“My home away from hell.”

Look, I’ll level with you here. Family deaths, mental health problems, and an inability to feel like I care about anything anymore kind of sum up how things have been for me over the past while – that is, horrible. Things have been horrible.

But… oh my God, when I found this site, the people on it have been some of the most positive influences in my life for a long time. You’ve all encouraged me at every turn to do what I really struggle to do now, be it drawing, coding, making games, or even just PLAYING games. You glorious people got me to draw something POSITIVE (or, at least, not negative) for the first time since… well, God knows when.

Whether it’s conversations about games (Life Is Strange or otherwise), about life, about hobbies, about our problems, or even about orange juice… you people have me enjoying it all, wanting to engage with and encourage all of you to power through issues and enjoy the high points, like you all did for me.

Without getting too dark, I owe my life to this site and the people on it, and that is no understatement. So a massive thank you to Chris for creating this site and just as large of a thank you to all of the people I’ve met that have made my life slightly more bearable for me.

Thank you all. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to repay you, but God knows I’ll try.

Happy anniversary, LISF.

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Samuel Drown
Samuel Drown

I want to tell you that there is no limit to self mastery. I have several more “Warriorship Attributes” like the pictured one if you’d like.

Someone from my past recently asked me for $20, and… I gave her $50 because she’s homeless.
Now, I guess she considers me as her mentor because of my philosophies.
She asked whether or not a “bad person” still deserves happiness, and I said “Easily.”
My philosophy has always been that every other person on Earth is more akin to myself than I’ll ever know.

Scary punk ghost
Scary punk ghost

Would talk with you about an orange juice forever. ♥ #NoPulpTeam

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