Lost and found chapter 2: New member

Previously on lost and found: Zabrina was running from a stranger, who slaughtered her mother and was later found by William price, A resident of Arcadia bay.

Chapter 2: New member


I glanced at the window next to me.

“Arcadia bay.” That must be where I’m at, but the town looks pretty small.

I am so glad that William decided that He’ll look after me, but I don’t want to think of him as my dad. I’ll just think of him as a acquaintance. I never knew my father, because my mother once told me that he was a coward. Left us, without a word to some mistress.

“Where are your parents?” Williams words cut in between my thoughts, and all I could do was stare.”It’s okay, Zabrina, you can tell me anything, I’ll always listen.” His words were appealing to know the truth. So I took a deep breath.”I was living with my mother at first.” I started. He raised his eyebrow and looked through the rear faced mirror.”At first?” He questioned noticing that moment when we met when I was alone. What did he expect from a six-year-old? “Yeah, Then we met this stranger, who was living in the middle of the woods,”I looked up and he was driving.”We thought that he was safe for us to be around, but we were wrong.”

“What do you mean, Zabrina, What happened?” He asked with his voice filled with confusion, and I looked at him.”He left to his old home, and came back with a gun and threatened us to give him money, but my mother fought back.” I looked down and took another deep breath and said,”The fight didn’t stop, until he shot my mother and killed her.” I noticed my eyes getting moist, so I used my long-sleeve to wipe them away. William noticed this.”I’m sorry.” He apologized. I couldn’t help but look out of the window again, because I felt his eyes staring at me. As we passed the city, I saw many places: Two Whales Diner, Arcadia bay Police center, Hospital, Water tower, The Lighthouse, and Blackwell Academy. Then we turned towards 44 cedar avenue, and slowed down near a white two-story house.

We both got out of the car, and headed straight towards the door and we went inside.

He pointed at the living room. “Wait here.”He stated,”I’m going to find my first aid kit to treat your wound.” I rolled up my sleeve. A minor injury. I had a large cut on my arm, but there was a little bit of blood oozing out. To stop the bleeding, I had to put pressure on my arm using my sleeve, but as usual, It stained. I heard someone coming down the stairs. I looked back and I saw a girl. She had blonde-strawberry hair and she had blue-sapphire eyes and was wearing a pink shirt and blue shorts. I guess that William must’ve woke her, while looking for the first aid kit. Her eyes brightened when she noticed me.      ” Who are you?” she asked in a cheerful voice. She ran straight down the stairs and hopped on the sofa next to me.”My name is Chloe.” I answered.”I’m Zabrina.”


“Nice to meet you, Zabrina.” It was so weird meeting child who was older than me, Because the only person I’ve ever known in my life was my mother. I never went to school. My mother taught me everything she knew to prepare me for the real world, especially for the situation I am in now.”What happened to you?” I looked at her and notice she’s looking at my bloody arm.” I got a scratch from a man in the woods, who tried to kill me.”I explained. She looked at me in confusion.”But why?”she asked.”You don’t look mean.” She examined me once more.”Who would do such a thing to a little girl?” She looked at me and then my arm.”Crazy people.” I said in a flat voice. Then I examined my arm once more. Chloe stood up and left towards the kitchen. What is she doing? I thought. She came back with Rubbing Alcohol and a bandage. She sat back down and poured some alcohol on the rag and pressed it on my wound.

“Argh!” I screamed in pain. The burn was unbearable. I never experience this type of pain before. “I have to clean it or else it will get infected.” She explained. She continued cleaning my wound. “I wanted to help, because I felt bad for you.” I gazed in her blue-sapphire eyes and I didn’t realized I was staring.”Thank you, Chloe, for y’know helping me.” She smiled and said.”Your welcome.” When she was done, she grabbed the bandage and wrapped my arm in it.”There ya go!” Chloe said as she did some kind of victory dance. I looked at it. “Don’t worry,” Chloe stated.”It’ll make a cool scar, in my opinion.” I glanced at her and smiled.”You are a pro at this. Thanks again.” She grinned and bowed down, “Your welcome, you are always welcome to come to Dr. Price at any time, Zabrina.” She joked. I laughed at her and she sat down next to me. I never had known anyone who was this funny. “Having fun?”I heard a woman coming down the stairs and following her, was William. “Yeah, she’s amazing!” Chloe squealed. She stood up and hugged William.”So you must be the girl my husband was talking about.” The woman stated. I just stared at her blankly.”Don’t worry, there’s nothing to be afraid of,” She said in a kindly voice.”My name is Joyce, and we’ll take good care of you, I promise.” Joyce seemed pretty trustworthy to me. Joyce had blonde hair and she had green, emerald, eyes and wore sweatpants and a T-shirt. I walked up to her and she smiled and said “She looks just like me.” I looked up at her and said “Hello. My name is Zabrina.”I started.”nice to meet you, Joyce.” Then her smile faded and she looked around and asked.”Where’s your mother and father?” My eyes widen and sadly, I looked down. She looked confused, so William pulled her aside and whispered something in her ear. Her eyes widen and she gasped. She walked towards me and wrapped her arms around me. After that, I couldn’t hold it inside anymore, I ended up sobbing in her arms and then Chloe and William joined in.

After what felt like hours, We pulled apart and I wiped my eyes and I looked at them and asked,”What am I gonna do now?” They looked at each other and then they looked at me.”We’re going to raise you from now on.”William stated. I looked at him and his face was filled with bravery.”I know I’m not your dad, But you need serious help,”He explained.”What do you mean?”I asked in confusion.

“We are going to adopt you.”

My eyes widen and my heart dropped as he said those words.

William sighed and said,”I don’t want you to think of us as your family if your uncomfortable with it. You can stay or you can leave. We won’t stop you. But just know that we deeply care about you, Zabrina.”

What should I do?

Should I leave?

If I leave I’ll live my life as a orphan. In the streets, and Live the life of freedom.

Or should I stay?

If I stay, I’ll have a family that I never had and live my life as a Price.

I turned towards them and made my decision.

“I’m not going anywhere.”

I walked towards them and hugged them again.

This was a new start for me.

New beginning.

New chapter.

 A new home.

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