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  • Full Name

    Luke Parker

  • Age


  • Hometown

    Arcadia Bay, Oregon

  • Hobbies

    Music, Videogames

Max, I don’t feel like talking…” — Luke to Max[1]

Luke Parker[1] is a student attending Blackwell Academy.


Pre-Game Events

A week prior to the events of October 7, 2013, Luke was harassed by Zachary Riggins, a football player notorious for bullying students outside the “cool clique”. Luke was smashed into a locker by Zachary. Zachary’s actions attributed to Luke’s resentment of Vortex Club members like Nathan Prescott.


Following of dismissal of several classes, Luke is seen walking down the halls of the school speaking excitedly with one of his friends, a heavyset redhead wearing a green hoodie. Outside, following the evacuation of the school when Max triggers the alarm to save Chloe Price, Luke situates him at a picnic bench across from Evan Harris.

When Luke was approached by Max Caulfield to talk, he initially dismissed her, not in the mood to talk. However, when Max inquired what was bothering him, Luke freely confessed that he had grown tired with the free reign Nathan Prescott had at Blackwell, behaving as though he “owned” Blackwell like he owned the Vortex Club.

Optionally, Max agreed that Nathan was troubled. When she revealed that she reported Nathan for having a gun on school grounds, Luke enthusiastically believes that “karma” has returned to Blackwell Academy

Out of Time

The following day at school, Luke is standing out in the hall listening to loud dubstep on his cell phone. Max believes that Luke is using his cell phone as a “shield” to avoid talking to people.

Chaos Theory (To Be Completed)

Dark Room (To Be Completed)

Polarized” (To Be Completed)

Characteristics (To Be Completed)

Personality (To Be Completed)


  • Like most of the supporting characters, you cannot to speak to Luke after speaking with David Madsen.
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All Character Bios courtesy of: Dontnod Entertainment Wiki

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