, while cooking. Chloe rolled her eyes,”You can just say “text”. You don’t have to say ‘message’.” Mom turned towards Chloe.”And I need you to answer without a snark.” She retorted back. She glanced at me and looked at my eye.”Wherever, you guys went to, You need to be more careful. Zabrina looks as if she had the worst of it. She’ll probably get a scar.” She explained. Chloe and I locked each other a stare.”We were sleeping. I didn’t get your text, until now.” She put her spatula down,”You make it so hard to trust you.” She said, while placing her hand on her hip in frustration.”Is that what you wanted to talk about?” Chloe asked. I simply sat down on the stool, while Chloe stood next to me. “What is it with you and David?” Joyce was referring to our stepdad.”Always cutting to the chase, Can’t we at least have a pleasant conversation before school?” She asked in annoyance. I tried to change the subject by fake yawning.”You’re tired, Zabrina? Maybe that’ll teach you to break curfew.” Mom stated angrily and Chloe scoffed.”What do you mean?” Mom looked at us both in disappointment.” I know when you two came home last night.” She said and shot a glance at Chloe.”And don’t think that you can get out of school just because you missed the bus again.” “Why would you assume that?” Chloe asked, acting innocent.”Who do you think the principal calls when you skip? Do you think I enjoy lying for you, saying you’re sick?” Mom retorted.”And that’s what caused you to miss Zabrina’s first day at school.” Chloe looked at me and then said.”Ah, school my favorite.” Mom looked at her.”You used to love to learn!” Chloe rolled her eyes and muttered,”Yeah, and I used to think drugs were lame too.” Mom glance a disgusted look.” I wish you didn’t joke like that.” Mom shook her head and soften her tone.”Let’s not fight I made you and Zabrina some breakfast.” Chloe scoffed in anger.”Nah… I’ll just grab something later.” I walked towards the sink and looked at myself in the glass cup to glanced at my eye.”Oh Zabrina, You’ll enjoy this.” Mom stopped mid- sentence to get her thoughts together and I gave her my attention.” The other day I made 6 eggs, two for me, two for David, and two for you.  And just before I served them, he says,”What are you going to eat?” She glanced at Chloe smiling and I couldn’t help but to let out a small chuckle.”I’ll enjoy that, huh?” Chloe remarked.”If you’re happy with what doing what your doing? Fine. But just let me know so I can stop fighting Blackwell . Money’s tight as it is.” She stated, as she continued to cook breakfast. I messed with my eye. “Chloe, can you clean Zabrinas’ wound, before it gets infected.” Chloe glanced at me.”Sure mom.” She nods and grabs the rubbing alcohol. She’ll do anything to get out of a conversation. She placed the rag softly on my eye.”Ow.” I winced and shuffled away from the rag. Chloe frowned.”Keep still, squirt.” She placed the rag against my eye once more. “Maybe, I just need to be left alone.” Chloe argued.”Maybe your sixteen and You don’t know what you want.” Mom contorts once more causing Chloe to groan in frustration.”David thinks you need discipline.” Chloe glared at mom.”David needs to mind is own business.” “I’m glad he’s taking interest. He’s a good man, maybe he could help.” Mom explained in hopes of changing Chloe’s mind, but I couldn’t help it.”Wasn’t Dad a good man, mom?” I asked in confusion and Joyce eyes widen.”Of course he was, Zabrina, It’s just that-” She sighed trying to get her thoughts together.”I appreciate you and Chloe for keeping your father in your hearts, but sometimes we need to make room for other people.” How is it that she’s right? I shook the thought out on my head and replaced it with anger.”And sometimes, when we’re incredibly desperate and lonely, we choose the absolute wrong kind of people to let into our hearts, MOM.” Chloe angrily replied, only to cause Joyce to get mad at us more.”David had some hard times,too, Y’know. If he’s kind enough to share his experiences, I expect you to listen-“

Mom was cut off by Chloe in anger.”Like I’d let him get within fifteen feet of me!” Mom finally put her foot down. “When David takes you to school today.” Mom started and Chloe scoffed,”Very funny.””You will be nice and polite and You’ll say thank you.”Mom continued. I was shocked that Mom is actually doing this against Chloes’ will for our stepdad.”What? This is such-” Chloe retorted once more.”Such what, Chloe? Such what?” Mom asked for an answer. I feel bad for Chloe, but mom isn’t helping things, she’s only making it worst. I have to calm Chloe down! “Don’t worry, mom, I’ll take care of Chloe and I’m sure Chloe won’t be a problem,” I elbowed Chloe on her stomach and raised my brow in a threatening tone.”Right, Chloe?” She rubbed my hair and made it messy.”No prob, Zabrina.”She laughed out and left to get David’s keys. “Thank you for understanding, Zabrina.” She said calmly and appreciative.”It’s okay, mommy, I promise that I won’t leave her.” I stated in a determined tone, but it was true Chloe is my sister and I will never abandon her. “I understand if you and Chloe don’t need me, but I need you two.” Mom said calmly and yet sadly and I hugged her.”We do need you, Your our mom.” I said reassuringly and she hugged back.” I’m so proud of you being so self- sufficient, but the worlds not out to get you two.” Chloe chuckled from the other room,”Tell that to the world.” Mom laughed,”Your impossible! I love you.” Chloe smiled.”I love you, too. Joyce sighed and placed a hand on my shoulder.”William, would be proud of you.” She smiled and went back into cooking.”Chloe, please try not to kill him.” Chloe looked at her mom with kindness.”Ok, got it. Unless he gives me advice. Or looks at me funny.” Mom rolled her eyes and raised a brow.”Chloe.” “Or looks at me at all.” Chloe continued.”Chloe.” Mom called her again getting her attention.”Mom?” Chloe answered in response.”Have a good day.” She said in a happy tone.”You too.” Chloe answered.


We left the house and walked towards David and he turned his attention towards us and scoffed,”Why do you women always take forever to get ready?” I looked at Chloe and She was glaring at him.”We’re hoping you men’ll leave us.” Chloe throws the key towards David and he catches them in time, putting them in his back pocket. He then motions me to get where he is.” Zabrina, is that a scratch on your eye?” He asked worryingly and strictly expecting an answer.”No.” I said sadly and he glared at me and then Chloe.”Insubordination. That’s why your mother’s worried about you.” Chloe smiled.”Aw, that’s sweet.” She sarcastically said, he rolled his eyes and turned towards me.”When I was your age, I got into my share of scraps. But it’s not responsible. You owe it to your mother to do better.” I looked at him in confusion.”Uhh, okay?” I answered and Chloe stood next to me not keeping her glare off of him. He Continued on trying to fix the muscle car and he glanced at me and Chloe.”Electrode insulator’s probably cracked. You know what a spark plug does, Zabrina?” I stood next to the car watching the engine and I remembered what William taught me .”I do.” I answered. “It ignites the-” David continued only to be interrupted by Chloe.”Did you not hear her? She said that she knows what it does!” She interrupted. I stared at her and gave her a worried stare.”Then go get the socket wrench set from the garage and we can get moving.” He growled. Chloe glanced at me.”It’s okay. Go on.” I reassured her and then she walked off. I looked at the engine of the car and I noticed David looking at me.”You got a question?” I broke the silence and he sighed.”You’re not her daughter are you?” He asked in a soft, but stern voice.”N-No, I’m not. Chloe’s father adopted me when I was six years old.” I explained. He then glanced at Chloe.”Is that why she’s so protective over you?” He asked,”She treats you as if your her own daughter.” I chuckled to the thought of Chloe being a mom. “She’s my sister. That’s why I love her.” I blushed.”Well she needs to learn a thing or two about respect, pathetic.” He growled and I glared at him. Chloe came back with the socket wrench.”A little more hustle wouldn’t kill you.” He impatiently said. He reaches for the socket wrench, but Chloe moved her hand away. David glares at her and she gives him the socket wrench. He takes it and then continues to fix the car.” See what’s gunking up in there?” David broke the silence.” That’s the sign of-” “Carbon deposits?” Chloe interrupted once more.”No shit.” I rolled my eyes.”Y’know you can actually be good at this, if you lost the attitude.” He stated, while fixing the car.”My attitude is what makes me special, David.” Chloe explained in a annoyed tone.  David finished fixing the car, closed the hood, and offered Chloe a fist bump. She looked at me disgustingly and I gave her the puppy eyes. “Fine, whatever.” She bumps her fist into his and wiped my arm.  Now I need a shower.  David goes to the garage and puts the socket wrench inside his toolbox and then heads to the garage.” Hey, you’re taking those tool boxes with you right?” Chloe asked.”Every house needs a good tool box.” He stated while placing the tool box on the table.” Chloe sighed.”We already got one, but thanks.” He looked at the small tool box and laughed. I went into the car, Chloe sat in the passenger seat next to David.”Ready to roll?” He asked.  As long as he kept quiet maybe he won’t-“I want to talk to you about something.” Son of a bitch. “We don’t have to like each other, but you will respect me.” He said looking at both of us.”You two enjoyed having a father figure long enough.  So there are some things I want to be clear about..”  Respect him? He just called my sister pathetic and he wants us to obey him? Chloe looked at me and then to him.”What’s clear is fuck you.” she said. David lowered his brow.”Language!” He shouted.”You are way out of line, young lady.” Chloe glared at him.”Language?”  She started and I looked at both of them.” Here let me put that in a language you’ll understand: Fox trot. uniform.” She stated in military language stating: ‘F u’.  “You got a smart mouth, don’tcha?” He asked in a threatening tone.”Let me dumb it down to your level.” She stops and glances at me,”Sorry Zabrina, what has a fewer syllables than ‘Dumb’?  David rolled his eyes.”Hey watch your– I can crap bigger than you.” He raised his voice and I rolled my eyes.”Then I hope you’re a better plumber than you are a mechanic.” I muttered and He drew his attention towards me.”You– Your mother– Your breaking her heart!” He yelled running out of ideas.”I had to watch my mother die, so don’t you dare judge me!!” I raised my voice and Chloe jumped in.”Leave my mother and Zabrina out of this! This is about you, and me, and you being an asshole!” She shouted and I looked at her in a encouraging expression.”My job is to make sure you and your mother have a safe and peaceful home!” He yelled at me and Chloe.”Have you considered telecommuting?”  She asked,”Because  I feel like you can keep us safe from Florida.” She finishes her sentence with a victory.

Chloe- 1

David- 0

“If your were a man, I’d…” he started glaring at Chloe,”It’s cool. If you were a man, I wouldn’t go easy on you either.” Chloe threatened, not looking away and David was the first to take his eyes off her, instead he looked at me and I shrugged.”Don’t know why I bother trying.” He said in defeat. Chloe leans into her seat and smiled at me, I smiled back. I’ll never let anyone mess with Chloe. She squeezes her hand through the crack on the seat and held my hand. Her hand were so cold and mine were so warm compared to her and I surrendered myself to sleep.

Country music was playing. I woke up next to Chloe and we both looked confused. “Country music?” I asked Chloe in confusion and I looked at my clothes. I was wearing the same old clothes when……. William died. I looked at the front and I see William driving, he looked so happy and peaceful.”Dad loved this song.” Chloe waved her hand out of the window and sang,” I just called to tell you that I missed you my old friend. Burnin’ the midnight oil again.” Chloe continued to sing and I continued to look around.”Dad turn it up!” Chloe yelled and William turned the music up.”Dad, where are we going?” I asked, but he didn’t answer, Instead he kept on driving. I looked in the seat pockets and I found a photo of us instead with David replacing William.”This… This isn’t right.” Chloe said, with a strike of fear in her heart.”Pickin’ up my lover from the grocery store…” William sang. I heard a horn three times and Chloe eyes widen looking behind me.” ZABRINA, GET DOWN!!!!” She shouted, but it was too late. The truck crashed through hitting the left side of William, Chloe managed to grab me in time and we both blacked out.



I shot up from my seat and Chloe woke up.”..The hell?” She said and glanced at David. That was a weird dream.  “Out of the car, Chloe. You’re gonna be late.”  he said to her and he glanced at me.” Keep your eyes on her.” He said, as if its an order.”Like a hawk.” I answered.”Thank you for the ride.” He nodded. Chloe got out the car and stands holding the door and looked at me.”Shit. Thanks.” Chloe said as she waved her hand in a goodbye manner.”Don’t use that sarcastic tone with me, young lady,”He pointed at her,”I can see you rolling your eye.” He yelled. “Uh hello? I was trying to say-” “I see everything.” David scowled at Chloe causing her to back away.” I’ll warn everything.” Chloe sarcastically said as she closed the door. David drove off in silence leaving me and Chloe at Blackwell.


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