Nightmare On Blackwellstreet

It’s been a week after David’s surveillance camera’s became a thing in Blackwell.
Even when those cameras were there to make you feel safe no one felt like that…

They were always afraid that David was on the lure….

One day Max had enough and wanted those evil camera’s away, so she started a petition with Miss Grant, but it had no success.

“A moment later David walked to Max and threatened her to stop what she’s trying to do, for her own safety.”
Try to mind your own business Miss Caulfield because this will only makes things worse…for you!
*He pokes her on the shoulder and walks away giving Max the stare of death*

Max became a little worried but went to her dorm room so she could go to sleep.

“It was midnight when out of nowhere a loud male scream rushed over the whole academy”


Max woke up in fear, breathing heavily and looking at the time
*it was midnight*

She wanted to know what happened so she grabbed her flashlight and opened her door silently.


“At the end of the dorm the door was open and the cold sharp wind came inside the dorm”

Max found her way to the front door of Blackwell Academy.

*it was dark outside and there was a heavy storm going on so Max quickly ran inside and closed the door behind her.*

Max turned on her flashlight to only see a trail of fresh blood on the floor.

“She scream, the scream echoed through the hallway”

“when suddenly a male voice speaks: Aaaaah new fresh blood to play with “
“the scary voice ends with a scary laugh”

The scary voice continues talking through the hallway:

Come little children, come with me
Safe and happy you will be
Away from your homes, now let us run
with me, you’ll have so much fun!

Oh little children, please don’t cry
I would never hurt a fly
Be free, be free be free to play
come down in my cave with me to stay

Oh little children please don’t squirm
*Suddenly the sound of metal chains on the floor could be heard from behind Max’s back*
Those ropes I know will hold you firm
I tell you this is true
But sadly, *suddenly David walked out of the shadow with a shirt full with blood and a rusty axe in he’s hand*
David lied to you!

Oh little Max, you mustn’t leave
Your friends for you will grieve
*Max starts to run away and David slowly walks behind her*
Their minds will unravel at the seams
Allowing me to haunt their dreams!

*evil laugh, David slides he’s axe across the hallway and leaves a terrifying noise*


Max runs toward the front door but its locked!
She start knocking on the windows and yells for help

“but no one could hear her except for David

David says to Max: you are as stupid as Kate and she was a real danger for this school!

Max looks scared to david and asks: What did you do to her *starts to cry*

*evil laugh* I did all the worst things you can imagine Miss Caulfield and the same will happen to you..
*Max starts to run away trying to find a place to hide

She finally found a place to hide, the janitors room.
*you could hear David  waving he’s axe through the air*


Max slowly walks backwards in to the janitor room when she suddenly feels something touching her
She screams and sees Kate’s decapitated body hanging by her hands to the ceiling with fresh blood still dripping of her corpse…

*David slams the door open and laughs, well she was obsessed by Jesus so she can act like Jesus now*
*David grabs Max and chains her together pulling her through the hallway down to a secret gap on the floor*

David hangs Max by her hand on a hook right in front of a dead Rachel Amber!

Max said: What!! You killed Rachel???!! You are sick!


David answered: She was indeed a very easy target because she was as stupid as you are, sneaking up at night and trying to sabotage me, but I showed who I stronger and that’s me!
you understand you dumb cunt!

oh and the best part comes now Max

*David turns Rachel’s corpse over and Max turned as pale as the snow*

The corpse of Rachel Amber was completely butchered her chest was completely ripped open and all of her guts were hanging out”


Max pukes on the floor because of what she saw


Oh Max it’s already past bedtime isn’t it? Well don’t worry it will be over soon…

*David sharpens he’s axe and walks slowly towards Max and laughs with an evil voice*

This is what you get for messing with me Miss Caulfield




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